In Case You Missed Friday’s Penis Puppet Show

Photo by Stuart Dixon

We are still on a high from Friday’s Riders with Drinks, where so many of you came out that the Make-Out Room had to call for backup bartenders! We are speechless about the great energy from our performers and audience. We’ve got more Muni stories in the bag, but before we move on with the week, here is a little recap of the hot, hilarious, and awesome night at Riders with Drinks.

If you were there on Friday, you know that we closed the show with some homemade sock puppet re-enactment of the “Penis in public” story. Pictures of the puppets and other hilarity after the jump.

Photo by The Tenderblog
People started arriving at 6 p.m. to get a seat — this young woman, captured by The Tenderblog, was smart enough to bring a book to occupy herself before the show.

Photo by The Tenderblog

Jeff and I began the show nervously introducing our site and how we started it when we were both studying journalism at San Francisco State University. We could hardly believe the great turnout, which raised the room temperature quite a bit, and we were both sweating bullets, as most of the audience members were, I’m sure. And thank you, Make-Out Room, for hosting our rowdy bunch.

The evening started with Tiffany’s first installment of Muni Mind Reader about the guy with nuts so big they take up two seats, re-enacted by the lovely Tara and Chris (how much do you love his t-shirt?), followed by some etiquette tips by the Manner Ladies at Muni Manners and a story from Rachel of Fog City Notes about a handsome chef she met on the bus.

Photo by The Tenderblog

The first half of our program closed with a rousing sing-along to Tara DeMoulin’s Muni Sea Shanty (video and lyrics coming soon!). I woke up Saturday morning with the refrain to the sea shanty stuck in my head. Seriously good stuff.

During the intermission, our superstar emcee Suzanne Lagasa found five brave Muni riders in the audience who came up on stage to tell their Muni stories (apologies to an audience member who we missed in the fray. Please send us your story anyway!) Here, John tells a story about a “friend’s” romantic encounter with a Muni driver.

Photo by Stuart Dixon

Our Muni Haiku troupe, accompanied by a surreal Japanese temple bell, recited homage to the Muni Humper, the most popular line of the night, 30 Stockton, sunflower seeds, vomit, and poop. Here’s Ileana Shevlin and Chris Lindsey, reciting his haiku that brought down the house.

Photo by Stuart Dixon

We had more hilarious times listening to Laura’s Cable Car Confession, Tony Long’s ode to bus drivers (first photo, above), and … the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the “penis in public” story.

Puppet show demonstrating the penis Muni story.
Photo by Flickr user markgabel
Plug1 of read the story (he had originally submitted the story on behalf of his poor friend) while Jeff and I took the stage with our hand-sewn sock puppets, including a smiling but grotesquely enormous penis puppet.

As it happens, this is our 500th post! We can’t emphasize enough about how essential you are to making this event and our site possible. So keep riding and keep the stories coming! And if you’ve got more pictures and videos from Friday night, please let us know.

Update: Today, we stumbled across this YouTube video from the event, shot by YouTube user Kapdigital:


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