Your Weekend Transit Advisory: Giants games, Mission Sunday Streets, Construction

Baseball Game Traffic Reroutes and Transportation Options
From Monday through next Thursday, the San Francisco Giants will play four home games against the Colorado Rockies at AT&T Park:
7:15 p.m., Monday
7:15 p.m., Tuesday
7:15 p.m., Wednesday
7:15 p.m., Thursday

The SFMTA advises motorists of the increased congestion in downtown San Francisco related to these special events and advises commuters to use transit, taxis, bicycles or walk and to avoid using the Bay Bridge in the two hours before or after these games.

As a reminder to fans, in order to reduce congestion on city streets after all events at AT&T Park, the SFMTA will close eastbound King Street between 3rd and 2nd streets from the seventh inning until after the post-game traffic has died down. Additionally, the northbound portion of the 4th Street (Peter R. Maloney) Bridge will be closed to all traffic except streetcars, buses, taxis and bicycles during the post-game period. Giants fans parked south of Mission Creek Channel who are heading north of the channel are encouraged to exit to the south along 3rd or 4th streets in order to avoid congestion on King and 3rd streets after AT&T Park events.

A map showing the post-game routes from AT&T Park parking lots is available at (Click on “View Map” at bottom of page.)

For details about transit service to AT&T Park, including connections from Bay Area transit systems to Muni, please visit

For regional transit information for BART, Caltrain and the ferries as well as traffic, please go to

Fans can also take a ferry to AT&T Park:
From Oakland, Alameda and Vallejo, please go to
From Larkspur/Marin County, please go to

For directions going to AT&T Park by various means of transportation, please visit the Giants website at

Transit News: Muni on-time, shuttles, pols must ride Muni, Van Ness BRT hearing

Photo by sarahann211

  • Time to tie pay to Muni’s on-time performance (SF Examiner)
  • Owner of Private Commuter Shuttle to Be Charged After Bus Blocks J-Church (CBS Bay Area)
  • Mayor, Board of Supervisors Actually Required By Law to Ride Muni (SFist)
  • Muni sickout: Too ill to work, but just fine for payday (Matier and Ross)
  • Muni returns to school schedules as SFUSD year begins (SF Examiner)
  • Public Hearing Friday For Van Ness Rapid Transit Project (Hoodline)
  • It’s a race for two BART director seats in November; two others get a free ride (Contra Costa County Times)

SF Examiner: A Day in the Life of a Muni Fare Inspector

Photo by Joe Gratz

Muni fare inspector might be the most thankless job since meter maid. And it probably generates something close to the same level of anger, annoyance, and utter disdain.

But sometimes, you need to put yourself in their shoes. The Examiner’s Jessica Kwong takes a look at what it’s like trying to enforce Muni’s fare system.

“You’re f—ing this, you’re f—ing that,” said Sgt. Larry Nichol, supervisor for the other two men. “I used to keep a journal of what people say to me.”

In the nine months that [Stan] Lui, 33, has been a fare inspector, his impression from the public he has direct contact with is they generally don’t like him and his colleagues in the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Proof of Payment Unit.

“I hear from people that the No. 1 hated ones are parking control officers, police officers and fare inspectors,” Lui said. “That’s how I see it, because when people verbally abuse you, that means they don’t like you.”

Inspectors are catching fare evaders throughout The City and offenders aren’t race-, gender-, age- or income-specific. They’ve cited homeless individuals to men in fancy suits who keep a charged Clipper cards but don’t tag them.

“Sometimes you hear people go, ‘Do I look like a fare evader?’ And I say, ‘I don’t know, what does a fare evader look like?’” Nichol said.

Fare evasion results in an estimated $19 million of lost revenue annually for the SFMTA, and without the $6.5 million fare inspector program, that amount of money lost would be “much worse,” according to SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose.

Check out the rest of Kwong’s article at And don’t forget to pay your fare!

Thursday Night: PUBlic Transit Crawl

mad dog in the fog guiness
Photo by Jorge Gonzalez

This Thursday evening, the San Francisco Transit Riders Union is hosting a Muni pub crawl fundraiser where $40 gets you a year-long SFTRU membership, four drink tickets, and some commuter camaraderie. Here’s the schedule:

Thursday, August 14th:
5:00: Mr. Smith’s, 34 Seventh St (Civic Center)
5:40: 71L-Haight/Noriega
6:00: Mad Dog in the Fog, 530 Haight St (Lower Haight)
6:40: 6 Parnassus
7:00: Martin Macks, 1568 Haight St (Upper Haight)
7:40: 71-Haight/Noriega
8:00: Yancy’s Saloon, 734 Irving (Inner Sunset)
8:40: N-Judah or your own route home

I think it’s a universal law that booze plus Muni will get you some funny tweets for @munidiaries. Amirite?

Reminder: Muni fares set to increase on September 1

Photo by Agent Akit

A Muni (Diaries) reminder to make more money and/or really start hoarding those pennies. Change is a-comin.

Fare increases effective September 1, 2014, are as follows:

  • Single Ride Adult Fare will increase from $2 to $2.25.
  • Adult “A” Fast Pass will increase from $76 to $80.
  • Adult “M” Fast Pass will increase from $66 to $68.
  • Lifeline Monthly Pass will increase from $33 to $34.

For more info, visit SFMTA’s website. And don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

It’s Aussie transit passengers’ turn to move immovable objects

No one told me this in advance, but this week is Super-Human Feats of Strength on Public Transit Week. Apparently. “Apparently.”

Down in Perth, Australia, a public transit rider slipped getting into the train. “Andy” got his leg stuck between the train and the platform. But this hungry leg-eating train was no match for Andy’s fellow passengers:

“Transit Authority staff alerted the driver to not move the train and then organized passengers on the platform to push the car, eventually freeing the passenger …”

What is Aussie for, “Fuck yeah!”?

h/t Laughing Squid