Man’s reaction to singing Muni driver is basically how we feel

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Being serenaded by your Muni driver is a rare treat, and this man’s reaction is exactly how we feel about it. From @chaselepard on Instagram:

The bus driver on the 23 was singing the names of the streets. It was a great way to end a hectic Friday.

Commenters who have also been on this driver’s bus made the story even cuter. @lifeinportola says:

The older lady passengers would sing “thaaaaank you!” to him as they left the bus, and he would reply… in song… “haaave a wooonderfuuul weeeeekend!”

Who can blame you for being utterly captivated by the singing driver? Riders have been trying to spot the white whale, recording the musical operator on the 27-Bryant, and again on the 71-Haight-Noriega (even SFGate is on it). If you spot your own singing Muni driver (or just your own Muni moment), tag us @munidiaries on Instagram or Twitter!

Random nice gesture on Muni or kind of creepy? You decide

origami muni diaries by saytchy

Here is a kind of cute (I think) Muni moment on the 38-Geary from @saytchy on Instagram, who reports: “Some dude on the bus was making cranes, and offering them to female passengers.”

But what about the dudes, dude? Is this kind of odd or kind of cute? Can’t decide, but I do love a surprise moment or two in my week, like a little drawing or a lovely tune.

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One good reason for a cable car operator fist bump

cable car diary muni

This Muni moment makes my day:

Only in SF would you get a fist bump from the cable car driver for running through traffic to hop on when he stopped for you. His reply, “Thank goodness that tourist didn’t try to follow you.”

Thanks to @lazataz for submitting this on Instagram! I love hopping on the cable car after going to Trader Joe’s and just enjoying the view, imagining that the tourists around me are envious that this is our ride to the grocery store.

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Cat on a leash getting on Muni is totally normal


On Twitter, @Smooches415 asks: “People who walk their cats?!?!?! Really????? And you want to bring it on the bus?”

Good questions for cat ladies everywhere, and all I can say is that I can see absolutely nothing wrong with this picture! In fact, this woman is living one of the many dreams that I have still yet to make into reality. Others include: training a shoulder-riding cat, wearing sunglasses while chillin’ in a cat stroller, and a cable car-shaped cat tree, all while wearing a very fabulous cat blazer.

If you’re going to live out some of these cat lady dreams for me, here are some tips for taking your feline on Muni.

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