BART Music Diary: Powell Station

This video of Adrian came from rider Jessica Ann Graham via our Facebook page (which you’ve liked, right?). Adrian was rocking out at the Powell station the other day — I like how he plays to the camera.

We’ve also featured some amazing photos of BART Musicians earlier this year, including my favorite cello quartet, also at the Powell station.

Did a musician perk up your day at a Muni/BART station? Send us some photos, stories, or even better, a video, please!

Joyce Lee’s Mom Takes on Muni

Poet and artist Joyce Lee is a force to reckon with, and if you have ever seen her perform (at the amazing monthly Tourettes Without Regrets in Oakland, for example), you know I’m right. But did you know Joyce’s mother is also an incredible force on her own? At the last Muni Diaries Live, Joyce talked about one memorable Muni ride with her impeccably dressed mother and a bunch of kids who didn’t know who they were dealing with.

I first saw Joyce at the Tourettes Without Regrets’ 10th anniversary show, where she knocked my socks off with her poem, “Crazy:”

“I’m only as crazy as my love is. And my love checks your Facebook every fucking day.”

Joyce has an upcoming poetry CD/DVD, her first professionally produced CD/DVD. She’s also got a Kickstarter page to help get the CD/DVD produced, so check it out if you liked what you heard!

Want more Muni Diaries Live? Check out our Muni Diaries Live event recap page and relive shows you might have missed!

Hot right now: Muni Simulator Game!

Reader and photographer Bhautik Joshi alerted us on Twitter to a German simulation game where you can be a Muni driver! The promotional clip above from the game maker comes with a grandiose soundtrack that seems more fitting for I Am Legend than driving Muni. At any rate, it sounds totally epic. While watching the promotional clip, I fully expected a herd of zombies to come out and attack the bus and the driver to save us all (always double-tap).

The game lets you simulate driving a bus (or streetcar or cable car) on spotless San Francisco streets. Sitting in the driver’s seat, you can operate your own bus, make your own schedule, “finish exciting missions and find hidden money.” You can also repair buses, make a pit stop for coffee, refuel the bus, and take the bus to a carwash.

The game is available for PC only right now. Our friends at Market Street Railway say that the game even features mysterious catacombs and a storage facility with a Milan tram.

Who knew that people found driving the bus in San Francisco so exciting? Think the game makers will be up for incorporating some of the stories on Muni Diaries into the game? I have a couple of choice stories that come to mind…

Kirk Read on Muni: Humanity and Criminality

You probably have heard of Mr. Kirk Read, cohost the open mics Smack Dab and Kvetsh, and an amazing storyteller himself. Here Kirk tells a story that happened on the 14-Mission at Muni Diaries Live 5.

I missed my preferred mode of Muni transportation, which I think it’s the only dignified way to ride Muni: the underground. Riding above ground you’re just open to all manners of humanity and criminality and indecency, really. I missed that, so I was left with a double bus on Mission — the 14. Exactly. So I step into my carriage…I went to the back of the bus because that’s where the most interesting people are. So that’s where I sit, in solidarity with the interesting people.

On this night there was nobody in the back of the bus, so I sit down. Then I hear this rustling and I look down, and there is this little pile of fabric squirming on the floor. What is going on?! It took a minute and I realize it’s this little woman who was rubbing against everything, all up on the windows. It’s like when you’re on ecstasy and you really let yourself go. She’s not touching me because she has some manners. But she’s like touching the air, and I’m fascinated, and I’m just like, YES! I’m just gonna sit here and behold.

Watch the video to find out what happened in the rest of Kirk’s story.

Got a story of humanity, criminality, or indecency on the bus? You know where to send it.

Jesse, Rosie Perez, and Ron Weasley on a 38-Geary to the Farallons

We found Jesse at Muni Diaries Live: Breaking It Down in April 2010. He obliterated the audience storytelling portion of that night with his story of the Misfired Projectile in Tiffany’s Airspace. We stayed on the case, and got this unassuming, yet totally charm-your-pants-off young man back up on stage for his deserved full set.

At last month’s Muni Diaries Live, Jesse shared the story of withering away of innocence when it comes to riding Muni:

I grew up and went to high school in Southern California. I did what everybody else did — I drove a car … I graduated high school and I fled, like crazy. I went to San Francisco State. I didn’t even look at the school — I just knew it was in San Francisco and gay people live there!

And I encountered Muni. I encountered buses, and trains, and trains that did buslike things, and stairs, and all that craziness. I was flabbergasted, to say the least. Riding Muni was like riding a unicorn. It was like, “What??!? I get a transfer? This is so great! $1?” I’m dating myself.

I was that guy on Muni who was so in love with the experience that I was talking to people. I was like, “Oh my god, you shopped today? So did I!”

Watch the video above to hear the rest of Jesse’s gripping tale.

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