Muni Diaries’ Brand New Look

We’ve teased you about it for a while, but Muni Diaries has finally gotten a make-over! Don’t worry, it’s still the same site, just lookin’ better and workin’ smoother. If you read Muni Diaries from your RSS reader, today’s just like any other day so feel free to mosey over to today’s post. But if you read Muni Diaries from the web, here’s a little about the site’s new look.

First, our graphic designer and event emcee Suzanne LaGasa created our fresh new logo and set the look-and-feel of the new Muni Diaries — don’t you just love the little colorful people waiting for the bus?

Then, our master web developer Yen Pai brought you several site enhancements. You’ll see that we’ve added a rolling feature box at the top of the page that has the most buzzy stories of the day so that you won’t have to scroll down to see them. Click on the left and right arrows to see all the feature stories.

The “Latest on Muni Diaries” section on the homepage has all the posts, just like you saw on the old Muni Diaries. But if you want to read only stories, click on Diaries. To read posts about Muni news, click News.

Really, other than that, the site is very much the same as it always was. We still ask for you to send us your Muni stories. We still scour the news for stories important to Muni riders.

We know that this new look might take a little getting used to, but we hope you love it as much as we do. As with all things that we do on Muni Diaries, let us know if you have questions or feedback. We know you speak your mind.

And now, back to chronicling life on the bus.

Eugenia and Jeff


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