Aww: Cute on Muni

An illustration of things the N-Judah does that I like

yiang thijngs i like n judah muni

Muni rider Yian lives right by the N-Judah and created this pretty illustration about some of the things that the N-Judah does for her, aside from getting her around town. She says:

Here’s an ode to my (very loud and much beloved) San Francisco neighbor, the N Judah. The community building exercises are in reference to the many occasions when riders have had to get off and move cars out of its way. And my races with the N have often resulted in my victory.

Click here to see the illustration in detail.

We have a couple of rider-documented instances of the community-building, car-lifting exercise Yian refers to. Here’s real-life evidence of superhero Muni riders moving a car out of the N-Judah’s way. Seems it happens all too frequently

Thanks to Yian for sending this to us.

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Muni station agent surprises kid with birthday gift


Muni station agent Deborah Smith-Ross sees Elijah and his mom come through her station all the time, and when Elijah’s birthday came around, the Smith-Ross got permission from Elijah’s mom to surprise him with a sweet gift.

KTVU’s Frank Sommerville found her post, in which she said:

Meet my friend Elijah, today is his 8th birthday. He comes thru my station daily with his mom going to school. A month ago he told me his birthday was 10/28. Everyday we would count how many days till his big day. Well something was put on my heart to make this day special. I asked his mom if it was OK to give him a gift.

Elijah’s smile says it all.

Muni operators’ random acts of kindness can really make your day. Here’s a couple more:

A surprise party on the delayed 33-Stanyan
The day my Muni driver stopped the bus (and everyone loved him for it)

Best SF Halloween costumes: from Muni stroller to Muni drivers

bus zombies by emma_rkg

Too hung over to recall what happened Saturday night? Let us recap it for you. Here are the best Halloween costumes we saw on Muni this weekend. I threw one in there that’s not actually Halloween, but just another day on Muni. See if you can guess which one.

In the photo above by @emma_rkg, the zombie apocalypse has hit Muni. As expected, other passengers look pretty indifferent.


SF kid wants to be Muni for Halloween, mom makes it happen


OMG, we’re totes drowning in cute over here. We came up for air long enough to publish this, from Muni rider Jennifer.

Hey guys, just wanted to share a photo of my 3-year-old son. His love for SFs favorite municipal railway runs deep.

On weekends, we ride the train all around the city. He loves Muni. So naturally for Halloween he wanted to be a Muni train. I made him the T-Third because that’s what mama takes to work every day.

As for me? Sexy nurse? Sexy cop? Nah, not when my main man wants to be the third-busiest light-rail system in the country! Clipper Card it is.

He likes locomotives and steam engines too, but he doesn’t see those as often. You know, city kids. All about that Muni life.

Thanks, Jennifer! Now, back to DYING.