Night Time Goat Sighting at the Muni Yard

Photo by Tony Ta

You’re not hallucinating. These are goats at the Muni yard. Tony Ta has pictures to prove it. It appears that Tony and his girlfriend even petted the goats later that evening. Here’s what Tony saw:

My girlfriend was riding the 38BX into work yesterday morning when she looked up and saw hundreds of goats as her bus was passing the Muni Barn at Geary and Presidio. It looks like they are there, on the western hillside, to trim down the overgrowth. Apparently, no one else on the bus saw them since they all were too busy with headphones on, trying to ignore each other. I didn’t believe her when she told me so she made me jump in the car with her and drive over to the Muni Barn on the Trader Joe’s side. Sure enough, there were some 200 goats just hanging out on the hillside! It looked like they were settling in for the night, but they are still scampering about when she took the bus this morning.

Later that evening:

And here are the goats scampering away.

(Tony’s full photo set)

Two years ago we had another sighting of goats at the Muni yard and learned that they may be from Goats R Us or City Grazing. The goats have been spotted at CCSF and Forest Hill station.

Thank you, Tony and girlfriend, for your investigative Muni goat reporting!



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