Upcoming art show honors Muni drivers


This weekend, SF artist Kurt Schwartzmann will put on a free show he calls “Yellow Line.” From the Facebook Event page:

[Schwartzmann’s 64] drawings were created to honor the Operators of S.F. MUNI who put up with SO much drama and still manage to keep our city moving, rain or shine. Media include Pen and Ink, Watercolor, Colored Pencil and Acrylic Pen on Watercolor Paper and Collage made from bus transfers, collected by the artist while drawing this series from February through July of 2015.

Exhibit times: Saturday August 29, 5pm – 9pm
Sunday August 30, Noon – 4pm
First Congregational Church of San Francisco, United Church of Christ
1300 Polk St, San Francisco
Facebook invite
Admission is free

We hear you about drama. And uh sorry about that.

The End of an Era: Say goodbye to Muni’s paper transfers


When they came for our paper Fast Passes, we … well, we said a lot.

Now, as SFBay reports, Muni is set to replace paper Muni transfers we’ve come to love and make hella art out of with fare boxes that print transfers on the fly. That won’t hold things up, nah.

The agency’s Board of Directors on Tuesday approved a plan to begin accepting proposals for the project, which includes a minimum of 1,250 new transit vehicle fareboxes.

A SFMTA staff report said there would be no need to provide drivers with pre-printed transfer booklets. The report also said new printed transfers would help with security issues like stolen transfer booklets.

What’s that you say? You have a Clipper Card and never use the transfers? Oh, but still. Times is a-changing.

Read the full article on SFBay to learn more.

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Photo by @YungPeng

One designer’s pro-woman rebuff against manspreaders


The antidote to manspreading on public transportation is, as we should have known, the big V.

Designer Rachel Feinberg’s so-called Pussy Pouch, featured in Refinery 29, aims to make would-be manspreaders clam up before they even think about committing crimes against shared space.

Check out all of the empowering accessories from Feinberg’s brand, DAMNsel, and consider adding one to your arsenal. Let’s call this the workaround until and unless transit agencies (looking at you, San Francisco) start cracking down on the manspreading phenomenon.

Image courtesy Refinery 29

The End of an Era: No more carpets on BART


There are no more carpets on BART, unless you bring one with you, but you’re not that weird, are you? Why are you weird?

BART announced today that it has now fully finished removing those last vestiges of past nastiness: carpets along the floors of its trains EW EW EW.

Congrats, BART! This is worth celebrating and spilling alcoholic beverages on the floor, then simply wiping that mess up with a cloth. Hip-hip, hooray!

Image courtesy