Jesse, Rosie Perez, and Ron Weasley on a 38-Geary to the Farallons

We found Jesse at Muni Diaries Live: Breaking It Down in April 2010. He obliterated the audience storytelling portion of that night with his story of the Misfired Projectile in Tiffany’s Airspace. We stayed on the case, and got this unassuming, yet totally charm-your-pants-off young man back up on stage for his deserved full set.

At last month’s Muni Diaries Live, Jesse shared the story of withering away of innocence when it comes to riding Muni:

I grew up and went to high school in Southern California. I did what everybody else did — I drove a car … I graduated high school and I fled, like crazy. I went to San Francisco State. I didn’t even look at the school — I just knew it was in San Francisco and gay people live there!

And I encountered Muni. I encountered buses, and trains, and trains that did buslike things, and stairs, and all that craziness. I was flabbergasted, to say the least. Riding Muni was like riding a unicorn. It was like, “What??!? I get a transfer? This is so great! $1?” I’m dating myself.

I was that guy on Muni who was so in love with the experience that I was talking to people. I was like, “Oh my god, you shopped today? So did I!”

Watch the video above to hear the rest of Jesse’s gripping tale.

Previously: MissionMission’s Ariel Tells All: First Kiss, on Muni

MissionMission’s Ariel Tells All: First Kiss, on Muni

When Ariel Dovas casually mentioned that he had a Muni story he might like to tell on stage, I was already excited enough to have almost spilled my drink. But he followed it up by asking, “Well, is it ok if the story is kind of personal? Like, the bad kind of personal? The kind that really goes deep into that awful awkwardness about being a teenager?”

Ariel, you have no idea.

In this video, Ariel opens Muni Diaries Live’s third anniversary show with his very personal and very awesome story that happened his freshman year in high school.

“I never had a girlfriend before; I never kissed a girl before, but somehow I found out that this really pretty girl, this really cool girl who was a flutist, liked me. Like, like me liked me. I was just overwhelmed but somehow we ended up going out…I mean, going together. It wasn’t “going out” yet. I didn’t really know what to do. I mean, I’d never had a girlfriend before. But I knew some of the first steps that I had to do. So I got rid of all my friends, and spent all my lunches with her; I didn’t talk to anybody else, we held hands, and said I love you a lot. And I was like, this is a lot easier than I thought!”

Oh, but teenage love is never that easy. Watch the video for the rest of Ariel’s story.

Muni Diaries Live 5 Recap: We turned 3!

Photo by Amber Wolf of Wiz Bang Photography

Muni Diaries celebrated our third birthday on Friday with another Muni Diaries Live show. If you were at the packed Make-Out Room on Friday, you know that the audience and our performers threw down for a good time. So what happens when you put five top-notch performers on stage and mix that with a crowd who chants, “Back Door”? Let’s see… Read more

Three Reasons to Leave Work Early Today

Muni Diaries Live is happening tonight at the Make-Out Room. We’re out of advanced tickets but have tickets available at the door, which is really your top reason for leaving work early today.

We have three more:

1. A Chrome messenger bag.
2. $100 to Seed Store to get some fine duds.
3. A gift certificate for free dance lessons at Metronome Dance Collective.

Aside from roaring storytelling from our performers, the three prizes above could be yours in the audience participation part of the show. What do you say? Have we twisted your arm?


Tell a Muni Story, Win a Chrome Messenger Bag

If you get up on stage to tell a Muni story during the audience story portion of Muni Diaries Live, you can win a Chrome messenger bag!

Chrome says that their bags are weatherproof and city-proof. By the looks of it, I would guess that they’re Muni/Caltrain-proof, too. When I picked up the bag from the very nice folks at Chrome, I was very tempted to keep it for myself. But you know what? I have ethics. Take a look at this bag:

Look at what this bag can do:

Essentials. ‘Nuf said, right?

The reviews for this bag are as awesome as the bag itself. Reviewers call this bag “sweet,” “killer,” and “legit beyond all means.” Chrome also has men’s and women’s clothing (even socks), all extremely functional for the urban dweller and totally anti-nonsense. So get your story ready for tomorrow. This bag (street cred optional) can be yours.

Tell a Muni Story, Win $100 From Seedstore

Tell a 1-2 minute Muni story on stage during the audience portion of Muni Diaries Live this Friday and you might win one of the great prizes from one of our sponsors. These prizes will rock the pants off any Muni rider (hopefully not literally).

Seedstore, the impeccably curated boutique in the Inner Richmond, is giving the best audience storyteller an $100 gift certificate to the store. You can use it toward any of the goodies at the store, like Joe’s Jeans, dresses from Free People, Pendleton blankets, and lots of other brands for men and women. Seedstore has a lot of love for the Inner Richmond neighborhood, which features prominently in their lookbook:


Yup. Fashion shoot at a Muni shelter! Seedstore also has a blog where you can keep up with the latest happenings at the shop.

So, get your story ready for the audience portion of Muni Diaries Live this Friday so you can win this Seedstore gift certificate.

Stay tuned for more prize information this week. Tomorrow: Chrome Bags.

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