Muni Missed Connections: Cupcake Edition

Strawberry Macaroon Cupcakes
Photo by Flickr user Aaron Landry

We begin this latest round of Muni Missed Connections with a tale of cupcake kindness on the 19, of all routes:

u gave me a cupcake b4 u got off at 24th or 25th, thought that was really sweetie, would b nice if every1 on the 19 was sweetie like u, prob wont c u again since I’m not on the 19everyday(thank the lord) so its a good thing CL has this section4u2find me, very sweet

Next, this 30-something might have found his cougar siren, reading The Leopard, no less, on the mysterious 39L:

You’re probably a good 20 years older than me (and likely far too classy for the likes of a tattooed ne’er do well like myself), but every time I see you waiting at our bus stop, my heart starts racing…we almost always sit across from each other, if not very close, and every time I can’t keep my eyes off of you. You’re elegant, sexy, and I imagine what it’s like to be with you every time I see you… Thanks for making me feel alive! (and if you’re ever feeling daring…well, you get the idea)

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Muni Missed Connections #34*

MUNI SF tattoo
Photo by Flickr user 0x0000org

We were only on the bus together about 3 or 4 stops, I was sitting, you were standing a bit in front of me…but I could not take my eyes off of you. You’re super super super cute, and if you’re single at all, and into us menfolk, I would love to take you out for dinner or drinks or a show or something.

~ tattooed bus boy

Wait, the poster doesn’t even say which line this was? Still, cute. Nice touch with that oh-so-SF “into us menfolk” bit. Good luck!

* Okay, not really. More like 7 or 8. We’re not really keeping track.

BART Missed Connections — The Red Raincoat (and others)

red raincoat
Photo by Flickr user -{ thus }-

As we’ve done over at Muni Diaries a few times, today we’re inaugurating a new feature on BART Diaries — Missed Connections. We see it as doing our part to bring together potential sexy super-couples, thrilling threesomes, or just a one-night stand or fuck buddy. What have you …

We start things off with this MC, straight out of a grocery store romance novel …

The Red Raincoat on BART – m4w – 29 (mission district)

You smiled when you got on BART around Powell street in your red raincoat. You sat two seats away with your hood up while I read a book trying not to stare. I had a brown cap and headphones on. Then when you got up to leave at 16th street and Mission you caught my eye and smiled at me all the way out. The doors of the train stayed open longer than usual telling me to follow you. But I missed my chance. Perhaps I can have a second?

8:15pm Cutie pie on Powel ST BART Platform – m4m – 23 (downtown / civic / van ness)

You walked past me a little slow, I was talking with my classmate. I glanced at you, and my classmate said “excuse me” but you didn’t turn around. My train came up (Dublin Pleasanton Train) I stepped on and tuned around, and smiled and there you were, smiling right back at me. You’re such a cutie pie, please get back to me!!!!

Tan Cardigan: You had my Attention but the Cat had my Tongue – w4m (Bart 24th St. to Montgomery)

You: Messy blonde hair underneath a cap, long-sleeved plaid shirt underneath a tan cardigan, Sperry’s or some other kind of boat shoe. Me: Blonde hair, peacoat, plaid skirt, carrying too much stuff. I thought you kind of looked like a contemporary Kurt Cobain, which is neither here nor there, simply an association with your sweater and hair. You moved your bag so I could sit on the bench. There was enough room already, but it was a nice gesture. I should have said hello (or at least thank you); I don’t know why I am so damn shy, but my shyness accounts for my failure to be polite. I snuck a few glances, but couldn’t muster eye contact.

Boy in red sweater at Embar. Bart – w4m (Downtown Bart)

Last night at Embarcadero Bart we sat across from eachother around 7:30.

I just had left work in my coat, work clothes and running shoes. 🙂

Seen a potential mate on BART? Let us know here.

Black Stripe Tattoo on the 31 – is this you? Muni Missed Connections of the Week

Without Knowing What Is Going To Happen Next
Photo by Flickr user ashleyniblock

The weekend brought a round of amusing Craigslist Muni Missed Connections, courtesy of tattoos and LoveFest.

Black glasses, black stripe tattoos on arms… – m4w (31 Muni Bus)

“You only got on the Muni briefly, and got off at the college. Your left arm has one fairly solid, wide black stripe tattoo on it, the right arm had what looked like 2 or 3 thin solid black stripes, and you were wearing a white tshirt, jeans and black glasses.

You’re beyond cute….like, way beyond cute!!!

I wonder what it’d take for a guy like me to take you out for a drink or something….”

I really love it when Missed Connections are, like, long, semi-drown-out conversations.

Beautiful Asian lady – m4w

You and I held the same bar… in that crowded muni. I think you are beautiful. I doubt if you noticed me. Coffee?” (italics, ours)

The same bar??? Uh, cute.

Girl in the red hat – 71L at 8:30 am – m4w (haight ashbury)

“Normally I pass on MUNI, but this morning I took the 71L downtown. We sat next to each other, eventually. I’m groggy in the mornings, but wanted to say I thought your nail polish — a funky blue color — was pretty cool. That’s all.”

Could a chance ride and some funky nails be the seeds of romance?

29 Bus – Sunset/SFSU – m4w – 22 (sunset / parkside)

“I see you on the 29 bus a few times a week, both in the morning on the way to SFSU and in the afternoon on the way home. More often than not, the bus is crowded and we end up at opposite ends, so I figure this is the most convenient option for the time being, since it doesn’t require me yelling over the heads of fellow muni riders at you, a girl I’ve yet to meet. I’m not sure we’ll ever talk, but you’re almost excessively cute and catch my eye every time we ride.

Here’s to seeing you tomorrow!”

College love. Charming.

On the Muni with my bike and 2 friends. You are the gorgeous redhead. – m4w – 26 (We got off at Steiner)

“You got on the bus, I forget where, I had 2 of my buddies with me, and we all had bikes. I saw your friend, who I thought was cute, then I saw you. I normally am not attracted to redheads, but you are gorgeous. Perfect face and beautiful hair. Cute style, and red painted toenails with white snowflakes or stars? lol not sure. I looked up at you a couple times, and we made eye contact, but just felt weird that you were with your friend and I was with mine. Then as I was getting off the bus you definitely gave me an amazing smile through the bus windows. Doubt you will read this, but you are amazingly beautiful. So if you do. I’m Shaun. Tell me what I was wearing and what I looked like.”

A night of browsing for Muni Missed Connections simultaneously makes me believe in both chance encounters and total wastes of time. It’s the romantic/cynic in me.

If you’ve spotted a hottie, attainable or not, on Muni lately, let us know.

Don’t Miss It: Muni Missed Connections of the Week

Photo by Flickr user Kanaka’s Paradise Life

Ah, Missed Connections. How we love thee. We peruse thy pages with flight and fancy, and come away bemused or enthralled (throttled, even, perhaps), filled with blush and bluster, enamored and amused.

Our picks for Muni-related missed connections of the past week:

Thanks for helping me find the N this morning (Sunday) – m4w (downtown / civic / van ness)

I wasn’t trying to hit on you this morning in the civic center muni station, but after I talked to you I realized that I should have been. I think you’re beautiful and would love to know what you do when you’re not running races or marathons. I was the guy in the white shirt, trying to think of something good to say to you while waiting to see if the N line was still running.

Ha! “wasn’t trying to hit on you” is, like, the oldest one in the book.  Go, bro!

Blonde girl on the muni, got off at Montgomery! – m4w – 26

What’s up!

Saw you on Muni; you wore a white v-neck shirt with jeans at about 1:30 PM – we rode a few stops together and got off at Montgomery station together. I didn’t notice how awesome you looked until we both got off and started walking upstairs!

Me: fit Hawaiian kid with orange long-sleeve shirt and black jeans with black sunglasses

Just wanna chat over coffee 😉

Okay, two things here: Nice unintentional (I think) double-meaning in the title, dude. And the enthusiastic, “What’s up!” is really endearing.

I see you everywhere in your sweatshirt and shorts – m4m – 24 (nob hill)

It’s hilarious at this point how many times I’ve seen you all over the city– Duboce Triangle, Nob Hill, downtown, muni.

We both clearly enjoy the flirtation of it all, but I have to ask when it’s going to happen.

Let me know. 🙂

Hmm. Sweatshirt and shorts, huh. This could be anybody!

Send us your Muni Missed Connections. And stay tuned as we pick out the best Missed Connections of the week.

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