Muni Mani-Pedi (Say It Three Times!)

mani-pediOur very own Suzanne was trolling Flickr getting our Muni photo pool together and found this other captivating Flickr Group Pool: Muni Mani-Pedi. It is, very much so, what it sounds like — photos of people snip-snapping away, and probably subsequently depositing their clippings for the rest of us to relish.

If you’ve captured photos or (even barfier) videos of this strange but much-too-frequent phenomenon, send them to us and the Flickr group.


  • DanB

    I wish I was brave enough to confront one of those clods on Muni. Just once I’d like to ask why they think it’s acceptable behavior anywhere outside their own home. If the answer was something other than “fuck you, I do what I want,” which translates into “I never considered it, I live in my own bubble of specialness and you’re just a visitor,” I’d be surprised. But I’d listen.

  • Yuck. This is totally one of those links that you want to ignore because you really don’t want to see more of it. And yet, like the traffic accident, you just kind of have to look.

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