Riders with Drinks: Hella Hot, Literally

Thank you to those of you who made it last night to Riders with Drinks, our first event! We are still in disbelief how many people we managed to pack into the Make-Out Room, raising the temperature in there by at least 20 degrees, I think.

We’ve got photos and videos to share, but for now, check out the post by the Tenderblog about last night’s spoken word hilarity. And for a little weekend fun, here’s a selection of goodies from last night’s Muni haiku troupe:

Stop yelling at me
Or just stop yelling near me
Did I just get flashed?
– Tara Ramroop

On crowded buses,
Always protect purses and —
Oh look, Some vomit!
– Ileana Shevlin

I, Muni Humper
Filled with longing and despair
Are you my angel?
– Chris Lindsey


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