Video: The Ups and Downs of the 38-Geary

The 38-Geary is one of the most storied lines on Muni Diaries, and here’s a video collage of the ups and downs of this line, by “Party of the Third Part.”

In no particular order, you can see the 38-Geary in any of the following shenanigans:

  • Spewing mystery green fluid
  • Breaking down and being towed
  • Articulating all over the TL

And bonus footage of an unnamed rider balancing a cup of soda on a pizza box, one-handed. Them’s skills.

  1. Cathy

    I’ve ridden the 38 a lot! I think it’s one of the more frequently running bus lines. It’s pretty reliable.

  2. Dexter Wong

    It’s the oldest original Muni line (dating back to 1912) and one of the busiest.

    • Cathy

      That’s fascinating, Dexter! Thank you for sharing a bit of history! I didn’t know this! How cool! I really like this route too, as it takes me to some nice places I like to go.

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