Witness: I Saw The Muni Adbusters

Photo from @dougrobbin

Ever since we found the “Cum Tum” ad on Muni and the spoof ad spree that ensued, we’ve been wondering who’s behind this hilarious turn of events. Last night a MissionMission contributor said he saw two guys putting up these ads on the 49.

From MissionMission:

I had the pleasure of watching one of the new fake bus ads go up today. I was on the 49 when two young males boarded. One mentioned concernedly to the other that there was no one driving the bus. I informed them that the driver was behind the bus fixing the wires, which had fallen off the lines as the bus turned off 16th onto Mission.

But alas, no photos of the two guys. Just as well, because that would be like finding out that Santa Claus isn’t real, right? You can read the rest of his account on MissionMission, including a description of the guys.

For review, we have a special variety Tums, the unfortunate nickname for Tartine, and an inexplicable spoof of Du Beers. The dig on Marines is also clever but perhaps not from the same culprit?

What’s next?

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