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Thursday Night: PUBlic Transit Crawl

mad dog in the fog guiness
Photo by Jorge Gonzalez

This Thursday evening, the San Francisco Transit Riders Union is hosting a Muni pub crawl fundraiser where $40 gets you a year-long SFTRU membership, four drink tickets, and some commuter camaraderie. Here’s the schedule:

Thursday, August 14th:
5:00: Mr. Smith’s, 34 Seventh St (Civic Center)
5:40: 71L-Haight/Noriega
6:00: Mad Dog in the Fog, 530 Haight St (Lower Haight)
6:40: 6 Parnassus
7:00: Martin Macks, 1568 Haight St (Upper Haight)
7:40: 71-Haight/Noriega
8:00: Yancy’s Saloon, 734 Irving (Inner Sunset)
8:40: N-Judah or your own route home

I think it’s a universal law that booze plus Muni will get you some funny tweets for @munidiaries. Amirite?

At the intersection of ‘the nerve’ and Muni

Photo by Imelda

We’re especially perplexed by the nurse and her sneeze. But also: Hello Kitty perfume?!?

  • Really, girl next to me? NOW is the time to apply your Hello Kitty perfume??
  • Someone’s talking on a flip phone on the train. A FLIP PHONE! What’s next, manual pinball?
  • When you walk on #muni and it smells as if everyone is carrying 32 lbs of high-grade cannabis. Each. #munidiaries
  • People who FaceTime their boo in bed on muni…
  • On #sfmuni and saw a #nurse sneeze into her hand and then grab one of the poles. #REALLY?! #gross

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Bear pays fair share fare, rides Muni


Okay, how wrong is it that I look at this photo and think, “Good old-fashioned family food, Black Bear Diner”? Scale of 1-10, with 10 being Princess Leia kissing Luke Skywalker (ew …)

Via Muni rider Alexa

Muni riders school ‘Drunk Idiots’

Muni is our urban Tipsy Taxi (holla, UCD grads), as it should be for any responsible reveler. But you’ll lose those kudos (and end up in SERIOUS kudos debt) for playing the part of Drunk Idiot on transit. Don’t be a jerk on the bus worthy of title-case Twitter shaming.

Drink safely, which includes not getting your ass kicked by annoyed, sober riders on your ride home.

Reminder: Muni fares set to increase on September 1

Photo by Agent Akit

A Muni (Diaries) reminder to make more money and/or really start hoarding those pennies. Change is a-comin.

Fare increases effective September 1, 2014, are as follows:

  • Single Ride Adult Fare will increase from $2 to $2.25.
  • Adult “A” Fast Pass will increase from $76 to $80.
  • Adult “M” Fast Pass will increase from $66 to $68.
  • Lifeline Monthly Pass will increase from $33 to $34.

For more info, visit SFMTA’s website. And don’t say we didn’t warn ya!