Weekend Photo Diary: They didn’t see me

Photo by tangobaby from the Muni Photos Flickr pool

Amazing photo by tangobaby that I don’t really want to ruin with words. So I won’t.

Instead, I’ll recap a pretty busy week here on Muni Diaries. I’ll start with the post that kicked the week off for us: the July post of the month. Honors this month go to Plug1’s photo post: The Proof-of-Payment game. Later Monday, we posted a report of the M crashing into a car over the weekend, a story that was quickly eclipsed later that day in the now-famous SUV sandwich with F trains for bread. Later in the week, for whatever reason, old news about MTA’s purchasing an insurance policy came to the fore, and our weeks-old question was answered.

Also on Monday, we published the first of two posts by our favorite Muni mom, Beth W. One was about a cool new feature on txtmuni, an SMS service for bus predictions. The other was our first Muni poem, a villanelle.

On Tuesday, we posted a story that came to our inbox regarding someone being stopped by fare inspectors outside the designated proof-of-payment zone. We asked a question on that one (where exactly does the jurisdiction end?), and got a flurry of varied responses.

On a related topic, on Thursday we ran a story of one punk kid taking out his frustrations about Muni’s fare increases in an oh-so-unproduction way.

Whole Wheat Toast told a story of a rider and his pet dog on the bus that perhaps ended lamely. Verdict is still out.

And, oddly enough, this week saw two stories of Muni operators behaving badly: a video of a bus driver smoking in his bus, and a photograph of another operator committing one of the seven deadly Muni sins: clipping nails on the bus.

It was a busy week, to be sure. But that’s how we like it. If you’ve got Muni-related stories about anything, send them our way.

The weather this weekend should continue to be warm, so freakin’ enjoy it, all right? We know we will be.


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