Guy ‘blows’ attempt to be courteous on Muni


We’re not always treated to a one-two rudeness punch, but there are some very special Muni riders out there.

Rider Mark, intrepid reporter in the field, says, “On the 9L [recently]…this guy blew his nose into his hand and smeared it all over that blue emergency seat. Then he moved across the aisle and told some lady to sit over there.”

Well, then. Regular rider-readers will know how protective people are of the smells-like-Christmas-morning seats on new Muni buses. Still others will know that you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t sometimes when it comes to public nose-blowing.

We’ll side with polite nose-blowing, given the apparent alternative.

On Muni, Please hold on . . .


Please hold on, indeed: especially when the cargo is this precious. Sudden stops (of my HEART) might also be necessary. I don’t have anything for the “take one” sign, because as much as I’d like to, it might make this guy and his dog sad.

Many Muni riders say dog is their copilot on local transit. Some might even say cat is their copilot, while others might say “a motherfucking lizard is chilling on 6-Parnassus and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for making it so.”

h/t for the most current cuteness to Muni rider schapi

The Onion: Anthropologists Classify 43 New Species Of Weirdo Within Subway Ecosystem


The Onion drew a great deal of “ha ha ha ha…awwwwww oh…man” from all San Franciscans with Man with Serious Mental Illness Committed to Bus, and it’s stealing y’alls’ material once again with a new, very real-sounding anthropological classification of “weirdos within subway ecosystem.” To whit:

  • Exit Through the Weirdos—trademark Muni Diaries Live alum and comedian Dhaya Lakshminarayanan—the most perfect OH/not-OH on Muni to date
  • Muni Metro bondage for the busy (time-strapped, even) commuter
  • Pizzaspreading” because I still just cannot with this guy, so I bring it up every chance I get
  • …and our favorite Muni WTFs of 2014—all the stuff that made us smile, gag, laugh, and cry because San Fran-fucking-cisco


NYC’s Etti-cat would be PURRfect for Muni


From the good people at Gothamist (via Cute Overload), here’s proof that good transit manners and verbose tuxedo cats never go out of style.

Etti-Cat’s original purpose was apparently to discourage New York Subway graffiti in the early 1960s. Walking an arguably strange path from effect to cause, The Man said that this rampant graffiti was the result of the damned kids’ (so, our parents) smoking all the reefer.

Since BART is taking a stand against rude riders and Muni may address qualms over manspreading and other delights, I’d like to suggest stealing this idea, because people obviously care more about cats than infographics.

Not that we don’t have our own etiquette opinions, of course. It’s still bad form to do any kind of nail maintenance (be it filing, clipping, or polishing). Give up your seats for the elderly and the disabled (or even the “handicapped“). You’ll also make more friends if you refrain from disrobing on Muni.

Muni: Where the rubber meets the … back door


Safety first, people, especially when it fits the color palette this well. Thankfully, this one was still in its wrapper and, say, not a discarded magnum draped over the railing. Not that that ever happened or anything.

Hat tip to Muni rider Karen for this, adding, “It’s always a party on the 5L.” If I knew it was that kind of party, I would’ve added my box of Franzia to the mix and put those cable-car booze buses to shame.

MAXImizing your Muni enjoyment


As a reminder to the uninitiated (including still-confused male editors of this website who wondered, “what makes them stick to the wall”), this is not a tampon. Neither was this Muni-riding feminine product. This, my friends, is a tampon (applicator) on Muni.

Three times makes a trend? There are srsly more feminine products on the bus than there are in those busted machines in the ladies’ room, jeez.

Via Muni rider Mike, as seen on the 31-Balboa.