Aww: Cute on Muni

Well-behaved cat in a stroller on Muni is living our dreams


Here’s the most well-mannered Muni passenger and its owner living the ultimate cat-lady dream of owning a cat stroller. Muni riders Mike and Katie sent in this photo of an amazingly calm cat riding Muni while its human looked on dotingly. I’ve seen this man before at my local Starbucks in the mornings, enjoying his coffee while the cat watches the parade of Basics ordering venti skinny soy lattes.

We have more adorable (mostly) non-human creatures seen on Muni! And here are some urban cats who are working hard at making the internet a better place: pirate cat, punk rock catmusical cat, and leopard print car seat cat.

Friends surprise new Muni operator with super-custom cake


Philip just passed his class B license test for Muni, and his wife and friends surprised him with this custom Muni cake. The 14-Mission looks pretty good in fondant, and who knows what stories lie beneath those tinted frosting windows!

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Photo from @ats_philthy

The day my Muni driver stopped the bus

muni stop by oopu

Jay is an Australian living in San Francisco. After hearing Jay’s Muni story, his friends and family in Australia might think that San Francisco is an even more awesome place than they previously realized.

Last Sunday afternoon I was on an almost full to capacity #1 California bus on its route to Van Ness and beyond. The bus stopped, which was not unusual, but then the bus driver got out and went around to the front. I thought that he might be checking the bicycle rack or that there was some mechanical fault he was investigating.

Eventually a lady standing near the front of the bus took a few steps forward to peer out the front window and announced, “Ahhh…there’s a baby bird that has fallen out of its nest and he’s scooting it off the road from in front of the bus and onto the grass!”

That was amazing enough but what really told me I was in San Francisco was when the bus driver hurriedly scampered through the door and back onto his seat. The entire bus, me included, spontaneously started applauding and cheering! You would have had to have been there to really appreciate the genuine warmth of the moment but I assure you it was an authentic instance of two random acts of kindness that I will never forget.

Got your own slice of life on the bus? Help us document what it’s like to live in San Francisco and send your stories to!

Photo by @oopu22

Here’s a Perfect San Francisco-Inspired Wedding Photo

muni stop wedding bride groom by mariel_v

We found this great wedding shot on Instagram by Mariel Villaluz, who photographed the beautiful bride and groom at the Muni stop. I love that the groom is looking to see when the bus is coming. I hope they’re not late for something important.

By the way, here’s more ideas to take your wedding (or just any party) up a notch by making everything Muni-themed (Fast Passes on little boxes of Muni-shaped chocolates? Check, check, and check).

Spontaneous photoshoot features two ballet dancers who met on Muni

dance lessons on muni

Allison DeBona is a dancer and first soloist with Ballet West. When serendipity put her together in the same Muni Metro with another dancer, of course they spontaneously put together a dance photoshoot on the bus! From Allison:

“When a nice (random) lady decides to direct you in a dance photo shoot on [sic] the Muni. Come to find out she was a graduate of SFB school in the 80s. When offered a job there, she decided getting an educating was more important than dancing professionally and went to college. Random and awesome.”

You gotta love it when things like this happens on Muni, like receiving surprise gift from a passenger or getting some wise life advice from someone who’s been there. Just the other day, I met a woman who was on her way to record a hip-hop documentary. What’s your random run-in with awesomeness on Muni? Our inbox awaits your tales.

Photo of the day: Hitching a ride on the J

riding the j robertleidnerphotography

Here’s a photo that makes you wish that you were young again, at that age when you didn’t care about the number of reasons why riding the outside of the J could be kind of dangerous, and you never worried about knee problems because you are going to live forever.

Thank you to Robert of Robert Leidner Photography for this great photo we’ll add to the collection of wholly unrecommended ways to ride Muni.