Muni seat sign: Warning or assumption of the inevitable?


I beg your pardon! Those are brand-new seats, which smell like new toys on Christmas morning! Unless this is just a cautionary message because we’ve soiled our new things already. Could go either way on this, honestly.

Thx to Muni rider Lisa on the Instagramz. Tell your prettiest (or at least most visually evocative) stories to @munidiaries on Instagram.

Which way to BART and cable cars?


Found on Spear Street near Mission, where one would never need adequate wayfinding signs. What’s a Transbay Transit Center? Where is the cable car? Important questions, these.

Between this and fingernail clipping on the streetcar today—that lady and her errant nail bits proved a fine ambassador to our even finer city—I’d like to extend my warmest welcome alongside heaps of good luck to you tourists.

Thanks to Amy of @cappstreetcrap and Tiny Rides for the pic.

Muni riders school ‘Drunk Idiots’

Muni is our urban Tipsy Taxi (holla, UCD grads), as it should be for any responsible reveler. But you’ll lose those kudos (and end up in SERIOUS kudos debt) for playing the part of Drunk Idiot on transit. Don’t be a jerk on the bus worthy of title-case Twitter shaming.

Drink safely, which includes not getting your ass kicked by annoyed, sober riders on your ride home.

Cats on ‘Muni’

Photo by Kevin Montgomery

The San Francisco SPCA Adoption Center has reopened, and how. The newly remodeled facility features San Francisco-themed cat condos fit for a king (or the cat who thinks he’s a king).

Wouldn’t you know it, this precious micro version of the city, per @kevinmonty, includes a cable car. I know the inclination is to be all, “HA, cats would never show up on public transit,” but cats totally show up on public transit, if you’re wondering.

Learn more about adopting through SF SPCA here.

Dog in a box on BART is all, ‘What sickout?’


This ridiculous cuteness in a little green dress comes to us from BART rider Amy. She says this sharp-dressed ma’am didn’t seem like a new acquisition, but, as our hearts melt:

You could tell he was very proud of the dog and [that] it was special by the way he pet it.

BART is totally trying to be my new boyfriend. Muni and I aren’t talking right now.

Muni ‘man sitters’ beware

Image via

We still don’t get why you do it. Yeah, you: crotchy sitters.

Firstly, you’ll not only be shamed on the internet—not that we have ever, ever shamed so-called man-sitters on Muni who’ve got big balls and they cannot lie…oh, wait, yeah we have, a lot.

But now, you’ll endure an added layer of emasculation when those big ones are Photoshop neutered in favor of (duh) cats. I mean, if you are actually saving room for cats, per, we’d be OK with it, just let us know.

h/t our friends at Tiny Rides