The Palmist on the 38-Geary

Photo by Amber Wolf of Wiz Bang Photography

In this audio story by author Andrew Lam, an old Vietnamese immigrant’s gift of palm reading is received with skepticism by a young artist on the 38-Geary. Andrew’s poetic story-telling of the bus ride begins with a familiar dark and foggy day:

Breakdancer on the 31-Balboa


Sensationalist headline? But look, it’s true!

As SFOcon, a self-proclaimed “modern day carney,” notes, “What else would you do on an empty 31-Balboa Muni bus besides a headspin”?

Nice work, Munny.

Weekend Photos: First of the Year

stockton tunnel muni by thomas hawk
Photo by Thomas Hawk

Somehow, under Thomas Hawk’s lens, the Stockton tunnel looks cleaner, shinier, and more mysterious. Today’s weekend photos also feature a cozy bear and a couple of well-dressed gentlemen.

A few nights ago I was walking around Chinatown and saw a Muni driver get out of the bus at a red light with a teenager who must have been a tourist. The driver looked out for traffic at the intersection so the kid could take a photo of the Transamerica building. Moments like this really make me happy to live here, and to share our site with everyone who rides the bus.

Enjoy the first batch of beautiful weekend photos of 2013!

On Muni, Bring Your Own Chair. Lots of Them.

Photo by ltyote

Muni newbie lesson number one: that clear liquid on your seat? It’s not water. So what do experienced Muni riders do? Bring your own seats, of course. While running Muni Diaries from our living rooms the last few years, we have seen so many DIY seating submissions that I had to put them all together here just for pure amusement.

Here are all the chairs we’ve spotted on Muni. So. Many. Chairs! (more…)