Massive downpour forces underground Muni closure

Update: And … no sooner do we post than we hear that service is restored, although trains are apparently bypassing Van Ness Station. Update from ActionNewsSF.

Original post: According to several Twitter sources and SFist, Muni has suspended all subway service after extensive flooding at several stations.

The agency (SFMTA) plans to have more buses on the streets to try to alleviate what’s expected to be a huge commute-ache. Good luck out there!

How are you getting around the problem?

Muni Fisticuffs (update with partial translation)


Got a partial translation from a Chinese-speaking source. According to our source:

The two women started having an argument about an available seat. As the clip progresses with both women arguing, saying “Fuck you” and “you’re stupid,” a bystander said in Cantonese something akin to, “Don’t get excited, talk to her slowly.” According to our commenters, more than one bystander could be heard saying, don’t fight, don’t fight. As the argument escalated and the women begin physically fighting, a second bystander said in Cantonese, “Hit her, hit her, hit her, hit her until she’s afraid.” Then a third bystander pulls them apart as you can see in the video clip.

This whole exchange is really disturbing. Can anybody else verify what was being said?

– Eugenia

Original post:

Okay, this is really ugly. But we couldn’t not post it, could we?

We’re working on getting a translation for the lady not speaking English. We’ll update this post as soon as we get that.

(Thx: @ActionNewsSF and @pereljon)

Muni with Ambiance

I don’t know about you, but my mood is easily influenced by my surroundings. Examples of bad ambiance that puts a damper on my mood: unflattering fluorescent lighting, questionable aromas, uncomfortable seating…sounds a little like our favorite transit system, huh? Well, looks like I’m not the only one wishing for a little something extra from our buses. Rider Casgal wrote to ask: “What do you think about a test bus with softer lighting? Still well-lit, but more rosy, maybe people would ease up a bit. Virgin airlines uses color to make flights more enjoyable, maybe better lighting could help our city buses?”

Brilliant idea, Casgal. I am thinking a bus that harkens back to the days of the Orient Express: soft amber glow of gas lamps, plush velvet overstuffed seats with a couple of down throw pillows). And just for fun, a dining car (the original Orient Express dining car offered oyster and chocolate cake). Hmm. One can only dream.

Better lighting, a softer mood, comfortable seats…the folks at Improv Everywhere had the same idea and turned a subway car in Prague into a living room.

Bike Racks, a How-to Rap

Our brethren across the Bay, AC Transit, alerted us to this amazing video demonstrating something most of us need help with — getting your bike into one of those dadgum contraptions on the front of the bus. Why, just this morning, we ran a diary-ette about “mounting” stuff to the bike rack. How timely.

Say it with me now one time: “Bring it down, pull the bar, put it on, put it on, take it off, put it up when you’re done, when you’re done…”

Muni Video: 1980 Rollsign

Octoferret‘s is my favorite Flickr account lately. His photoset of outdated and inaccurate Muni signage was featured here on Muni Diaries last week. And last weekend, while searching Flickr for a photo to embed with another post, I stumbled across the video above. The best part — Octoferret claims to own these Muni relics. Talk about Geek Envy!

I might be a bigger Muni buff than the average Muni Diaries reader. But perhaps you, too, can find a nostalgic, quiet beauty in the video. Either way, enjoy. Parts 2 and 3 are after the jump.

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