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Spotted on Muni: Vibrams and leg warmers


Because we observe the ancient adage that what cannot be unseen by one must be shared on social media/the Internet with all, we bring you the above. Toe shoes are one thing*; paired with fuchsia leg warmers, they are another thing entirely.

h/t Muni rider Genevieve

* A big, big “No.”

Reasons to keep on keepin’ on with Muni


The talk of the town this week was all about that sleek new alternative to Muni as your chariot of choice (and affordability). What better way to show which transit system is clearly superior than our weekly celebration of shit that happens, you guessed it, #onlyonMuni?

  • 7am on the bus heading to work & dude next to me just killed a 40. #MuniDiaries
  • The scene in Breakfast Club where Ally Sheedy shakes her dandruff onto the table? Yeah, just watched someone do that. #SFMuni
  • God damnit. I’m sitting next to the guy who always hand drums on #sfmuni
  • OH on #SFMuni: “He’s super hot, even though he has bad, ‘done in prison’ #tattoos.” #SanFrancisco #Lockup
  • This guy has on waaaay more bronzer than is necessary for SF. Dude, you’ve got stripper tan. #munidiaries

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Leap bus needs a tow on Day 2: Is there an app for that?


Update: A quick phone call to Courtesy Tow, who performed the removal seen above, confirms that the bus did, indeed, break down. It’s hard out there for a pimp bus.

Original post (March 19, 12:02 p.m.): Well, this is embarrassing.

While any number of words can be used to describe this unfortunate situation, such as “irony” or “schadenfreude,” it’s a little weird that this Leap bus broke, right? Did the people on it have to use Muni? Muni certainly doesn’t refund your cashola if the bus breaks (LOL!), but would the premium bus refund that premium fare? Or does it just roll out a red carpet as you exit the spotless vehicle? That doggie-looking logo is pretty cute, though, we reward points for that.

Previously (as in, yesterday): New private bus wants you to avoid the crowded 30-Stockton, Blue Bottle coffee optional

Photo by Yarbs, on Spear near Howard

The Onion: Anthropologists Classify 43 New Species Of Weirdo Within Subway Ecosystem


The Onion drew a great deal of “ha ha ha ha…awwwwww oh…man” from all San Franciscans with Man with Serious Mental Illness Committed to Bus, and it’s stealing y’alls’ material once again with a new, very real-sounding anthropological classification of “weirdos within subway ecosystem.” To whit:

  • Exit Through the Weirdos—trademark Muni Diaries Live alum and comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan—the most perfect OH/not-OH on Muni to date
  • Muni Metro bondage for the busy (time-strapped, even) commuter
  • Pizzaspreading” because I still just cannot with this guy, so I bring it up every chance I get
  • …and our favorite Muni WTFs of 2014—all the stuff that made us smile, gag, laugh, and cry because San Fran-fucking-cisco


The people who ride Muni with you


The people riding the bus are like 99 percent of our inspiration for doing this silly little website. This week’s nominees are …

  • buttcracks and budweisers on the 22 outbound. Classic for so early!
  • Why did you get on the 22 bus with an unpackaged sheet cake? Are you trying to turn the ride into a Disney caper?
  • When the person obnoxiously playing music from their phone on #sfmuni IS SOMEONE YOU KNOW OMG SO EMBARRASSING
  • Man in back of 27 just baa’d like a sheep. No apparent reason.

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