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New Muni LRVs up for approval Tuesday


SFMTA’s Board of Directors meets tomorrow, and one of the items on the agenda is the awarding of a contract to build Muni’s so-called fleet of the future—a new line of sleek LRVs that would roll out beginning in late 2016.

Muni rider Jeff (no relation, heh) informed us of the following exciting news:

Siemens beat out CAF for the contract. Siemens has a factory in Sacramento. Initial order is for 24 cars immediately, and will total 175 to replace the entire current Breda fleet. Two subsequent options of 40 and 45 are listed as well for future fleet expansion.

I’m kind of disappointed that Muni didn’t opt for longer car lengths. I don’t know whether longer car lengths would save money operationally, but they do sure swallow up more people.


They kinda remind me of something out of Tron. And I like how the different lines have different-colored vehicle, though I wonder if that’s simply a prototype feature.

See the presentation on these new light-rail beauties here (PDF). Features include a “dramatic reduction in maintenance,” longer life, and much cheaper than its closest competitor. Oh, and the vehicles would be made in Sacramento. Keep it local, y’all.

You can find the full meeting agenda here.

What do you think of these new light-rail vehicles?

4 New Unofficial Rules on Muni

muni f car by lynn f
Photo by Lynn Friedman

According to you guys on Twitter, there are some new important unofficial rules on Muni.

1. Don’t ever ask why it smells like rotten fish. (via @meganjelene)

2. When the bus is empty, for god’s sake, don’t sit next to someone. (@ericshin)

3. Summer officially begins when tourists take Muni to Fisherman’s Wharf (@c_vogelsang)

4. People who talk on speakerphone on Muni are the worst (and will be publicly shamed?). (@KaiKronfield)

What’s your Muni fight club rule? Inquiring minds want to know!

Thrillist: Map of bars near Muni Metro stops


Not to be outdone by Beer by BART’s map earlier this week, Thrillist’s Joe Starkey has brought things a little closer to home.

Starkey created the map above (embiggen here) and a list of bars “within two(ish) blocks of every Muni stop (that actually has bars near it).” And for that, we thank you, sir.

I see a few glaring omissions. But those are the places I like to drink, so, I’m okay with that, because I don’t like crowds. Also: Get off my lawn!

Use these tools wisely, children.

Mystery face sculptures found at Muni bus stop

muni stop face
Photo by danny_frield

Have you seen those strange smiling plaster faces around town, popping up between bike racks and on sidewalks? There’s one in FiDi on Sutter between Kearny and Montgomery, one along Clarion Alley, and one that Bernalwood‘s neighbor Ned saw all over Cortland Avenue. Now we’ve found another one at a Muni stop in Noe Valley, courtesy of danny_frield.

Spoiler alert: MissionLocal says that the smiling faces are by artist Bruce Hallman, and you can take one home if you’d like!

Transit News: BART seats, Geary BRT, Muni poetry posters, BART funds, Muni contract

Photo by Christopher Berry

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