Introducing Our Twitter Masters

What could possibly happen on Caltrain (left) and BART (right)? Ask our new Twitter masters.

What shenanigans are happening right now on public transit in the Bay Area? If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know. In addition to @munidiaries, we have two excellent people at the mic of @CaltrainDiaries and @BARTDiaries: Laura and Ed! They’re curating the best slices of life on Caltrain and BART, minute by minute.

Laura has been at the helm of @CaltrainDiaries since 2009, when she approached us at Muni Diaries Live with an awesome Caltrain story. As you might guess, that is the quickest way to our hearts.

More about Laura:

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Laura’s first public transportations experiences were with the VTA (that’s Valley Transit Authority in the Peninsula) and Caltrain.  Little did she know she’s end up taking Caltrain from San Francisco to Palo Alto, from Palo Alto to San Francisco, over and over again as a adult. Luckily the latter trips came with a smart phone and the know-how to always tag off.

Mr. Ed Casey is the newest addition to the Diaries team. We found Ed through his blog, BART Don’t Lie, and his hilarious tweets only meant one thing: We have to assimilate this dude as soon as possible.

More about Ed:

A survivor of five years of the daily Concord to San Francisco BART run, Ed has witnessed all of the finer points of BARTing up to and including occupying multiple seats with bags of smelly, drippy take-out, nail clipping (fingers and toes), passed-out drunks, terrifyingly conscious and talkative drunks, and overall societal breakdowns that made him question the very existence of human decency. Ed is tired.

So if you’re on Caltrain and BART, remember to follow and tweet @CaltrainDiaries and @BARTDiaries. Laura and Ed could make you internet-famous for at least 15 seconds! And you’ll never be bored on your commute again.


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