Video: Caltrain Surprise Wedding Proposal

We just found Aaron’s rot-your-teeth-sweet wedding proposal on Caltrain! Aaron and Maggie actually first met on Caltrain in 2008. To propose to his special lady, Aaron packed a Caltrain car full of their friends and family for a super sweet surprise.

From Aaron: “After a month of scheming and trying to come up with an innocuous excuse for Maggie to ride on Caltrain, she decided to have a “Craft Day” with her painting buddies. Little did she know we had crafted another plan…

I had assembled friends and family to help celebrate my proposal to Maggie on Caltrain. At the 22nd St San Francisco station, we all began to sing “We Are Young” by Fun as Maggie boarded the car…”

The rest, as they say, is in the YouTube video!

Sal Castaneda’s ‘Bad-Ass’ Muni Moment

We knew we had a treasure on our hands when Sal agreed to tell a story on stage at Muni Diaries Live last month. Today, we’re bringing Sal’s performance to the internets. Delight in hearing your KTVU traffic reporter sprinkle his tale of attempted (and imagined) bravado on the 44 with profanities. Safe work with headphones.

Thanks, Sal!

Strangest PSA Video Featuring BART

There is a tech conference in town over President’s Day weekend, and reader Jeremy A. shared its incredibly strange yet hilarious PSA video about the closure of the westbound deck of the Bay Bridge that holiday weekend. Notice the wind in Barbie’s hair as she rides through BART with her rotund companion.

From what I can gather, the people who made the video are a part of the SMB MVP Community Roadshow (Sponsored by HP and Microsoft), an event featuring Windows Storage Servers. Alas, my geek cred has its limits. But who cares — there’s a talking Barbie and a garden gnome telling you to ride BART!

Bruce Lee Raps on BART

BART rider Nick saw this Bruce Lee look-alike rapping on BART last week (note: not Halloween!). Yes, Bruce Lee. Rapping. On BART. Words that shouldn’t belong in the same sentence, but then again, anything can happen on Muni and BART!

Click the video to see Bruce Lee in his full rhyming glory.

Thanks, Nick!

Video: Live Rickroll on Muni

Not sure how we could have missed this on Halloween but check it out: “Two guys. One girl. One dream. To real-life rickroll an entire city on Halloween.”

Are we all familiar with the idea of rickroll? Here it goes:

“When Jason put the boombox above his head, it played 5 seconds of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” (per Say Anything) and then suddenly jumped to “Never Gonna Give You Up.” My costume was modified to be tear-away, and I was Rick Astley underneath. Boom. Real life rickroll.”

These guys did it all over town, and of course the N and L got rickrolled properly! Check out the video. Props to @SaraMurphy for sending this video our way … and in effect, rickrolling us, too!

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