Dead body found on Muni


2017 is shaping up to be a killer sequel to 2016 … literally.

ABC 7 reports that the body of a woman found dead on a Muni bus in Daly City likely died of meningitis.

Laura Kimberly Robson, 53, of San Francisco died last Tuesday and while medical officials wait for test results, they’ve told her family the likely cause of death was meningitis.

Robson’s family says they were told a bus driver found her sitting upright in a rear seat at the end of a line in Daly City.

They do not know how long she had been on the bus or when she passed away, but Muni immediately called Daly City police.

Read the rest of the story on ABC 7.

Scary stuff. Stay safe out there!

Photo by Paul Sullivan

New Muni Art by local artists unveiled on 100 buses

Muni Art Press Conference | January 11, 2017

A hundred Muni buses are being turned into mobile galleries for five local artists, voted by the public, in a project called Muni Art. You might remember this project last year, and this year SFMTA, Supervisor London Breed, and nonprofit SF Beautiful brought the project for another year.

This year’s winners:

  • “Teens of SF” by Monica Tiulescu (606 votes)
  • “Bit by Bit” by Lillian Shanahan (446 votes)
  • “Las Historias” by Luis Pinto (443 votes)
  • “City Walks” by Counterpoint Studio (Peter Tonningsen and Lisa Levine) (443 votes)
  • “Sight Seeing” by Todd Kurnat (443 votes)

Last year there were 50 buses displaying the winning artists’ work, and this year the project has doubled the number of buses. Here are this year’s winning artists:


Teens of SF by Monica Tiulescu


Bit by Bit by Lillian Shanahan

Las Historias by Luis Pinto

Las Historias by Luis Pinto

City Walks by Counterpoint Studio (Peter Tonningsen and Lisa Levine)

City Walks by Counterpoint Studio (Peter Tonningsen and Lisa Levine)

Sight Seeing by Todd Kurnat

Sight Seeing by Todd Kurnat

Here’s a look at last year’s Muni Art winners. Have you seen the new art on your buses yet?

Adorable grandparents give gift of 1970s Fast Passes

1970 vintage fast pass reddit muni diaries

Grandparents are the best, especially when they bust out some serious vintage goodies like these amazing Fast Passes. Over on Reddit, we found this collection of 1970s Fast Passes given as a gift from some seriously awesome grandparents.

I mean, just look at these designs. Somehow I think our grandchildren aren’t going to be too excited when we dig up our Clipper cards to pass onto them.

Here’s the whole lot:

vintage fast passes grandparents gift muni diaries

We love people who hang onto cool vintage stuff like this. Here are even more old Fast Passes through the years.

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Trees down, trains stuck, and general transit mayhem from last night’s rainstorm


Last night’s rain apocalypse caused a gnarly evening of commute on both BART and Muni. A tree fell on the tracks of the J-Church train in the photo above, blocking both directions. And a power outage shortly after 7 p.m. blocked all trains between Van Ness and Church, reports the San Francisco Examiner.

Earlier that evening, if you were amongst the evening commute crowd on BART, you’ll know that the fallen tree near the Balboa Station between 24th Street and Balboa station caused a BART outage that snowballed into this scene at BART, where riders were scaling the broken escalator:

As of 9 p.m. last night, service was still shut down between Daly City and 24th Street Station, says SFGate. Rescue trains came to get the stranded passengers to free Muni shuttles, reports SFist. In the East Bay, AC Transit buses were also backed up due to a power line falling near a school, reports SFGate.

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Photo by @ongardie. Featured photo by SFist.

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