Aww: Cute on Muni

Designer makes 38L-Geary poster with road section and landmarks


Lucia is a graphic designer. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that she digs San Francisco and its hills and public transportation. Just a wild hunch.

“I’m a graphic designer new to San Francisco (Outer Richmond). Just wanted to share a recent project I created. A poster showing the topography and landmarks for Muni 38L route.”


Mystery face sculptures found at Muni bus stop

muni stop face
Photo by danny_frield

Have you seen those strange smiling plaster faces around town, popping up between bike racks and on sidewalks? There’s one in FiDi on Sutter between Kearny and Montgomery, one along Clarion Alley, and one that Bernalwood‘s neighbor Ned saw all over Cortland Avenue. Now we’ve found another one at a Muni stop in Noe Valley, courtesy of danny_frield.

Spoiler alert: MissionLocal says that the smiling faces are by artist Bruce Hallman, and you can take one home if you’d like!

Shell the pet snail rides Muni


Earlier this month, we told you about a snail who, we assumed, got on Muni by accident. Snails often have time for that, you know?

Now, not to be outdone by the Accidental Snail, Shell the pet snail (you read that right) has convinced his human to pack him in his little box and take him out for a day on the town.

Also, this snail’s name is Shell. Amazing.

Via Muni rider Michelle Marie King: “on the #1 this AM – met super pet rider named Shell.”

The Real SF Parents’ Guide to Taking Your Kids on Muni

leanne amelia muni
Photo by Leanne Maxwell

Bringing up urban kids has its own challenges, and riding public transit with kids probably ranks high on the list. As one parent on Twitter said, “Almost every time I take the kids on Muni, there’s a surprise which requires an explanation.” (we see what you meant, Mark!). We asked a few San Francisco parents for their tips on taking kids on Muni, and they’ve got some golden advice here.

These parents recommend that you start riding Muni with your kids when they’re young so that they can learn how to navigate the system. And when they’re older, teach them how to be independent and how to deal with potential creepy situations on the bus. Here are their tips for taking your children on Muni, based on the kids’ ages:

Cats on ‘Muni’

Photo by Kevin Montgomery

The San Francisco SPCA Adoption Center has reopened, and how. The newly remodeled facility features San Francisco-themed cat condos fit for a king (or the cat who thinks he’s a king).

Wouldn’t you know it, this precious micro version of the city, per @kevinmonty, includes a cable car. I know the inclination is to be all, “HA, cats would never show up on public transit,” but cats totally show up on public transit, if you’re wondering.

Learn more about adopting through SF SPCA here.

Spotted on Muni: The World’s Most Famous Dog

Photo by pawshbb

No, it’s not Lassie. Doesn’t this Muni passenger look just like Boo, the world’s cutest dog? Sidenote: I heard a story at Porchlight from Boo’s literary agent (that’s right) about the time when she took Boo and Boo’s mom, I mean, owner, to an appearance on Good Morning America. He sounded like quite the charmer.

We’ve got more animals on Muni over here for your Monday morning.