Muni rider stabbed aboard the 7-Haight/Noriega


A woman was stabbed on a Muni bus early this week. Reddit user RenosMostWanted has a first-hand account, and took the horrifying photo you see above:

middle aged guy gets on board Muni, he doesn’t look homeless, but clearly on something or crazy. He is standing and then siting and then standing again. He is looking around like he’s nervous or on drugs. When the bus get to the stop (Civic Center I believe) he gets up quickly to go to the front of the bus, punches a little old Asian lady in the head and then stabs the guy pictured with what appears to be an exacto knife before bolting out the front door. Stabbed guy didn’t even realize he’d been stabbed until the entire bus gasped in horror when he turned around to look out the front window.

Hoodline has more from a tipster:

Police response time was impressive. Under a minute from what I can tell. Some people were crazy self-obsessed. Were taking pictures of the inserted knife on Snapchat. Insane.

We’re glad everyone seems to be okay. Scary stuff, folks.

Did NextMuni leave you in the dark on Sunday? Here’s why.

next bus broken sign examiner

Forget “where’s my bus??” Where in god’s name is my NextBus?!

An outage on Sunday at NextBus left thousands of riders extra clueless about when the bus was coming, according to a report in The Examiner. The outage meant that you couldn’t even use third-party apps to see when the next Muni was coming, because those apps and arrival signs pull from the system’s data.

Service was restored early afternoon, but not before lots of angry riders took to the Twitters with their WTF.

If you ever find yourself minus a bus and predictive technology, you can always rely on the most accurate Next Bus sign in the city to keep it 100.

Photo: San Francisco Examiner

Election Guide 2016 for the transit-savvy voter


You might’ve noticed it’s election season. While the contest for commander-in-chief has tempered many of us in an anxious, sour marinade over the last several months, let’s not forget the hyper-local measures on our SF ballots this year — particularly those relating to public transit. Rather than advocating for one measure or candidate, consider this a pointer post for all the pertinent transit-oriented ballot measures.

Every vote counts, so read up and get out there on Nov. 8. Those “I voted” stickers won’t wear themselves.

BART Board of Directors Districts 7 and 9

The BART Board of Directors comprises nine elected officials representing the nine BART districts. Each member serves a four-year term, and two of those districts have open seats. District 7 includes, among several East Bay stations, Montgomery and Embarcadero stations. District 9 is entirely within the city of SF, including the 16th Street Mission, 24th Street Mission, Glen Park, Civic Center, Powell Street, and Balboa Park stations.

Prop J: Funding for Homelessness and Transportation

Prop J aims to amend the city charter to allocate an initial $50 million per year for homeless services and an initial $101.6 million for transportation services over the next 24 years. An approved proposition would also include scheduled increases over that period. The transportation improvements would be paid through a Transportation Improvement Fund, which would subsidize the cost of transportation for low-income seniors, youth, and people with disabilities, as well as to upgrade the existing fleet and infrastructure.

Prop K: General sales tax

There’s no Prop J without Prop K. Both have to pass in order for anything to take effect, because the sales tax increase (Prop K) would fund all the improvements for the homeless and transportation services outlined in Prop J.

Sales tax increase, you say? Yes. A yes vote on Prop K would increase the city sales tax from 8.75 percent to 9.25 percent.

Prop L: The SFMTA Board of Directors

Prop L proposes amending the city charter to split the appointment authority for the SFMTA Board of Directors between the mayor and the Board of Supervisors. Currently, the mayor holds all appointing power to that board. Additionally, a yes on L would reduce the number of supes needed to reject the SFMTA budget from seven to six.

SFMTA is the agency that manages any and all Muni “stuff.”

Prop RR: BART infrastructure improvements

A yes vote on RR means you’re in favor of the BART powers that be increasing its debt, via this $3.5 million bond measure, to garner the funds needed to upgrade the aging system’s infrastructure. Such improvements include replacing and upgrading the system’s tracks, tunnels and train-control systems.

The SF Transit Riders Union put together their first-ever election guide. In addition to spotlighting candidates that have put legislative money where their mouths are in terms of public-transit advocacy, they’ve made endorsements on these ballot measures and more if you’re itchy for more knowledge.

Hear our best Muni stories live on stage! Muni Diaries Live is back on Nov. 5 at the Elbo Room. Tickets on sale now!

Pic by moppett65535 on Flickr

What if a diary were told on Muni?

That’s exactly what happened recently in New York City.

In the video above, NYC subway rider Crispin Michael Booker is heard telling fellow passengers about a recent, uplifting change in his life. He is then seen asking a specific rider to share his story. Here’s what Crispin has to say:

Tonight I was able to Subway many nights we get on the train with the weight of the world is on our shoulders after a long day. I got to share my luke cage truth lol and a random guy got to share his story #lukecagebrag #subwaybrag #changingthisworldwithlove #veronicasway

Brag away, sir. More of this, please!

Hear our best Muni stories live on stage! Muni Diaries Live is back on Nov. 5 at the Elbo Room. Tickets on sale now!

Next Wednesday, Revel in Muni Nerdery at Nerd Nite!

old fast passes sfpl oct

Hey nerds! And I mean that in the best, most complimentary, you’re-my-people way: next Wednesday’s Nerd Nite features none other than transit reporter (and upcoming Muni Diaries Live storyteller) Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez, who will take you on an express ride through the colorful history of the Fast Pass. Did you know that Harvey Milk was a champion of the Fast Pass?

If you haven’t been to Nerd Nite, it’s an “informal gathering at which nerds get together for nerdery of all sorts (well, mostly presentations and drinking). Nerds and non-nerds alike gather to meet, drink and learn something new.” It’s pretty much the best nerd gathering I can think of.

This month’s show also features “Love Unhinged: King Pedro & the Corpse Bride of Portugal” by Annetta Black, and “Through the New Looking Glass: Reality Capture from the Camera Obscura to 3D Scanning, VR and AR” by Scott Page.

Come meet us at the Rickshaw next Wednesday so we can be proper nerds together.

Nerd Nite
Wednesday, 10/19/16
Doors at 7 pm, show at 8
Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St @ Van Ness
$8, all ages

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