Post-holiday party Muni surprise


My company makes us play bingo at the holiday party in order to try to win our annual bonus. First-world problems, to be sure, but there you go.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a coworker about the party the next day. Little did I know what I was in for.

“Get this—[friend in common] found a Golden Ticket in her bag the next day. I wonder if it was for one of the big prizes?! She’s hoping she can still redeem it…

The only thing I found in my bag was a business card with a picture of a half-naked, grinning, flexing man on it. Yep, the creeper on my bus ride home slipped that nice prize in.”

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A Flower Grows on Muni


Are you a glass-half-empty type? Of course you are. You live in San Francisco. You ride Muni. You have company.

But even for the most cynical among us, this submission from Muni rider D is cute, fluffy, and vaguely hopeful:

“As I was riding home on an outbound 38 Geary yesterday I glanced out the window and spotted this rather unusual ‘tag.'”

Maybe it was fertilized by, well, never mind.

A Perfect Day on the 38-Geary

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 6.01.33 PM
Photo by Jeremy Brooks

When it’s not up in flames, the 38-Geary is my preferred no-frills express train to the hinterlands of San Francisco. Once you get past the craziness of the downtown commute (with its questionable smells and unidentified liquids), the 38 can take you to to some pretty cool places. From hole-in-the-wall eats to wide-open vistas, a trip to the end of the line is the ultimate urban getaway. Here’s my itinerary:

1. Start your afternoon with an unbelievably cheap lunch at Shanghai Dumpling King (go for the pot stickers and crispy pan-fried pork buns). You might have to get cozy at a communal table, which means great recommendations from your fellow diners.

2. Hop back on the 38 to Land’s End Trail to walk off your pork-filled lunch. The trail head near 48th Avenue is an easy path to some of the most spectacular views in the city. With the Sutro baths and secret labyrinth along the way, it’s the perfect 3.4-mile round trip. Read more

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