Transit News: Faster 9-San Bruno, 5L-Fulton, double berthing, tech buses

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  • Muni Looks To Speed Up 9-San Bruno (Muniverse)
  • New 5L-Fulton Limited Muni Line Has Brought 2,000 More Daily Riders (Streetsblog SF)
  • Muni Metro “Double Berthing” Delayed Again — Wait Until November (Streetsblog SF)
  • Six in 10 riders rank Muni ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ (SFBay)
  • Tech buses existing peacefully with Muni — so far (SFBay)

Veteran Muni driver killed by waves in Marin

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Jimmy Chiu drove for Muni for more than 30 years. Last weekend, Chiu, who loved to fish, was swept away and killed by a “sneaker wave” on the Marin coast.

KTVU has the story.

Fishing didn’t always bring joy. When the 61-year old Chiu was 8-years old, living in Communist China, he used to fish to put food on the table for his family.

“He swore he would never fish again,” said the younger Chiu. Years later, Chiu was looking forward to fishing in his retirement.

“That’s what he loved to do,” his son explained.

Chiu was getting ready to retire after 31-years as a Muni driver on the 38-Geary line.

“His coworkers deeply miss him for his smile and just his disposition,” said Muni supervisor, Ayn Antonio. “He had a very level headed disposition.”

Read the whole story at KTVU. We offer our condolences to Chiu’s family.

If you knew Chiu from his routes, let us know in comments, please.

Transit News: Feds give Muni money, late-night transit, Muni turn-only lane

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  • SFMTA hearing to address near-term service response before new light-rail cars arrive (SF Examiner)
  • Feds give Muni money to buy new buses (KTVU)
  • Hope for late-night transit dawns; BART to roll out test project (SFGate)
  • Muni crashes minutes apart injure 4 (SFGate)
  • Muni expects improved travel time for 29-Sunset with new left-turn lane (SF Examiner)

Bernal residents demand Cesar Chavez Muni route revival

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Today, Bernalwood wrote about a “gaping hole” in Muni service along Cesar Chavez (née Army) Street. Turns out there’s no easy way to get over to the Caltrain Station at 22nd Street and Third Street and other Dogpatch destinations. Imagine that!

From the Bernalwood post (quoting Bernal resident Mark):

Right now, there’s no easy way to get to the 22nd Street Station. Yes, you can take the 48-Quintara down 24th St. and over the hill, but this takes a very long time. It would be so much quicker for the bus to head down our remade Cesar Chavez, bypassing Potrero Hill, making a turn at Third St., and heading straight for the station. I’ll bet it would save at least 15 minutes vs. a comparable trip on the 48.

You could start the route at Castro and 26th, or (as I have it) at Church and Cesar Chavez to connect with the J-Church.

Curious as to whether Muni ever had a line down Cesar Chavez, I looked around and found a 1947 Muni map posted by Eric Fischer.

New Muni service? An archival Muni map? Color us intrigued (and supportive). What about you? Would a revival of the 54B make your life better?

Read more over at Bernalwood.

SFMTA changes route terminal, says ‘psyche,’ changes it back

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So Muni done somebody wrong, again.

Allegedly without first, like, taking the pulse of the people it would affect, SFMTA/Muni recently moved the last stop of the 30-Stockton from Divisadero to Fillmore. That’s quite a long way for people expecting to, you know, ride the bus instead of walk.

Muni rider Natalie, who wrote her supervisor in an effort to undo this horrible mistake, let us know that all is well with the world again, as Muni has moved the terminal stop back to Divisadero:

In fact, [...] Muni, who didn’t bother to inform the community, [has] admitted it was a stupid idea and “apparently” moving it back to it’s original location (Divisadero and Chestnut).

The Marina Times has the full story. Check it out.

Guy makes Muni arrival sign for his home


Not content with the abundant Next Muni arrival apps out there, Muni rider Pavel done went and hacked his own.

Pavel says he got fed up one day when his Muni Metro train pulled off without him. Imagine what the world would look like if we all made something new every time that happened. Our city would be an ever-growing mound of stuff, kinda like in WALL-E. But I digress …

Read Pavel’s tl;dr story about making his own Muni arrival sign. Would you want one of these little buggers in your house?