Muni riders school ‘Drunk Idiots’

Muni is our urban Tipsy Taxi (holla, UCD grads), as it should be for any responsible reveler. But you’ll lose those kudos (and end up in SERIOUS kudos debt) for playing the part of Drunk Idiot on transit. Don’t be a jerk on the bus worthy of title-case Twitter shaming.

Drink safely, which includes not getting your ass kicked by annoyed, sober riders on your ride home.

Superhero Muni riders to the rescue!


Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands. Especially if “matters” include “parked car standing between you and happy hour/work/home” and “your own hands” are literally your own hands.

Truth: This isn’t the first time it’s happened. A similarly brave, heroic feat was last recorded in February, and Derek Powazek even regaled a rapt, 2010 Muni Diaries Live audience with his own tale.

“We can do this,” indeed.

Original tweet and photo by @phuongmai, via Daniel, Amy, and Muni rider Manish

Muni tests trains with fewer seats for more capacity

muni new train cars
Photo via SF Examiner

The SFMTA is testing new train cars with fewer seats in order to fit more passengers. The new test train cars on the N-Judah have seven seats in the front instead of 14, as seen in the photo above, as reported by the San Francisco Examiner.

“Normally on the aisle of the light-rail vehicle it allows for two rows of people, and no one can get in between them,” said Supervisor Scott Wiener, who that morning boarded the re-configured car at Ninth and Irving streets. “Now you have people holding on to the handrail and an entire row of people could file in between them. To me it seems positive.”

The idea, which Wiener first pushed for in 2011, is that two more people can fit aboard a train for every seat that’s removed. In this case, the change adds space for 10 more riders.

The single car with reconfigured seats is being deployed as part of a pilot program the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is using to gather rider feedback.

You’ll see the new train cars on the N-Judah this month, then on the L-Taraval until June 13. The SFMTA could reconfigure more train cars depending on feedback of the test.

Let’s hope Captain Morgan still finds a place to leave his foot.

Transformer face-tattoo guy amuses, creeps out Muni riders

Photo by mrtruffle (not the person depicted in this post)

From the sounds of these tweets, he’s either the actual World’s Most Interesting Man, or just your average dime store jerk. Who are we to decide?

First, Muni rider Shelby caught our eye:

Then, friend of Muni Diaries, Katie, chimed in:

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Umbrella-sitter claims your seat on Muni Metro


Muni rider Aaron has this report from the weekend:

“This woman is either paranoid about the rain, or has the best strategy to get a full bench to herself”

I’m thinking it has to be the same person featured here on Muni Diaries back in 2011. Muni rider Katie had the background on the story then.

That black umbrella was not deployed to deflect rain from Muni’s leaking tunnels or even to stave off the threat of being sucked out an open door in the tunnel. It was there to separate a woman and her feet from the likes of me.

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