BART to address the worst. sound. ever.


That’s right, that sound that peels paint off the walls and rends your soul from you body when you ride on BART might, might be on its way out.

According to a San Francisco Magazine piece, BART is hoping to address the infamous screeching sound as part of its track replacement this weekend.

The tube is getting new tracks—some were already replaced at the beginning of the month, when BART shut down transbay service for two days—and more will be replaced during a three-day closure over Labor Day weekend.

Replacing the loudest stretches of track in the tube with smooth new rails should make a difference (how much of a difference no one knows for sure, but we hope it will audible after September 7).

SF Magazine compares the sound to “a steel banshee gargling a chainsaw.” That works, but I think of it more as Satan with elongated fingernails of steel scraping a chalkboard that’s attached to your brain. Or something.

In any case, this sounds like good news to me. I expect my nightmares to subside in short order.

Read the full SF Magazine article here.

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

‘Salad Days’ on Muni


Sure, you’re not supposed to eat or drink on Muni. But who says you can’t prepare your meals?

Via Debi on the Muni Diaries Facebook page:

“Preparing lunch for his kid on the bus”

What’s happening on your bus? Don’t be selfish: Let the whole world know!

Upcoming art show honors Muni drivers


This weekend, SF artist Kurt Schwartzmann will put on a free show he calls “Yellow Line.” From the Facebook Event page:

[Schwartzmann’s 64] drawings were created to honor the Operators of S.F. MUNI who put up with SO much drama and still manage to keep our city moving, rain or shine. Media include Pen and Ink, Watercolor, Colored Pencil and Acrylic Pen on Watercolor Paper and Collage made from bus transfers, collected by the artist while drawing this series from February through July of 2015.

Exhibit times: Saturday August 29, 5pm – 9pm
Sunday August 30, Noon – 4pm
First Congregational Church of San Francisco, United Church of Christ
1300 Polk St, San Francisco
Facebook invite
Admission is free

We hear you about drama. And uh sorry about that.