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Adorable fox sneaks onto Canadian bus, naps


Looks like humans aren’t the only species that like to get a little shut eye on the bus. Last week, a fox snuck onto a city bus in Ottawa, Canada, and fell asleep in a seat in the back, before an employee noticed and snapped a picture (seen above). According to news reports, the bus had been parked in a garage for maintenance at the time and the fox got in through an open door. It ran off when officers boarded the bus to take a look at it.

The photo, which quickly became a hit on social media, shows the fox sleeping peacefully, all curled up and cute. If you could only say the same for the guy passed out on Muni next to you.

BART map from ye not-too-distant dayes


Funny how the recent past can look so dang old. Full-size image here.

BART rider Charles sent this relic. Here’s what he had to say:

This is a severely beaten BART map found at Powell, circa late ’90s-early 2000s, as it still shows extensions to Baypoint and Dublin still under construction. I spotted this not too long ago, though I think the only reason that it was around was that they seemed to be changing all the advertisements in the station that night. I’m not entirely sure on that though, so it may still be up there. I wonder whether any French tourists got confused.

Easy answer: Yes, tourists are confused. Hella.

This reminds me of how, every time we’re at Powell, Tara looks for the super-secret door that used to lead up to Woolworth’s.

Transit News: Less gross Powell Station, Muni contract, BRT, BART station sleeping, N-Judah improvements

Photo by torbakhopper

  • BART Launches Plan to Make Powell Street Station Less Gross (Curbed SF)
  • Muni operators ratify contract (SFGate)
  • Muni opposition hinders bus rapid transit (SFGate)
  • Congress Could Delay Bay Area Transportation Planning By Holding Up Federal Funds (CBS San Francisco)
  • BART To Step Up Enforcement Of Sleeping, Lying In Stations (SF Appeal)
  • N-Judah Improvements Begin Next Week (Hoodline)

Muni as horror flick

Photo by DeShaun Craddock

Clowns, butts in your face, lost bus drivers … all the stuff nightmares are made of. Unless that’s your thing, of course.

  • The 47 is a clown car right now… Full of French clowns #sfmuni
  • You know it’s bad when the @sfmta_muni driver asks u for route directions #wrongway
  • Muni: where people’s butts are routinely way too close to your face #munidiaries
  • Worst post workout snack: banana. Thanks dirty old man, lesson learned. NO I WONT GIVE U A BLOWJOB!
  • What does it mean that I’m more offended by the Kim Kardashian game being played than the elbow jammed in my back.

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