SF Transit Week: For the love of Muni and more smiles #onboardsf

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Celebrating public transit — what it is, warts and all, and what it has potential to be — is near and dear to Muni Diaries. Same for our buddies with SF Transit Riders: the folks behind some super-fun transit-oriented pub crawls and the 22-day Muni challenge for local officials.
Get on board with SFTR for Transit Week, Sept. 12-17: a celebration of transit riders (like me! like you! like these dogs on Muni!) who make living and working in San Francisco a more environmentally friendly, culturally aware experience. Events will be held on and around the Muni lines above. The objective? More smiles #onboardsf.
Visit the Transit Week website to sign up for updates and ways to participate during the week. And contact Paula@sftransitriders.com to assist with events, photos, activities, and more.

9 puppies who were the highlight of your Muni ride

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Here at Muni Diaries, we’re not too proud to admit our frequent weakness for dogs. Put your “muzzle your pet” trigger finger away, because here are nine pups who are way better than humans, ready to make your day, all from the Muni Diaries Instagram submission inbox.

Rock out with your tongue out.

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Muni Moment: Pre-sneeze puppy on the 38-Geary


Have you ever tried to take a photo of a puppy? They do this thing where, you see them doing something cute, you queue your camera, and right as the shutter goes off, they stop doing the cute thing. Freakin’ dogs, am I right?

However, Muni rider Derek recently won the lottery of puppy photos. He snapped the pic above and says, “I saw the cute little face and asked the owner if I could snap a pic. She said “Sure!” and right after I did the little cutie sneezed an adorable puppy sneeze! Gesundheit little one!”


On Muni, Please hold on . . .


Please hold on, indeed: especially when the cargo is this precious. Sudden stops (of my HEART) might also be necessary. I don’t have anything for the “take one” sign, because as much as I’d like to, it might make this guy and his dog sad.

Many Muni riders say dog is their copilot on local transit. Some might even say cat is their copilot, while others might say “a motherfucking lizard is chilling on 6-Parnassus and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for making it so.”

h/t for the most current cuteness to Muni rider schapi

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