Birds of a feather…end up on the subway

Subway riders are so hard to impress, especially these New York City folks who happened upon a passenger and his rather exotic bird.

Matthew Hayes (@chayesmatthew) tweets:

Midday on the @NYCTSubway. Guy walks onto a train with this.

A fine peacock in all its majesty, with that unmistakable iridescent tail and looking like it knows it’s prettier than everyone else. But judging from the faces of the fellow passengers, it’s just another Tuesday. What would it take to get their attention? A punk rock cat? Bunny in a bonnet? Yoda? We on the best coast have those and more.

Thanks to Amy Y. at Capp Street Crap for the tip.

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The kindness of strangers on BART: Ties that bind

File this under “I Like People Again.”

A young man on BART was desperately trying to tie his tie on BART and failing, until a fellow passenger asked him if he needed help. Redditors captured this sweet moment when the kind passenger, BART ticket in her mouth, helped him with his tie. Infinite hats off to people who know how to tie a tie on someone else, mirror-image style.

This moment made lots of the commenters on Reddit reminisce about how they first learned to tie a tie, and all the people in your life who helped you with the tricky little details in life.

In other “people are all right” news:

Thanks for the tip, @CMRforall!

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Humanity spotted on Muni: She’s a lady(bug)

Pic by Flickr user chriss

In our early days (oof, more than nine years ago), we focused our storytelling and story-gathering energies on the written word, a story you’d tell to the happy-hour crowd after seeing or hearing god-knows-what on the journey over.

As the times changed and more photos and videos found their way into our inbox — and as our “inbox” expanded to include that social media you kids are always on — we came to appreciate a good written yarn even more than usual. Take it away, Bram.

I was traveling on the 7 bus recently from Haight St. to downtown, which I use almost daily. It is truly a smorgasbord of life, with many overcooked people yelling, shouting and not being particularly civilized. That is OK, but it certainly hardens you.

Across from me was a woman with a backpack on her lap. I noticed she had a company ID in her hand and was trying to encourage an object onto her plastic ID. It was a ladybug.

She pushed, asked and begged until it made its way onto the plastic. She then gently placed the card under a seat, so Lady would not be crushed by feet, and waited until she walked to freedom.

Me, would have flicked it out the window, onto the next seat or aisle and not thought twice about it.

I got off before her. Turned to her and said, thanks for putting my faith back into humanity.

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Found: The Muni suggestion box is open

The letter box on Muni buses isn’t just for religious flyers. Rider Terry F. recently spotted a hand written note in the box on his bus, and it turned out to be a polite reminder to Muni repair:

To Muni Repair,

There are 6 yellow tiles missing (broken) at the platform at the first stop at Caltrain stop outbound. Keep up the good work with picking up the trash.


Miss Lisette S.

In the age of tweeting your Muni complaints, I can really appreciate a letter writer. Thanks, Terry, for passing this along.

Other repair requests to Muni:
Poop-cleaning neighbors still need help
BART riders weigh in on escalator repair date
Lost and found: this Muni driver has your ID

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This Muni Metro left us googly eyed

…and also a little scared and a touch like Cookie Monster.

Not one week after we receive an important dispatch on the Muni Scream lights—party on, pareidolia—we receive word, from rider Matt, that the application of googly eyes for delight-inducing purposes is alive and well.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen googly eyes on Muni Metro and we certainly hope it’s not the last. If you’ve yet to be convinced of the delight factor, googly eyes actually represent a totally an important art movement.

h/t to rider Matt—thanks, Matt!

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Has Muni got your goat?

Sounds about right.

All puns aside, sender-inner Emily treated us to a delightful scene over at Muni’s Presidio Division: your standard, so-very-SF web of overhead bus wires, sleeping Muni coaches, AND GOATS, OMG!

In addition to feeding our Muni menagerie obsession, goats are a tried-and-true vegetation management technique. In fact, the fine, well-horned staff of City Grazing was recently spotted on Twin Peaks, doing their part (nomming delicious, delicious weeds) for this year’s Pink Triangle event.

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