Celebrating Muni in wonderful, wearable screenprint

Image courtesy of overstep_design on Instagram

Because who doesn’t need screenprinted designs of, surely no coincidence, some of the most colorful Muni bus routes?

The shirts (detail shot above) are the craftsmanship of Overstep, a T-shirt and graphic arts studio based (duh) in Northern California. They’re at the Ferry Plaza artist market every week Friday through Sunday, or good old-fashioned mail order is also an option for T-shirts. Check out the Overstep Etsy shop here.

Say what you will about her, but Muni is one hell of a muse.

Do you chat with strangers on Muni?


This strikes me as one of those “some do, most don’t” type of things.

The title of this post is a question based on this story of a young bloke who tried to get people talking to one another on the London Underground. The probably noble effort, however, didn’t go as planned:

Jonathan Dunne, who is originally from the US, says it was “difficult” to even get commuters to take one of the free pins.
“I think I could have been handing out £5 notes and the same amount of people would have taken them,” he tells Newsbeat.

The BBC’s Newsbeat has the story.

Free pin or not: Is random, spontaneous chatting on Muni or BART something you would do?

Pic courtesy BBC

The Giants are clearly Muni’s favorite baseball team


This is the stuff transit geeks and baseball geeks live for: The ability to wear your nerd colors, to fly your dork flag, as it were.

Friend of Muni Diaries Ed clued us in on this one, from Cotton Bureau:

Glove, check. $2.25 for Muni, check. Head-to-toe in orange and black, check. Tickets to the game, check. Muni packed with other Giants fans, check. Let’s do this!

Looks like there might be just one shirt left, so act fast!

Just heard from Cotton Bureau:

lots more than one shirt left – we’ll print as many as get ordered! 😊

Tonight’s game could very well be the last for the 2016 San Francisco Giants. While there are heathens out there for whom this does not matter at all, for the rest of us, well, it. is. so. on.

Impromptu BART Jam Session


One of the best perks about playing a portable instrument is probably being able to jam with other musicians whenever you want! These guys on BART decided to do just that.

We wish we had a video of what they were playing but it does look like fun. If you’re find yourself in an impromptu jam session (or chamber trio, or just solo harp performance) in transit, let us know!

This BART diary entry came from @lovelysage on Instagram. Got your own noteworthy moment on the go? Tag us #munidiaries on Instagram to add your own slice of life.

Bonus: guitar-loving hobo cat makes an appearance at BART.

“Fantastic” Muni voyage

Cute, cool, rad, awesome, bitchin’ … I could go on, but I’ll just step back and let Muni rider Beth take over:

Normally I don’t like loud music on the bus, or funk, but an old dude was blasting this today and singing along and saying “welcome aboard!” to new passengers and it was kind of perfect.

I take issue with Beth’s use of “kind of” here, but that’s just me being all literal and shit.

Have a great weekend, fellow Muni voyagers!

Muni Art 2017 winners announced


Last year, SFMTA teamed up with SF Beautiful to hold a contest. This wasn’t sports or anything. It was a competition in which the public voted for their favorite artist to have their work adorning Muni buses all over town. So rad.

The contest and campaign went so well, they’ve come back for another round.

And this year’s winners are …

  1. Teens of SF (pictured above), Monica Tiulescu (606 votes)
  2. Bit by Bit, Lillian Shanahan (446 votes)
  3. (tie) Las Historias, Luis Pinto (443 votes)
  • (tie) City Walks, Counterpoint Studio (Peter Tonningsen and Lisa Levine) (443 votes)
  • (tie) Sight Seeing, Todd Kurnat (443 votes)

Here’s what SF Beautiful’s Darcy Brown had to say about the campaign:

“Every year the public vote is so exciting,” said Darcy Brown, Executive Director of San Francisco Beautiful. “This project is such an important addition to the San Francisco arts scene because it highlights five local artists and gets their work in front of, not only the thousands of people who participate in the vote but over 700,000 Muni riders every day for four months. What young artist doesn’t dream of an opportunity like that?”

SFMTA’s Ed Reiskin added:

“This project is a win-win for both the artists and the riding public who were engaged in the voting process from the very beginning,” said SFMTA Director of Transportation, Ed Reiskin. “These local artists can be proud to showcase their work across our city, which will add another round of engaging art to our Muni trips.”


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