Castro senior takes Muni to poetic heights


Poetry is not easy, but Muni provides enough angst and fodder that one man at the Castro Senior Center wrote a poem all about our favorite love-hate mode of transportation. “Why can’t they be on time; If they were I wouldn’t have to whine.” Ain’t that the truth.

Straight from the Muni Diaries submission box to you, by rider Tom Barton.

Here’s a poem that I wrote for the Castro Senior Center where I go.


10 Muni Buses all in a Row
By Tom Barton


10 Muni buses all in a row
everyone’s wondering why it’s so slow
The driver wonders why all the fuss
of course it’s because there has been no bus


Now there is an app for the next bus to come
Yea, but how can I trust it so I don’t have to run
It tells you what to expect
But sometimes it’s a guess


Muni Metro ever so slow
when it will come nobody knows

Muni metro screwed up again
When will it ever end
Another breakdown, another delay
Maybe I should find another way


Muni Metro comes in a bunch
There’s been a breakdown I have a hunch


When I’m in a hurry I have to wait
Why are they many times so late
So Why can’t they be on time
If they were I wouldn’t have to whine


The Muni’s not perfect we know that’s true
So why are we always turning blue
If only we knew what to expect
We wouldn’t always get so upset.


A fare increase, 25 (cents), what the heck
Another quarter in your pocket, please check


With Muni we can always hope for the best
And with hopes that it won’t be another mess

Poetry seems to stem from transit riders, even resulting in a haiku battle between LA Metro and our own BART. Next time a rhyming urge strikes you, tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Our email inbox is always open!

Completely adorable animal menagerie on Muni

muni parrot puppy by peepholier

Love it when the whole family rides the bus. Tiny dog looks a little scared but the parrots are giving zero fucks. Thanks @peepholier on Instagram for this pick-me-upper.

We have more cute animal photos on Muni to help you get over hump day.

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Update: Muni driver Tammy continues to brighten days


Here at Muni Diaries, we love sequels. Case in point: Muni rider Joshua left the following comment on a post about one of our favorite Muni drivers, Tammy (she of Party on the 33-Stanyan fame). Here’s Joshua:

Met tammy yesterday as i hadnt had the exact of money she just let me hop on the bus while it was raining and i was a little lost in this city…. we had one of the most loveliest conversations about family bonds, human value over money and many more topics….we shared a really nice ride togehter and i hope from my bottom of my heart that she keeps that wonderful ability to brighten the day of everybody around her… tammy you really are a wonderful person and i wish you just the best

Your german son from another mother

Ps: yeah my mom was touched by the story of the lovly bus driver tammy who brought her son savely to his destination and i send you her thanks for that

So much to unpack here! For me, the thing that stands out the most is this bit: “human value over money.” I mean, yes, YES TIMES INFINITY!

Like Joshua, we hope that Tammy continues to “brighten the day of everybody around her.” But also, I’m hoping that Tammy’s world is bright, too.

Photo by Greg

Adorable grandparents give gift of 1970s Fast Passes

1970 vintage fast pass reddit muni diaries

Grandparents are the best, especially when they bust out some serious vintage goodies like these amazing Fast Passes. Over on Reddit, we found this collection of 1970s Fast Passes given as a gift from some seriously awesome grandparents.

I mean, just look at these designs. Somehow I think our grandchildren aren’t going to be too excited when we dig up our Clipper cards to pass onto them.

Here’s the whole lot:

vintage fast passes grandparents gift muni diaries

We love people who hang onto cool vintage stuff like this. Here are even more old Fast Passes through the years.

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Do you knit on Muni?


If you’re a knitter, or if you’ve ever worn a sweater in your life, you’d appreciate this sweet exchange that we found by Ray on Instagram:

I was riding home from work on Muni today, minding my own business, when out of nowhere a stranger (who apparently had been watching me during his commute) walked up to me and exclaimed: “You never drop a stitch, and your tension is perfect!” I was completely flustered by the attention and all I could do was thank him. This is what I was knitting on the rickety ride home.

I hereby resolve to give out more compliments to strangers this year! Head over to his Insta to see the finished product. Pretty cool.

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