SFWeekly: Dad Chases Down Alleged Pervert Who Touched Teen on Muni

The San Francisco Police Department arrested a man who allegedly groped a teenage girl on Muni last week, after the girl’s father chased down the alleged groper and punched him in the face, reports SFWeekly. The incident happened on the 37-Corbett near 14th Street and Church Street.

From SFWeekly:

San Francisco police have arrested a 39-year-old man who allegedly groped a teenage girl as she rode the Muni bus home last week.

Capt. Greg Corrales tells us the incident started about 4:20 p.m., when the 17-year-old got onto the 37 Muni line at 14th and Church streets. She was sitting in the rear of the bus when a man came and sat next to her. As soon as he was settled, he placed his left hand on her leg, just above her knee, and began rubbing her.

The girl got off the bus and ran toward her house, where she got into a car with her dad to chase the bus down until the suspect exited the bus. Police arrested the suspect on suspicion of battery, according to SFWeekly.

We’ve received disturbing accounts of assault on the 49, the T-Third, 8X, and other lines. Everybody be safe out there.

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