Today in history: 3 amazing photos of cable powerhouses after the 1906 earthquake

muni cable car san francisco earthquake
Photo via SFMTA Photo Shelter by John Henry Mentz

At 5:12 a.m. on April 18, 1906, a powerful earthquake shook San Francisco. Here are three terrible yet amazing photos from the SFMTA photo shelter of the cable car powerhouses after the quake. In the photo above, take at the Washington and Mason powerhouse, a cable car is covered in falling debris from the power and car house smokestack. This photo was taken by John Henry Mentz.

Two more photos from the archive, both taken at the Oak and Broderick powerhouse.
oak and broderick power house san francisco earth quake muni

muni sfmta 1906 earthquake cable car power house

Head over to the SFMTA Photo Shelter to see rest of “United Railroads 1906 | After the Earthquake” gallery.

Transit News: Outrage at possible fare hike while Sunday meters are free, BART disability protest

new bart train design
Photo via SFAppeal

  • BART passengers with disability to protest new train design (SFWeekly)
  • BART’s new train design opens to jeers and cheers (SFAppeal)
  • SFMTA repeals paid Sunday parking meters, loses $9.8 million (SFBG)
  • SFWeekly’s Joe Eskanazi on the insanity of raising Muni fare by 25 cents while doing away with Sunday parking meters (SFWeekly)

SFMTA Approves Free Sunday Parking But May Raise Cash Fare by 25 Cents

muni fare gate

SFMTA approved a two-year budget that might result in an increase in Muni fares but allows drivers to park for free again. The free Sunday meters means that the agency is giving up about $11 million in annual revenue, reports SFGate.

The panel voted unanimously to scrap Sunday parking charges, setting up another showdown at the Board of Supervisors when it considers the MTA budget. The members also voted to prioritize expanded service to low-income seniors and youths, banking on some of a $15 million surplus the agency has, and delayed some planned fare increases.

More about those fare increases via the Examiner:

The transit agency’s approved two-year budget also calls for a Muni single-trip fare increase of a quarter to $2.25, a 10 percent boost in service systemwide and expanding the free Muni for low- and moderate-income youth into a permanent program that includes 18-year-olds. These and a bevy of other changes will go into effect July 1, pending approval by the Board of Supervisors. The budget is set to increase to $943.2 million next fiscal year and $962.6 million the following year.

Officials Say Woman Jumped In Front of BART Train Last Night and Survived

embarcadero bart station crowded after medical emergency at montgomery station
Photo via @JimMcNutty

Officials have confirmed that the woman who was under the BART train yesterday evening had jumped in front of it, but that she survived, according to SFAppeal. At about 4:50 p.m. on Monday, we got word via Twitter from witnesses that Montgomery station was closed due to a medical emergency. BART was single-tracked and bypassed Montgomery station, which reopened around 6:15 p.m. There were massive crowds at other stations. Traffic above ground was also delayed.

From SF Appeal:

Investigators used witness statements and video to reach the conclusion that the woman jumped from the platform shortly before 5 p.m., BART police Lt. Paul Kwon said. The woman was taken to San Francisco General Hospital but Kwon did not know the extent of her injuries.

SFWeekly says that the woman was treated for head injuries but was still talking. She’s expected to survive.

News: Montgomery Station Reopened After Report of Person Under BART Train

embarcadero bart station crowded after medical emergency at montgomery station

Update: 6 p.m.

Passengers report that Montgomery Station has re-opened after the person under the train was transported to the hospital. @SFBART says that service restoration is in progress.

KTVU reports that although the station has re-opened, other stations are still jam-packed with passengers.

Update: 5:49 p.m.
Riders are packed at other BART stations due to the Montgomery Station closure, as seen in the above photo from the Embarcadero Station from @JimMcNutty.

Original post (5:32 p.m.):
The Montgomery BART station is currently closed after reports that a person is under a BART train. Fire trucks and police vehicles are in front of the station, as witnesses on Twitter report. As of 5:32 p.m., the station is still closed and there are delays SFO, Daly City, and Millbrae bound trains, according to KRON4. In the photo below, passengers are jam-packed in the train as they await for the delay to clear up.

montgomery bart crowded
Photo by Tolebon

More from riders:

The Chronicle’s Vivian Ho tweeted that the person under the train is still alive and being transported to a hospital to treat for head injuries.

We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

Self-Cleaning Straps Keep Germs Away on the Bus?

cyclean self cleaning bus strap for muni
Photo via Cyclean

How many people touched that nylon fabric strap you’re holding onto on Muni, and what did they touch before getting on the bus? If the thought of this gives your germaphobic self an anxiety attack, check out this self-cleaning strap designed by a group of Chinese designers who won the Red Dot Award.

How do these straps clean themselves? According to the designers:

The handle strap can be rotated through a small plastic chamber that contains a rough sponge, a cleaning and disinfecting agent, and rollers. The handle strap can be cleaned by pulling down on one side of the loop to feed it into the chamber. The rollers clean and disinfect the strap as it is fed through. The strap emerges from the chamber clean. The sponge can be replaced and the cleaning agent can be refilled.

Hmm. Replacing the sponge and cleaning agent might be where the process can break down here, but straps in the picture look pretty darn clean and enticing. The “Cyclean” straps are still just a design and haven’t been manufactured yet, according to Fast Coexist. So for now you’ll have to make do with good ole hand sanitizer gel. Look on the bright side: at least we haven’t heard about bed bugs on Muni!

H/T: @jesskuo