Photo Diary: 71-Haight: 77 Minutes

71-Haight: 77 Minutes
Photo by Flickr user andy54321

There’s something about the number 7 that I’ve always liked. Maybe NextBus likes it, too. The photog notes:

Probably a NextBus error, the 77-minute wait soon shifted to 12-minutes. But the ad, which I think was for something Muni-related*, promises “extra time in your day.” Haight & Fillmore outbound.

* the ad is actually for

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Weekend Photo Diary: No Direction Home

No Direction Home

Originally uploaded by tangobaby

Well, we’ve all renewed our ability to completely ignore weather forecasts, after rain was promised every freakin’ day this week, and delivered none. Nevertheless, we can’t be played off without referencing future skies, no matter how futile.

Not really sure what’s going on this weekend, other than Sunday Streets in the Mission. If you know of something fun, cool, vital, or pathetic, let us know in comments.

Otherwise, just enjoy yourselves these next coupla days.


Muni Diaries

30 Injured in 71 Haight-Noriega Crash

71 Haight Noriega

Thirty people were hurt, many seriously, in the Muni bus crash on Market and Jones last night around 8 p.m., according to CBS5, SFist, the Examiner, and our usual local media sources. The 71 bus crashed into another car, both going east on Market, reports the Chronicle (via Bay City News).  Seven people were taken to the hospital and 23 were treated at the scene, Muni spokeswoman Kristen Holland told CBS5. The driver has been put on non-driving status.

We’ve reported about several past Muni crashes (F vs Zip car, N vs vehicleMuni blocking intersection). Earlier this year, an ex-Tribune reporter died from Muni accident injuries. We learned last year that Muni has paid out nearly  $66 mil to “people who allege injuries, fatalities, and property damage caused by the agency’s transit fleet.” Muni has reportedly been cracking down on their safety records.

So what the hell happened? The cause of the accident is still under investigation. No word yet on who was at fault. If you’ve got pictures or were around the scene, email us, tweet, or comment below.

Photo by Flickr user backofthebuspodcast of a 71-Haight/Noriega on a better day.

Outside Lands Update: Bike It

Muni hasn’t gotten any better with providing enough transportation for big events. After last night’s Outside Lands show, Muni was jammed. As with Bay to Breakers and any Giants’ game, Muni couldn’t keep up with the crowd overflow. At least three full buses passed me without stopping. Meanwhile, people continued to flock the stops.

Muni promised extra services on the 5, 71, and N lines for the three-day event.  To see the full pre- and post-concert travel schedule, including tips for best stops, visit MTA’s Outside Lands page. But there’s really no bother. I ended up walking three miles to get home.

If you’re going to the concert, the best way to travel is by bike.


Driver courtesies

I was on one of the Market Street buses a couple of weeks ago — the 71-Haight, I think — heading toward the Ferry Building. The bus was nearly empty and a couple of folks got off just as I hopped on. As soon as the bus doors closed, the driver turned to a young couple sitting in the elderly/disabled section and said, “Check your bags. The guy who was sitting next to you is a pickpocket. Let me know if he took anything and I’ll call the cops.”

She waited while they frantically checked their bags. Fortunately, nothing was taken and the bus wasn’t seriously delayed. But I liked that this driver was looking out for out-of-towners possibly distracted and dazzled by their unfamiliar environment.

It almost made up for the 38L driver yesterday who spent more time yelling at every single passenger than actually driving… – Beth W.

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