9 puppies who were the highlight of your Muni ride

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Here at Muni Diaries, we’re not too proud to admit our frequent weakness for dogs. Put your “muzzle your pet” trigger finger away, because here are nine pups who are way better than humans, ready to make your day, all from the Muni Diaries Instagram submission inbox.

Rock out with your tongue out.

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Muni Moment: Pre-sneeze puppy on the 38-Geary


Have you ever tried to take a photo of a puppy? They do this thing where, you see them doing something cute, you queue your camera, and right as the shutter goes off, they stop doing the cute thing. Freakin’ dogs, am I right?

However, Muni rider Derek recently won the lottery of puppy photos. He snapped the pic above and says, “I saw the cute little face and asked the owner if I could snap a pic. She said “Sure!” and right after I did the little cutie sneezed an adorable puppy sneeze! Gesundheit little one!”


BART ‘baseball card’ will get you ready for Opening Day


Can you hear that crack of the bat? Can you smell the popcorn and hot dogs? Are you even more frustrated riding the N-Judah anytime after 4 p.m. on a weekday?

These are all indicators that baseball season has arrived. The good folks at TransForm are celebrating in a rather unique way:

“Opening Day is just around the corner—and we thought your readers would appreciate our handy BART baseball card with key stats about the region’s most baseball-oriented transit system. Check it out in our latest blog post.”

Judging by the stats up above, I think BART has a chance of winning it all this year. Max train speed of 80 mph!

Those of you who are graphically inclined: We request Muni, AC Transit, SamTrans, and VTA “baseball” cards to add to our collection. Thanks!

If you’re not already familiar with them, one of TransForm’s goals is to ensure that we have a BART system that works. Get more information at the Save BART website.

Join us at Muni Diaries Live on Saturday, April 18, for a night of true, hilarious, weird, and sweet stories that can only happen on Muni! Grab a ticket and we’ll see you there!

On Muni, Please hold on . . .


Please hold on, indeed: especially when the cargo is this precious. Sudden stops (of my HEART) might also be necessary. I don’t have anything for the “take one” sign, because as much as I’d like to, it might make this guy and his dog sad.

Many Muni riders say dog is their copilot on local transit. Some might even say cat is their copilot, while others might say “a motherfucking lizard is chilling on 6-Parnassus and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for making it so.”

h/t for the most current cuteness to Muni rider schapi

Seattle dog waits for no one, rides bus sans her human

It’s bad enough waiting for the bus. Who wants to let the bus they’ve been waiting for pass them by? Certainly not Eclipse, a black Labrador known for taking the bus—by herself—in Seattle.

According to the Associated Press, if owner Jeff Young is busy smoking a cigarette when the bus pulls up, Eclipse will climb aboard and ride without him to the dog park, sitting next to strangers and looking out the window before getting off at her designated stop. Young then catches up with her at the park, three or four stops away.

Who’s a good girl? We only wish some humans could be so well-behaved on Muni.

Because he’s Sneakers the Corgi, that’s why


You might be of the opinion that we at Muni Diaries have a thing for dogs on transit. You would be correct in this opinion.

We at Muni Diaries have a thing for dogs on transit. And then Sneakers the Corgi shows up on an F-Market, and we briefly consider that the pinnacle has indeed been reached.

“My first time on a San Francisco streetcar!”

Sneakers the Corgi showed up on the F-Market, you guys. YOU GUYS!

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