This is not the type of car Muni imagined for its tunnels


Well, well. Lookee there, wouldya? Muni rider Reece floated this one over to us via Here’s Reece:

I was waiting for the N with my pup when a woman suddenly zooms into the Muni tunnel. ~10 minutes later, we see her trying to back out (she was stuck), with an inbound N hot on her heels. It took a good 5 minutes (and lots of yelling from the Muni workers) before she freed herself.

The rivalry between Muni and automobiles continues …

An illustration of things the N-Judah does that I like

yiang thijngs i like n judah muni

Muni rider Yian lives right by the N-Judah and created this pretty illustration about some of the things that the N-Judah does for her, aside from getting her around town. She says:

Here’s an ode to my (very loud and much beloved) San Francisco neighbor, the N Judah. The community building exercises are in reference to the many occasions when riders have had to get off and move cars out of its way. And my races with the N have often resulted in my victory.

Click here to see the illustration in detail.

We have a couple of rider-documented instances of the community-building, car-lifting exercise Yian refers to. Here’s real-life evidence of superhero Muni riders moving a car out of the N-Judah’s way. Seems it happens all too frequently

Thanks to Yian for sending this to us.

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At this rate, iguanas will outnumber humans on Muni


Earlier this year, we were averaging about an iguana sighting a month. Then the brutally hot summer set in, and the lizards must’ve been basking.

Good to see this fella riding like a boss again.

Iguana on Muni thinks he’s a cat
On Muni, what’s cooler than being cool? (pretty sure this is the same fella as above)
Found: The Most Cold-Blooded Muni Rider Ever

Via Muni rider Anthony: “good to be back in san francisco.”

Missed Connection with N-Judah photobomber

n judah photo bomb by rachel

N-Judah rider Rachel was framing that perfect candid Instagram photo on the Muni platform (you know, rule of thirds in a perfect square, yada yada) when this guy in the train decided to wave hello. Our hearts stopped because this is just the kind of dorky cute gesture that romcoms should be made of.

From Rachel:

Missed Connection: We locked eyes at Powell Station last week as I attempted to take an Instagram-worthy picture of the crowded N-Judah. You photo-bombed my candid and I blushed. You could have been my best friend. We could have shared a pizza or laughed about old times over IPAs or discussed House Of Cards or gone to Fort Funston. But now all we have is this cropped memory.

Dear photobomber, who are you?

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For Valentine’s Day: A Dating Site Just for N-Judah Riders


Some people call tomorrow “Valentine’s Day,” but I really prefer Single Awareness Day, Whiskeyful, or Black Saturday. Whatever you call it, you have 24 hours to either walk slowly and determinedly into the ocean, smother someone with a pillow at Justin Herman Plaza, load up on Franzia, or find that soulmate you met on the N-Judah.

That’s where WeMetOnTheN comes in. Alex Lee built a dating site just for N-Judah riders (talk about hyperlocal!). Alex got the idea, appropriately, during a ride on the N: “It was maybe a Thursday or Friday evening, where I saw a guy sit down and introduce himself to a girl. Bold move. And that just made me think. There must be a lot of people who want to introduce themselves to someone they find interesting or attractive, but it’s just too painfully awkward. Or crowded. It is the N, after all.”

So, N-Judah riders, don’t say we never do anything nice for you! And for the singletons on the rest of the Muni lines: relax, dating season starts Sunday, when you’ll be spared from awkwardness for another 364 days!

Photo by Lawrence Pan

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