Would You Take a Free Muni Ride?

By now you’ve probably heard the news around the Muni-riding world about how to evade fare with the new fare gates. KRON4’s Stanley Roberts told tens of thousands of Muni riders that you can ride the bus for free by just waving your hand in front of the sensors.

Tell us in the comments section — under the anonymity of the internet — would you try waving your hand in front of the new turnstile to get a free ride? And do you think Stanley Roberts should have revealed this trick?

A Muni Movie? Right in Our Backyard


ON IT – Behind the Scenes – Bus Timelapse from Shadow Angel Films on Vimeo.

A lot of urban life happens on the bus, and filmmakers Heather Donnell and Chris R. Smith are making a short film about just that. Their movie is called “On It,” and they’ve just rented a Muni bus last Sunday for some pivotal scenes, watch this time-lapsed movie.

So what happens on the bus in this movie? From Heather and Chris:

ON IT is about a relationship under pressure and the complications that get in the way of the couple’s attempts to communicate. Six months into their relationship, Craig and Angela each have something important to tell each other, but can they find the courage to say it? One bus ride changes the course of their relationship forever.

Hmm. Mysterious and intrigue!

Heather told me they rented the bus by working with the San Francisco Film Commission Office and the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency: “There was lots of paperwork to obtain the permit, but both organizations were extremely helpful at pushing it through. We had a great experience with the bus inspector and the MUNI driver on the shoot day too.” You can find out more about the movie and Heather and Chris’s other projects at the Shadow Angel Films website.

Muni Playlist: From Joe Jackson to Flight of the Conchords

Music Friends
Photo by WarzauWynn

Last week, we brought you the A-Side of our second Muni Playlist (see the first Muni playlist, from November 2009). As promised, today we bring you the so-called B-Side. There’s no reason to think these tracks are any less awesome than last week’s; there were simply too many excellent submissions of readers’ choice Muni-riding tunes to fit into a single playlist.

So here they are, the tracks you guys are listening to. We hope you enjoy checking out what your fellow Muni riders are listening to as much as we enjoy discovering and reporting it.

  • JimmyD This morning: ‘Role Models,’ written and read by John Waters. Brilliant! (we couldn’t find this on YouTube, so we substituted an interview with the always-entertaining Waters. -eds.)
  • smallerdemon: I tend to [listen] to podcast[s] unless there’s some specific thing I need to drown out with guitars and drums going on. SModcast, Tell’em SteveDave, Mysterious Universe, The Philosopher’s Zone, The Bugle.
  • Pappu: during my morning commute, Bollywood bhangra type songs; Bon Iver; that Lady Antebellum song, “Need You Now”– being single during Pride is not fun.
  • Francesca: This morning – “Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords!
  • Jazee I am listening to Joe Jackson. (Perhaps betraying our age, we took the liberty of choosing “Stepping Out” as the Joe Jackson track. -eds)
  • Ben: New Blitzen Trapper Album.

Enjoy, and let us know what you are listening to on Muni: muni.diaries.sf@gmail.com

Video diary: ‘So determined to sit in that goddam seat’

Here’s another video shot at last week’s opening of Outbound at Secession Art and Design. Tracy told us about a Muni ride early in his SF tenure. In a borrowed tuxedo, he witnessed what can happen when two women argue over who gets the one open seat on the bus. And what the rest of us do when that happens, sadly.

Other video diaries from the Outbound opening:
– Mary: The boombox vs. The New Yorker
– Zore: What Happens When a Chicagoan Gets on Muni

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