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Muni bus doubles as canine bed-testing site

More like the 14-Rrrrrrruff.

By the looks of it, this is a brand-spanking new bed — and a very lucky pooch. Hats off to these dog owners for creating a jealously comfortable Muni ride for their pet.

The Muni menagerie never disappoints — so much so, we have a whole category teeming with odes to the four-legged, the feathered, and even the scaly that have joined humans on our adventures through town.

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Muni Life Lesson: Don’t lose your head

Mannequins ride Muni, too. Sometimes, they lose their heads. It happens to the best of us, of course: Who hasn’t lost their mind on Muni at one point or another?

h/t @Rachel_Jokes on Twitter

In other unsettling imagery, Muni Diaries readers once found a doll left behind on the N-Judah (that extra creepy placement, though…) and a doll so sketchy, Muni riders chose to wait in the rain rather than sit next to it.

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Muni bus refuses to be defined by traditional line-naming

Why choose between two Chinatown lines when you could have a little of column A and a little of column B?

Rider @kilodelta reported this head-scratching Muni sign the other day. Is it equal parts 30-Stockton and 45-Union-Stockton? Is that this vehicle’s on-time rating? (At 66%, seems a bit high for a Stockton Street line).

Could this be the bus driver who also tried to pull the Jedi mind trick on a 5-Fulton driver recently?

We’ll take this confusion-inducer over the “Windows has computer” Powell station signage, which was really no help at all.

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Muni driver plays Jedi mind tricks on ‘14-Mission’


When the sign on the 5-Fulton displayed the wrong line, the driver of said Muni bus opted to lightheartedly punk his passengers. Watch (read) the story unfold via @Bobakkabob37 on Twitter:

5 fulton driver by bobak

But first, he tries to convince riders that they are actually on Mission Street, but the locals aren’t buying it. Then…

5 fulton driver 2 by bobak

This is not the 5R they were looking for, nor was it the Muni ride these passengers expected.

Creative Muni signage is one of our favorite memes — who could forget the storied 3-Jacassus route? But this might be our first instance of a driver doubling down with an Obi-Wan Kenobi on his passengers.

Vintage Muni: Geek out on this Bay Area transit ruin porn


Sure, everything feels like this right now. But there is is still beauty to be had if we all look closely — or if you’re, say, just wandering around in Colusa County.
Hat tip to Jack, who found the mother lode of Bay Area ruin porn by doing just that. He said this appeared to be a facility where they restore buses, but he’s keeping the exact location close to the vest to protect the undoubtedly very cool work being done here.
This treasure trove featured old Muni buses — including the 18-Sloat pictured above; the artist currently known as the 18-46th Avenue, the East Bay’s AC Transit, and even the ye olde Key System.

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