Pants, Check: Lost and Found on Muni

Photo: nelz9999

100 Muni StoriesSome of our favorite stories are those of lost and found. Love. Clipper Cards. Pants?

@Robbie_Lawrence‘s tweet tells a compelling, centennial-worthy tale in Twitter-size bites:

lost my pants and my wallet one night. Month later a homeless guy brought it to me saying was on 5-Fulton

Score one for humanity.

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Smile in 3, 2, 1: Balloon Animal on Muni

Rider Anthony sent us this picture of ol’ yellow on a “very crowded 38L.” When you’re ass-to-crotch with strangers during commute hour, it’s the little things that count.

Balloon animals on Muni is my favorite meme, short of actual pets on the bus. (And the even rarer meme of the bus arriving just when I needed it.) I spotted my first balloon animal on a snoozing Muni in October, after which rider Kristin sent us a pic of its twin (or perhaps the same one?) on a 16X. Rider Heather sent us a blue balloon dog from 2010, and, stretching even further back, we’ve got this orange one on the 5-Fulton, via telluomo on Flickr:

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Trick or Treat

Dhyana posted this celebration of coconuty chocolate on the Muni Diaries Facebook Page, noting this:

On the 5 this morning: Some guy got up and dumped a bag of bite-size candy into the seat next to me and then left the bus. “Sometimes he has cupcakes,” said the person sitting across from me. Muni is weird.

Maybe this is part of his oeuvre, a la Felix Gonzalez-Torres. It is so contemporary.

Either that or coconut macaroons are next. But really, though, what does this “sometimes” look like when it’s cupcakes, instead?

If San Francisco Had a Royal Wedding

Jeni and Keith, photo courtesy

Okay, if San Francisco had a royal wedding, Muni probably wouldn’t be involved. But aren’t you sick of watching people who get hitched in a 1902 State Landau carriage, or whatever that thing is? Or are you sick of the people who are sick of the royal wedding?

We found some non-royalties (as far as we know) whose wedding transportation of choice is a little more down to earth. Jeni and Keith met on the 5-Fulton, and the proposal happened right under the Muni shelter where they met. Their graphic designer, Molly Gaines, kept the Muni theme in the couple’s save-the-date cards.


Muni is no stranger to love: we gathered all the wedding/love stories we have received in this year’s Valentine’s Day roundup, which includes Eric, who met his wife on the bus, Heather and Ed, and of course, Muni Diaries editors Jeff and Tara. Their union really had nothing whatsoever to do with Muni, but hey?

Congrats, Keith and Jeni!

Now, does anybody have Prince Harry’s phone number?

Driver Plays Lotto While Stunned Passengers Watch

Thanks for the heads-up, California Lottery!
Photo by Sam Craig

I can understand that Muni drivers sometimes need to pop out real quick for a bathroom  break , but buying a lotto ticket? Really? Rider Donna C. sent us this email:

Just before 1 p.m., I was riding the #5 Fulton towards downtown when the muni driver pulled over at Fulton & Masonic, jumped out, grabbed a lotto ticket from the stand just outside the Fulton Food Shop, went inside to the cashier, opened his wallet, and presumably played his lotto ticket. There was an audible gasp among the passengers on the packed bus – no one could believe what they were seeing. He came out of the store, and got back on the bus as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. I called in a formal complaint to muni – we’ll see what comes of it. I asked for someone to report back to me.

Drivers just can’t catch a break this week, it seems.

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