Aww: Cute on Muni

Spontaneous photoshoot features two ballet dancers who met on Muni

dance lessons on muni

Allison DeBona is a dancer and first soloist with Ballet West. When serendipity put her together in the same Muni Metro with another dancer, of course they spontaneously put together a dance photoshoot on the bus! From Allison:

“When a nice (random) lady decides to direct you in a dance photo shoot on [sic] the Muni. Come to find out she was a graduate of SFB school in the 80s. When offered a job there, she decided getting an educating was more important than dancing professionally and went to college. Random and awesome.”

You gotta love it when things like this happens on Muni, like receiving surprise gift from a passenger or getting some wise life advice from someone who’s been there. Just the other day, I met a woman who was on her way to record a hip-hop documentary. What’s your random run-in with awesomeness on Muni? Our inbox awaits your tales.

Photo of the day: Hitching a ride on the J

riding the j robertleidnerphotography

Here’s a photo that makes you wish that you were young again, at that age when you didn’t care about the number of reasons why riding the outside of the J could be kind of dangerous, and you never worried about knee problems because you are going to live forever.

Thank you to Robert of Robert Leidner Photography for this great photo we’ll add to the collection of wholly unrecommended ways to ride Muni.

Muni transfers left behind


Acts of kindness still happen, you guys. Muni rider Kira spotted these transfers taped to the side of a bus shelter, just sittin’ there for the taking, and remarked, “good people do exist!!”

We’re one step closer to solving the mysterious Lady in Red on Muni

victorian lady on muni

Last week, we posted about the beautifully dressed lady in red and wondered: Who is she? The power of internet commenters has gotten us just a little closer to her. From the Muni Diaries Facebook page, Roz says that she may be a member of the Red Hat society. And a few of you said you’ve seen her often at Pier 39. The above photo is by Daniel Johnson. Muni rider betsywanders also saw her waiting to board an LRV:


Rider Anthony says, ” I know this drag performer. She dresses like this every day…in different 1800s fashion if I’m correct. And she frequents the Wharf/Pier 39 daily. Very nice person. I’ve had some great convos with her during summers working the shops at the Wharf.” Rider “Memo-san” says that the lady in red is named Scott and “delights in Union Square.”

While we have a little bit more information about the well-dressed lady, what we can’t seem to agree on is whether this is Victorian or Edwardian fashion! Something about the length of the hemline. Either way, thanks for giving us yet another reason to love living here, dear mystery lady.

Muni driver’s kindness warms a rider’s heart


My favorite flavor of amazing is the kind you don’t expect. Over on the Muni Diaries Facebook page, rider Mike shared this story about Muni driver Yuan going above and beyond.

“Last night his act of kindness toward a blind man who got on the bus while I was riding was so heartwarming it brought tears to my eyes. It was a live version of something you might read or see on the internet. When the blind man got on the bus, he seemed to be a little stressed out as he sat down across from me. At the next stop or so, he got up and kindly asked the driver if he would help him with his money because he could not see how much he had. He then handed the driver a waded up handful of bills.

“I paid close attention at this point as the driver straightened out the bills, counted them, and explained to the man how much money he had and the order he had put the bills in for him. As the man sat back down, you could see signs of relief and much less stress. Once he got off the bus, I asked Yuan if the man was a friend. He told me he had only known him for the short time he had been riding his bus.”

Damn, Yuan, way to rack up the karma points.

Photo by SBT4NOW