Muni bus as Pinewood Derby car is errything

You guys just can’t stop with the Muni <3, can you?

WonderlandSF sells these bad boys, and says they still have some available. My birthday is right around the corner, you know?

Here’s a video of the pinewood derby cars racing at the Wonderland store. Wonderland is on 1266 Valencia between 24th and 23rd, so you can go and check it out for yourself.

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Bus driver loves driving the bus so much, she got a rad tattoo


From the “I Wish I Loved My Job That Much” files comes the story of a Minneapolis bus driver who freaking loves the eff out of her job.

The Star Tribune has more about Angi Stevens, a five-year veteran Metro Transit transit driver:

“It’s been a hit,” said Stevens, 29, of Minneapolis. “Some people think I’m crazy. Others think it’s cool. Many people talk about it. I look down at this and say this is what I do and I’m really good at it.”

Stevens won Minneapolis’ bus “roadeo” (Muni started doing this again recently, btw—see here). The former bartender got the tattoo to celebrate her fifth anniversary driving the bus in Minneapolis. The whole Star Tribune story about Stevens is worth a read.

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#TBT: Muni skateboard deck honors hella SF legacies

My skate muscle memories are firing in all directions. I spotted this rad Muni-themed skate deck last week, and had one of those “so happy I live here” moments. I remembered, growing up skating in Texas, watching great videos of SF street skaters like Tommy Guerrero, doing their thing on the crazy hills, sidewalks, and driveways of that mystical city I would one day call home.

Over on Instagram, Mike Richardson posted the photo: “One of the original 36 Muni skate deck graphics before the #sfmuni C&D and subsequent graphic modifications. #tbt #flowlab #2002”. Wow.

I got in touch with Mike to try and learn more about what had to be a great story. Here’s what he had to say:

That skateboard deck you inquired about was a 36″ Flowboard that we used to make and ride in Potrero Hill about 12-13 years ago.

It had the Muni worm logo and we used to show them off to the Muni drivers who would drive us up the hills we rode down. At one point we got a letter from their legal department telling us to stop using the graphic so we modified the “muni” to read “flowlab” and printed that new version from then on. I can’t find an image of that board currently, but they come up on eBay once in a while.

Mike added:

You can read more details in this dated article: (scroll down to Grassroots Activity)


Missed Connection with Accordion Guy on Muni

accordian muni diaries

This accordion player’s furrowed brows and thoughtful face really intrigued us when @mike3k snapped his photo on Instagram. Then, proving that the Internet is not all bad and that people are still all right, our Instagram commenters soon revealed that this man is “accordion extraordinaire” ILhan Sadri.

We found ILhan and asked him about his Muni ride (and why the furrowed brows). He said:

That picture was taken on the 43 while on my way to UCSF hospital to visit a dear friend. He had just had major heart surgery and what looks like an unpleasant grimace on my face is actually the face of an intensely worried person! I thought marching into a hospital room wearing accordion would cheer him up. It worked.

Here’s ILhan playing “I Love the Nightlife.”

Photo by @mike3k

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