Aww: Cute on Muni

Furry on Muni!


I hereby nominate this fella Muni Rider of the Year. Such poise! Many manners! And it would appear that he actually washes himself.

Via Muni rider Robin.

The Muni “Golden” Seat

Serene Lusano

Artist Serene Lusano doodles on the bus and has identified the “golden seat” for people like her. This ideal seat is the “least visible to looky-loos” and has “less [sic] chances of ‘elbow disruption’ from fellow public transit riders.”

When I saw where Serene’s “golden seat” is, I realized that that actually is the seat I most prefer. What do you think is the best seat on the bus? (aside from “the one that’s not next to someone with body odor problems?”)

Impromptu Haiku as Muni Fare?


We know Muni inspires some pretty damn good haikus, but we didn’t expect these haikus to be used as bargaining chips on the bus! Muni rider Lisa M. tried to trade her haiku for a ride on the 28, and the Muni operator said no (and rightly so). But another rider, “Larry the football fan,” was charmed enough by Lisa’s impromptu ingenuity that he paid her fare for her. And here’s a photo of her ride-winning haiku, worth at least $2.25.

A case against umbrellas, on Muni and other places

Artist Dan Bransfield created this adorable animated short about why umbrellas are terrible: they poke you in the eye, drip water on your shoes, and always seem to get left behind. Muni even makes a cameo in the animated short film about why umbrellas are especially terrible on the bus. Dan also shows off his own rain-proof solution.

By the way, Dan makes another amusing print about San Francisco’s ever-so-fickle weather. Will somebody get me this print and a waterproof hoodie, please?

The kindness of strangers on Muni

Photo by duluoz cats

Kindness has this thing it does where you’re walking around all pissed-off, jaded, or both. Then it whacks you over the head and confuses the hell out of you.

And some of these even involve awesome Muni drivers!

  • “Would you like to sit here, young sir?” “No thank you, dear lady.” This is the most polite bus ever.
  • I’ve lived by these wise words from a muni driver told me ,” Do whatever makes you happy”
  • Unlike trains, I get a sense of community on buses. see the same people every day. Either that or the matrix is glitched.
  • my bus is playing jazz music through the intercom speakers. This is the best commute ever! #awesomemunidrivers

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