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Dude rides Muni like it’s 1988

Says videographer Lindsay on Instagram:

“Oh my shit, it’s 1988.”

Some things—Bush, Sr.’s “read my lips” speech chief among them—are best left in 1988. Other things—A Fish Called Wanda, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and rapping along with one’s boom box on public transit—are absolutely not.

I especially enjoy how the boom-box toting Muni Metro rapper is, maybe intentionally, rapping at the guy on the iPad ignoring him.

Let’s play Name That Tune. Go!

London subway advertising campaign gets goats, alpaca

Image by AFP/Getty, via Daily Mail

What’s so much better than a boring print advertisement? A four-legged one, of course! Or so say the folks behind a recent advertising campaign that brought a couple of goats, an alpaca, and a lot of cuteness to the Vauxhall Underground Station in London.

The Daily Mail reports that Fred, Barney, and Ben were part of an effort to entice Londoners to visit a local attraction called Transport for London’s Without Leaving London.

Works for us. Now, when can we have Muni Farm Animal day? Bring on the llamas, please!

Read more in the Daily Mail story.

Because he’s Sneakers the Corgi, that’s why


You might be of the opinion that we at Muni Diaries have a thing for dogs on transit. You would be correct in this opinion.

We at Muni Diaries have a thing for dogs on transit. And then Sneakers the Corgi shows up on an F-Market, and we briefly consider that the pinnacle has indeed been reached.

“My first time on a San Francisco streetcar!”

Sneakers the Corgi showed up on the F-Market, you guys. YOU GUYS!

Keep your eyes open … for Muni curiosities

Photo by Patrick

Muni never disappoints, does it?

  • Just got offered a glass of wine on #sfmuni. Movin up in the world.
  • Guy who didn’t pay fare & didn’t ring for his stop is now fuming he missed it. 6 IB
  • Woman gets on Muni just long enough to yell at the driver that it’s not the train she needs. Chill. You’re holding us up!
  • Woman eating an ice cream bar at my bus stop at 8:18 am is my hero. #getitgurl
  • pretty sure guy smoking next to no smoking sign while taking up 3 seats is the definition of ass hole. #SFMuni
  • old guy on the 10 watching porn on his smartphone and it appears he is taking notes as he is writing profusely

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Transit News: Free Muni for special-ed students, BART earthquake warning system, BART crime app, harassment on Muni and BART

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

  • SF approves free Muni for special-education students (SF Examiner)
  • BART’s Earthquake Early Warning System Could Have Broader Applications (SF Appeal)
  • Pedestrian fatally struck by Muni bus on Geary Boulevard (SF Examiner) || Berkeley man IDd as Muni collision victim (SFGate)
  • BART Police Unveil Crime Reporting App (SF Appeal)
  • Harassment on Muni and BART under-reported (Mission Local)