Your Weekend Transit Advisory: Oracle Openworld, Folsom Street Fair, construction

Treasure Island Street Closure

In preparation for the Oracle Openworld annual event, the following streets are closed or inaccessible and will continue until 9 p.m., Sunday, October 12:

  • California Avenue between Avenue “D” and the eastern edge of the Island
  • Portions of Avenues “H”, “M” and “N”

The 108 Treasure Island Muni route will be affected during the street closure.

Folsom Street Fair


The nerve of some people on Muni

Photo by Shuvo C

You’ve seen them. You’ve heard them. You’ve smelled them. You’ve wished they got off at every single stop along your longer-than-it-should be commute, only to have them outlast you, somehow. They are: Muni riders with cojones grandes.

Most recently:

  • OH on Muni: ‘Um, would you move? I deserve this seat more than you do. I’m prettier.’ #munidiaries #27bryant
  • If you are not wearing deodorant please put your arms down on the bus #Dirty30 #citylife #thatbuslifedoe
  • Let’s play who can be louder?! The toddler or the lady in the back on the phone singing n’ shit! #sfmuni #19
  • “You know why I sit here? To look at all the pretty ladies.” Old man to old lady on the J-Line. #jline #onlyonMuni
  • witnessed a woman fling her booger onto the back of a chair on #SFmuni even though she’s holding a tissue.

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More sci-fi on a Muni seat


You always want a seat on Muni, but you’re smart enough to look first. At least, that’s the hope around here.

Muni rider Michael looked first, that’s for sure. And he was shocked to discover what you see above. WTF? Melted blue Otter Pops, or what’s left of the aliens who abducted your sister on the bus? Michael only had this to say: “unidentified, blue, liquid puddles on the seats of [sic] the muni.”

Just last week, we learned of a mysterious glob that was spotted on the seat of a Muni LRV. What’s next?

Transit News: Muni light-rail contract, BART labor relations, BART wheel flaws, 14-Mission turns 120

Photo by Kevin Micalizzi

  • Muni Painter Arrested On Suspicion Of Stealing City Gas (SF Appeal)
  • Siemens lands massive San Francisco Muni light rail contract (SF Business Times)
  • BART directors pledge to improve rocky relations with workers (SFGate)
  • BART finds flaws in 23 metal wheels on 20 train cars (CC Times)
  • Happy 120th to the 14-Mission! (Market Street Railway)

‘Only on Muni’ award nominees

Photo by Daniel Hoherd

Some things really seem like they only happen on transit vehicles here in San Francisco. And here are some notable moments from the recent past …

  • Nothing says Friday like a 7 ft tall homeless man screaming about “time monsters” while shooting a toy ray gun. #sfmuni
  • Woman using a snotty tissue to hold the bus rail #zomg #cantgetmoredisgusting
  • OH on the J: Guy1:”If you didn’t see the Liberty Bell, what did you do in Philly?” Guy 2:”Picked up pretty boys, had sex.”
  • Man w/NY accent screaming into flip phone about someone who shouldn’t have first bought things at Target and Costco. #sfmuni
  • Chick in front on me on this #SFMuni #38 really feeling herself. Keeps making kissy faces at her own reflection

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