Aww: Cute on Muni

The happiest tweet about Muni pretty much ever


As much as people might like to vent about it, we managed to find what might be the happiest tweet that’s happened on Muni ever.

Muni rider Emily sent this very sweet moment our way: “A woman just proposed to her girlfriend on a crowded 24 bus. Couldn’t get a picture but it was really sweet.”

A proposal between two women on a crowded 24! Who says public transit is all kvetch?

Oh, and if you’re the lucky couple, please do send us your proposal story. The Muni Diaries inbox is hungry for some story nuggets!

Photo by @shannoninstagraham

Art depicts the future Muni Zombie Apocalypse


You have opinions about Muni drivers as a group, right? You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t, I would guess. How are those opinions doing? Really?

Well, local artist Erika Chan sees Muni operators as human beings, and rightly so. They have families, needs, and hopes just like the rest of us. Also just like us, they are prone to the coming Zombie Apocalypse.

Erika depicted such an event in the art you see above. Good on ya, Erika.

You can buy Erika’s rad art at her Etsy store for, like, pretty effin cheap. Do eet!

Muni dog’s gotta wear shades


Muni Metro lights can be pretty bright, it’s true. Well, that plus the fact that this adorable pup is clearly undercover. You go, Doggie McDoggerson.

Muni rider Kaylee spotted the clandestine canine: “Qt on the muni.” Indeed.

Dog on Wheels on Muni

porta pup 1

Look at that! Wouldya just look at that? That right there is a dog in a bag with wheels, minding its own biz on Muni.

Muni rider Derek eyed the pup and sent us this report: “While riding home last night I spotted this cute little face!”

porta pup 2


Muni from Batman’s point of view

Ever wondered what it’s like to fight crime as the caped crusader? Well, then, this is your lucky day.

Several of you spotted Batman riding Muni last summer and shared it here with your fellow Gothamites/San Franciscans.

Then, a few weeks ago, Batman himself wrote us to share what that day was like from behind the mask:

It’s not everyday people see Batman on Muni. This was my second time taking Muni as the Bay Area Hero. The first time I did it was on July 23rd 2014 (Batman’s 75th Anniversary) and someone captured some pictures and they were posted to Muni Diaries. I thought it would be entertaining to capture reactions from my perspective.

Thanks for sharing, Batman!