Video: The Ups and Downs of the 38-Geary

The 38-Geary is one of the most storied lines on Muni Diaries, and here’s a video collage of the ups and downs of this line, by “Party of the Third Part.”

In no particular order, you can see the 38-Geary in any of the following shenanigans:

  • Spewing mystery green fluid
  • Breaking down and being towed
  • Articulating all over the TL

And bonus footage of an unnamed rider balancing a cup of soda on a pizza box, one-handed. Them’s skills.

  1. Cathy

    I’ve ridden the 38 a lot! I think it’s one of the more frequently running bus lines. It’s pretty reliable.

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  2. Dexter Wong

    It’s the oldest original Muni line (dating back to 1912) and one of the busiest.

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    • Cathy

      That’s fascinating, Dexter! Thank you for sharing a bit of history! I didn’t know this! How cool! I really like this route too, as it takes me to some nice places I like to go.

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