Pop-Up Barber Shop at the Muni Stop

outdoor haircut
Photo by Russell Kwok

Muni rider redseca2 learned that there is a convenient electrical outlet on Muni shelters that can be put to very interesting use.

The Route: 6-Parnassus, inbound morning commute, a little after 8 a.m.

As the bus pulled into the Haight Street/Buena Vista West stop, some of the regular overnight campers from the park were gathered at the bus stop, but not waiting for the bus. I guess they must of had the day off. Anyway, some of these folk must have long term leases in the park because you come to recognize them, and they are certainly well-versed in the available amenities.

But I was surprised to see a guy with an electric hair trimmer giving another fellow a professional hair cut as he sat in the bus shelter. Read more

Muni Rider Stabbed In Neck After Intervening In Argument

A Muni passenger was stabbed in the neck with scissors when the passenger tried to intervene in an argument between a suspect and the Muni driver Friday afternoon, reports Bay City News (via SF Appeal). This happened near Market and Hayes streets.

According to the report, the suspect and the bus driver were arguing when the passenger tried to calm the suspect down and was then stabbed in the neck, according to San Francisco police Sgt. Michael Andraychak.

The rider suffered “superficial injuries,” and the suspect was taken into custody, says the SF Appeal.

Scary stuff.

Muni Sign Speaks: Equality For All

Photo by Larry Peiperl/Bright Fog Photography

Muni marquees often have many interesting things to say. On Twitter, @bbance noted the “Equality” signage. @beth_winegarner also spotted the new sign, and rider Katie G thought it was better than some of the others she’s seen…

From my window at work on Parnassus Ave, I noticed a 6 bus showing the words “GO BULLS” (yesterday) and a 43 showing “EQUALITY!” today (for the vote on pay equality). I didn’t realize drivers had that much power. Go drivers! Better than GO GIANTS (from an As fan).

Sports allegiance aside, this is pretty cool, almost as cool as “Nowhere in Particular.”

Spotted other Muni signage of interest? Tell all!

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