Who needs 311 when you can gripe about Muni old-school-style?

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When you have a major Muni complaint and you haveĀ yourĀ Sharpie with you, this is the next natural thing to do. @axelfeldheim on Instagram found this at the 43-Masonic stop one day:

“12:31 a.m. (late Tuesday night 12-22). #43 driver refused to pick up disabled old woman who waited over 30 minutes for the bus. It is VERY cold out and is life threatening to do that to her. He should be fired and jailed.”

I too would be livid to see this happen to a disabled old woman. Hope she got home OK.

Muni adds safety pole near locked seats

muni seat by josephbergen flickr

SFMTA is adding new metal poles near those seats that have been locked up since 2014 for safety reasons, according to SFBay News. These poles (heh heh) are for your safety, folks, but if they happen to inspire some new dance moves like these sexy beasts on the L here … well, it wouldn’t be the first time!

More from SFBay News:

SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose said the transit agency is making an effort to make it safe for riders who stand in that area by providing an extra pole connected to the locked seats for riders to hold onto.
Rose said the transit agency is testing the new pole on 50 buses and will make an assessment in six months on the added safety measure.

In 2014, SFMTA locked up these front-facing seats with a safety message because the bus manufacturer feared that there’s nothing stopping you from flying forward if the bus were to suddenly lurch.

Unfortunately, even with the safety pole installed, you still can’t sit in those, seats so they will continue to mockĀ you on any crowded bus until SFMTA replaces its fleet.

Photo by josephbergen

Muni strikes back!


TakeĀ that, silly tech shuttle!

Karmic justice and schadenfreude collided (combined?) this morning downtown, when a Muni trolley’s electric pole came offline and smashed through the window of a (probable) tech shuttle. SFist has the story:

An electric Muni bus antenna collided with the window of what appears to be a tech shuttle downtown, though which vehicle may have been at fault remains unclear. From the photo above, it appears the antennas had come loose from the overhead wires and were sticking off the rear of the Muni bus when the shuttle possibly drove into them.

Photo by unknown Instagram user, via SFist

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