San Francisco Diaries: How a bookstore clerk became the owner of Green Apple Books

Pete Mulvihill is living every book lover’s dream: owning the bookstore he loves. Pete took a winding road to co-owner of the city’s beloved Green Apple Books, and we can’t thank him enough for keeping this space alive.

If you haven’t been to Green Apple Books, you owe it to yourself to make a trip: the sprawling bookstore on Clement Street features both new and used books, with witty staff commentary peppered throughout the shelves and many nooks and crannies (figurative and literal) to explore.

In this episode of the San Francisco Diaries podcast, San Francisco Diaries episode, Pete walks us down that winding road to co-ownership.

Listen to his story:

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Photo by Lynn Friedman.

Bad Books Party, featuring books too embarrassing to read on Muni


What books would you be too embarrassed to read on Muni? Fifty Shades of Grey? The Da Vinci Code? This Saturday, we will be at Green Apple Books On the Park, putting aside our dignity to do a dramatic reading of awesomely terrible books (that you probably shouldn’t read in public).

In case you’re wondering where to get the book in the photo above (from Bored Panda), I hate to disappoint you, but this is comedian Scott Rogoswky, who made some hilarious fake book covers to read on the New York City subway. Mmm. What wouldn’t I do for a dramatic reading of “101 Penis-Lengthening Tips”?

J.W. Friedman and Chris Collision, the funny hosts of the popular podcast I Don’t Even Own a Television, will be bringing a selection of their favorite (and least favorite!) bad books to read from.

Special guests (who are bringing their own selection of terrible books):

… and Muni Diaries editor Eugenia, representing nine years of cringe moments on the bus, thanks to y’all.

Bonus: Bring your own bad books for a round of Bad Books Russian Roulette!

Bad Books Party
Saturday, Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m.—9 p.m.
Green Apple Books on the Park, 1231 9th Ave. in San Francisco

The Most San Francisco Illustration Ever


Ed. note: The artist was just so proud of his work–and he should be–that he put it up on Instagram before it was ready for its intended publication! We’ve swapped it out at his request for some more of his Muni-themed work, and we’ll be keeping an eye on his page for more.

Original post:
This is pretty much the most San Francisco illustration ever. We’ve got Laughing Sal from the Musée Mécanique, Doggie Diner doghead, Piedmont Boutique stockinged legs, Green Apple Books guy, and Lou Seal. To top it all off, they’re all riding Muni together. Thanks to @danbransfield on Instagram for posting this!

Podcast archive, 2019

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The San Francisco we’re thankful for

This year we celebrated 10 years of telling your Muni tales, and one whole year of sharing more San Francisco stories that happen off the bus. Your stories have a way of reminding everyone why San Francisco is still alright after all.

Because of you, our listeners, readers, and supporters, we hosted two of our local bookstore heroes in studio: Alan Beatts of Borderlands Books and Pete Mulvihill of Green Apple Books (look out for his episode in the coming weeks!) And we got Peter Hartlaub and Heather Knight in front of a live audience to preview their epic, around-the-world-in-one-day-style trip on Muni.

Because more than 4,000 of you submitted stories to us every day for the last 10 years, we were able to celebrate our 10th birthday exactly how we wanted: with a packed room filled with friendly faces—shouts out to our artist and photographer friends who, until then, we had never met in real life but came bearing birthday presents of Muni art and photos. We even learned from the door staff at Elbo Room that some of you insisted on paying for your ticket even as someone donated their extra. These kindnesses are not lost on us even in the busy shuffle of show night.

This year, we’re so, so thankful for those of you that took out your wallets and supported us on Patreon: we know it’s expensive to live here, and your willingness to help us keep the lights on (and replace those microphone cables that the cats chewed up) is appreciated.

We were able to have one more evening at the Elbo Room, where Nuala Sawyer shared a story of one small moment that made a big difference—encapsulating why we do what we do.

And let’s not kid ourselves: because of you, all of our Muni rides are a little better, or at least a little funnier. Without this comMUNIty, we wouldn’t know that the trending hashtag for the N is #NJudas, and the correct way to haul your new cat tree is on an LRV, with a kitten on a leash eating out of a little bowl perched on said cat tree (true story).

So, from the Muni Diaries headquarters, thank you for sharing, riding, listening, reading, and contributing in your own way to life in the best city in the world.

Photo by @gurpreetz

I Know What You’re Reading

Photo by Heather
100 Muni Stories

Think you’re being clever with your less-than-high-brow novel? @genaweave is on to you.

Woman on #sfmuni is reading her book upside down. There is a 95% chance that she’s secretly reading#50shadesofgray. – @genaweave

Oh snap.

Side story: When I saw 50 Shades of Grey at Green Apple Books, at first I thought it was a book about being black in America. Another friend thought it was a book about aging gracefully. How wrong we were.

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