Late-night Muni party of one


Just when riding Muni becomes rote and something you don’t really think about anymore, a late-night bus comes along to keep things interesting. Rider Martin had this to share on the Muni Diaries Facebook page:

Crack deal while drinking vodka and arizona watermelon. Keeping things interesting on the 38 bus

I would’ve gone with Arnold Palmer Strawberry, myself.

When Muni makes us happy


Whether it’s animals, on-time buses, good music, or people flying their freak flags, it *is* possible for Muni to bring smiles to our faces.

  • First bus arrived in one minute. Transfer bus in three minutes. I’m rocking #Muni on a Sunday schedule.
  • Everyone was arguing on this #SFMuni train when suddenly a guy got on with an Iguana and everyone got happy again.
  • Young man carrying the bottom half of a female mannequin on Muni #wtf #noneedtoknow
  • Op! Go Your Own Way comes thru on the Fleetwood Mac shuffle! Head-bop has been deployed. #bopping #SFMuni
  • He smiled. I smiled. He got off, I kept going. 🚌 #sfmuni

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow Muni riders @cynthia_says, @salmattos, @laurakayw, @louisemccune, and @anajulia94. Pitch in today over at the Muni Diaries Twitter feed.

Muni Diaries Live alum Dhaya Lakshminarayanan live this Friday in Oakland

The Formula  March 27th

If for whatever you reason you missed Muni Diaries Live in November, well, two things: Our next show is right around the corner, on April 18 (tickets!).

Secondly, and the reason we’re all gathered here today, you missed out on one of the smartest, funniest comedians this side of the M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I: Dhaya Lakshminarayanan. It was Dhaya whose dad become all of our collective hero when he misheard the Muni intercom to say, “Exit through the weirdos.” Yes, exactly, Mr. Lakshminarayanan.

Dhaya and some other funny ladies will dish out the laughs tomorrow night at Oakland’s XOXO Nightclub. You should totally go and laugh so hard you cry and cough stuff up.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read what the East Bay Express had to say about Dhaya, Karinda Dobbins, and Aundré Herron, and other’s comedy.

XOXO Nightclub (Tickets)
201 Broadway (Map)
8:00 PM
$10 in advance/$12 day of the show

Muni service and route name changes coming in April


Who said Muni doesn’t fix itself? Oh, we probably said it. But never mind that!

On April 25, the changes you see above will take effect. Some involve increased service on certain lines, while the others are a shift in Muni’s nomenclature. From SFMTA’s Muni Forward website:

This April, 2015, the SFMTA is adopting the term “Rapid” for Muni’s Limited-stop routes, currently called Limited or “L” routes. The new Rapid routes will encompass all the benefits of the Limited lines, but will see significant increases in frequency and reliability in the coming months as the routes receive additional investment in transit priority improvements.

The Rapid Network
Muni Rapid bus and rail lines form the backbone of the Muni system, and include the following corridors:
J Church
L Taraval
N Judah
5 Fulton
9 San Bruno
14 Mission
28 19th Avenue
38 Geary
71 Haight Noriega
K Ingleside
M Ocean View

SFMTA is also changing the names of several routes, including the one with the BEST VIEWS of San Francisco. The 33-Stanyan will be re-christened the more-apt 33-Ashbury/18th.

So there you have it. Muni is gonna fix itself, y’all. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Photo above by Muni rider Olympia. Photo on home page by Michela