Muni Tales from Andrew Lam

Author Andrew Lam regaled us with some scenes from the bus at Muni Diaries Live last month. If you missed it, we’ve got him on this video clip where he tells stories from the 19-Polk and 47-Van Ness, involving a parrot and a very thirsty cousin. The curtains in the Make-Out Room cast a red light on our videos, but hearing Andrew’s provocative, nearly erotic tales, the lighting only seems appropriate.

Andrew will be reading from his new book, East Eats West, at the Book Passage in the Ferry building in San Francisco on Dec. 7, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

‘We can do this’ on the N-Judah

Derek Powazek has almost always lived on the N-Judah line in the many years he has lived in San Francisco. And he saw an amazing feat of spontaneous public unity when the N rumbled by one day. In this video from Muni Diaries Live at the Make-Out Room a few weeks ago, Derek tells that story. Derek is the editor of Fray, the magazine of true stories and original art.

P.S. We know you’re not really working this week, so adjust the volume, put on the headphones, and enjoy Derek’s hilarious and possibly uplifting tale.

Important Lessons from Muni Diaries Live 4

Photo by Breanna Lambert of Scoutmob

More than 150 of you came out to share a night of good laughs, strong drinks, and general fun at our fourth spoken word party Friday night. We learned a few important things from our stellar storytellers.  If the rain kept you away from the fun on Friday night, let’s review:

  1. Never try to skateboard wearing cowboy boots.
  2. It takes approximately 12 people to lift a car off of the Muni tracks.
  3. Reading a low brow book on Muni can give a certain fellow passenger Lit Rage.
  4. Holding onto the handrails with both hands on Muni can have unintended consequences.
  5. Muni Interruptus can ruin your dating life.

What else happened on Friday night at Muni Diaries Live? Let’s see… Read more

Muni Diaries Live this Friday

Muni Diaries Live! Oct 29, 2010

Hey, what are you doing this Friday? I’ll tell you: You’re coming to Muni Diaries Live at the Make-Out Room. We have an excellent lineup of storytellers and a surprise guest. A hint: he’s a Muni insider. You’ll have to come and find out who he is.

If you bring a story to tell on stage, you might win a prize from one of our awesome sponsors, including Anthony’s Cookies, Chronicle Books, The SummitMetronome Dance Collective, and Market Street Railway.

And you can rock some SF love and shop with our sponsor Secession Art and Design — the lovely Eden will be on hand to sell transit-themed baby onesies and t-shirts.

So pen us in, write us on a Post-It, tap us into your iPhone, enter us into your Google Calendar, do whatever you gotta do to join the fun and share a drink with your fellow riders. We can’t wait!

Recaps of Muni Diaries Live! one, two, and three.

Muni Diaries Live! Friday, Oct. 29 at the Make-Out Room

Photo by Troy Holden

Muni Diaries Live! is back at the Make-Out Room on Friday, Oct. 29, at 7:30 p.m. – yes, it’s our Halloween show! Twice a year we bring Muni Diaries from the web to the stage at the Make-Out Room, where you can share a drink or three with your fellow riders and hear stories about the love-hate ride that we can’t do without.

This time our story tellers include Derek Powazek of Fray Magazine, comedian Bucky Sinister, and Isaac Fitzgerald, whom you may know from The Rumpus, but did you know he is also the recipient of a royal Bhutanese sword? Tara the sea shanty songstress from our first show will be back too, so we hope you’re ready.

This just in: author Andrew Lam will be telling his Muni story onstage — he is the author of Perfume Dreams and East Eats West, and a champion of Literary Death Match! 

Also, if you’ve been wrangling with your Clipper card and silently mourning the end of the paper “A” Fast Pass, come to this show to see the beginning of the final faceoff between the paper Fast Pass and the Clipper card. You’ll have to be there to see what we mean…

And as always, you will have an opportunity to tell your Muni story on stage, with prizes galore! We’ll be announcing more about the lineup and prizes in the next two weeks. If you missed Muni Diaries Live! one, two, and three (how could you miss out on so much fun?), we hope to see you at this one! A mere $5 at the door will get you a night of entertainment and camaraderie, so get your stories ready and see you at the Make-Out Room!


Muni Diaries Live!
Friday, Oct. 29, 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Only $5!
Make-Out Room — 3225 22nd Street
Routes serving the area: BART 24th St. Station, 12, 14, 22, 33, 48, 49, 67

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