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Video: Muni Driver Reveals Behind the Scenes Stories

Doug has been driving Muni for 17 years, so he’s really seen it all. In this Muni Diaries Live video, he shares stories about being a Muni driver, including secret hand signals, tricky fare boxes, and how a Muni driver can tell if you’re really ready to ride this bus. Doug still has his “day” job working nights on the Mission Street buses, including the 49-Mission. He’s written two books about driving Muni. His first book, The Dao of Doug: The Art of Driving a Bus or Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit, is a behind-the-scenes look at being a Muni driver, with his philosophy on how to maintain dignity and peace when the going gets tough.

Find Doug’s books here.

Clever Bay to Breakers Costume Shows Pain of Riding Muni

muni door closing bay to breakers costume

This is quite possibly the most San Francisco Bay to Breakers costume ever. This awesome woman dressed up as “Muni Doors Closing”, reppin’ the daily annoyance that only Muni riders can understand. Cue the annoying beeping and eye rolling from fellow passengers! And more props to her for running a 12K in this get up. Thanks to Lindsay N for the photo.

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Your Weekend Transit Advisory: Athletic Assoc. event, Bay to Breakers, construction

Athletic Association Event
On Sunday: The San Francisco Gaelic Athletic Association event will take place at San Francisco Gaelic Fields on Treasure Island.

A street closure of Avenue “H” between 11th and 13th streets will be required from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The 25 Treasure Island Muni route will be affected.

For details of Muni re-routes, please visit This website will be updated when it is closer to the event date.


Tellin’ it like it is on Muni


There are hella threads in the fabric of Muni. This week, we chose those that speak the truth. They run the gamut, indeed.

  • Love when the #SFMuni driver calls someone a “numbnuts”. Esp when they are.
  • “Still digging in that purse, huh” is what I’d like to say to girl next to me on #SFMuni but I’ll say it on Twitter instead
  • “Sorry, I threw up a little right there” #thingsyoudontwannahearonthebus
  • listening to intercom messages in #sfmuni stations is sometimes like listening to adults in charlie brown episodes
  • Running to catch #SFMuni: a San Francisco pastime

This edition of Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow Muni riders @sheurich, @imAnnieB, @shazamethyst, @mythopoeists, and @simONErrr. Do your civic duty and share with Muni Diaries on Twitter.

Photo by ki-rose

Transit News: Memorial for boy killed by Muni train, Mission Bay Loop, Muni control upgrade, rent near Muni stops, Muni shooting victim

As with most news programs, there’s some good and some bad here.

  • CA appellate judge blocks Mission Bay Loop construction (SFGate)
  • Muni train control system gets biggest upgrade since the ’90s (SF Examiner)
  • How Leap Transit is gaming the system to get a license (SFGate)
  • Another Day, Another Driver Blocking Muni’s Busiest Metro Line (Streetsblog SF)
  • Thrillist Mapped Out the Median Rents Near Each Muni Stop and It Will Make You Sad (UpOut)
  • Man shot in face on Muni didn’t know attacker, still struggles to recover (SFist)
  • Memorial grows for boy hit, killed by Muni train (ABC 7)

From the Vault: Paper Muni Fast Passes Through the Years

Image courtesy samsast

Before Clipper cards came into your life (“Translink” for you transit OGs), we marked our calendars by the monthly unveiling of the colorful paper Fast Pass. The paper Fast Pass was discontinued in 2011, and today we’re bringing back some of our favorite old Muni passes through the years. From the Muni Diaries vault:

  • Ken Schmier is the man who came up with the concept of the Fast Pass. He’s also the mind behind NextBus. Strange, right? But also, not. This happened around 37 years ago, to the best of our knowledge. The first passes went on sale sometime in 1974. The earliest we could find an image of (below) is October 1976.
  • In a blog post from Chronicle Books, designers for the book publisher lamented the lameness of the Clipper Card look, and paid homage to the beauty of the paper pass.
  • In 2009, local artist John Kuzich opened his Fast Pass exhibit at the de Young Museum. Kuzich asked for people’s passes on Craigslist, then assembled them on panels in really interesting and beautiful ways.

1976 muni fast pass by cranky old mission guy
Photo by Cranky Old Mission Guy

You can see lots more photos in this post. Here are some of our favs:

fast pass collage by steve rhods
Photo by Steve Rhodes

fast passes by christina b castro
Photo by cbcastro