Your Weekend Transit Advisory: Athletic Assoc. event, Bay to Breakers, construction

Athletic Association Event
On Sunday: The San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association event will take place at San Francisco Gaelic Fields on Treasure Island.

A street closure of Avenue “H” between 11th and 13th streets will be required from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The 25 Treasure Island Muni route will be affected.

For details of Muni re-routes, please visit This website will be updated when it is closer to the event date.


Tellin’ it like it is on Muni


There are hella threads in the fabric of Muni. This week, we chose those that speak the truth. They run the gamut, indeed.

  • Love when the #SFMuni driver calls someone a “numbnuts”. Esp when they are.
  • “Still digging in that purse, huh” is what I’d like to say to girl next to me on #SFMuni but I’ll say it on Twitter instead
  • “Sorry, I threw up a little right there” #thingsyoudontwannahearonthebus
  • listening to intercom messages in #sfmuni stations is sometimes like listening to adults in charlie brown episodes
  • Running to catch #SFMuni: a San Francisco pastime

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Photo by ki-rose

Transit News: Memorial for boy killed by Muni train, Mission Bay Loop, Muni control upgrade, rent near Muni stops, Muni shooting victim

As with most news programs, there’s some good and some bad here.

  • CA appellate judge blocks Mission Bay Loop construction (SFGate)
  • Muni train control system gets biggest upgrade since the ’90s (SF Examiner)
  • How Leap Transit is gaming the system to get a license (SFGate)
  • Another Day, Another Driver Blocking Muni’s Busiest Metro Line (Streetsblog SF)
  • Thrillist Mapped Out the Median Rents Near Each Muni Stop and It Will Make You Sad (UpOut)
  • Man shot in face on Muni didn’t know attacker, still struggles to recover (SFist)
  • Memorial grows for boy hit, killed by Muni train (ABC 7)

Muni Fast Pass lamp modestly lights the room


We’ve come across our fair share of people who totally adore all things Muni over the years. We’re basically no longer surprised to see such folks expressing that emotion in real-world things like a lamp made of Muni Fast Passes. Just another notch in the San Francisco Is Awesome and Muni Is a Big Part of That belt. And that’s a mighty big belt.

Other expressions of Muni love we’ve seen include a Muni rug, Muni transfer art, a Fast Pass sofa pillow, and of course, no San Francisco home would be complete without a Muni toilet seat.

You guys are the best. You knew that, right?

h/t Muni rider Sara: “I need this lamp in my life”

Muni moments to inspire us all


Sometimes on your way, between points A and B, you see things that make you grateful to be alive. Here are some examples:

  • There are a couple of kids singing “We are the World” on the 5 Muni this morning. What year did I wake up in?
  • saw one rider offer another some hand sanitizer to clean his hands. There is hope!
  • on 14x listening to a play by play of the @BurgerKing menu in the cathartic cadence of a baseball announcer. #haveityourway
  • dude next to me on #SFMuni negotiating drug deal without a care in the world. Whatever it’s probly a legal deal anyway.
  • I love that two little girls on the bus are playing a hand clap game right now

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Photo by torbakhopper