Amid his busiest month of the year, Santa snoozes on BART


I guess Santa is soaking up every minute of shut-eye before his biggest work night of the year.

My friend Beth (@bwinegarner on Instagram) spotted this snoozer on BART recently, and I’m pretty sure this bad Santa gets on the naughty list for such behavior. That goes for the rest of the sleepers on BART, too. Santa knows, children. Santa knows.

Left Behind on Muni: Feminine Hygiene Edition


For the uninitiated, including certain male editors who thought this was a tampon, allow me to clarify for you. Now that that’s out of the way, I think we can all agree this could have gone far, far worse for all involved.

I maintain that it’s not as weird as the discarded tampon applicator found on Muni a couple years ago, about which I went into completely necessary analysis of the why and the how.

It’s just also somehow worse in the rain. A little parting thought for y’all.

h/t Muni rider Karen: “Ma’am, you dropped something…”

Exploratorium asks: Why do people act the way they do on transit?


Oh, Muni, you are one big sociological experiment gone very right or gone very wrong, depending on the day—or hour. Or minute. OK, I just changed my mind again. I’ll calculate an average at the end of the day, how’s that?

The Exploratorium’s new exhibit, The Science of Sharing, encourages us to explore something we think about every day: Why and how do people act the way they do on public transit?

Accidental hipsters on Muni


The Muni catwalk never ceases to amaze, especially when our collective fall line (so, more pants and a slightly thicker jacket) debuts citywide. It also serves as a reminder that one person’s accidental (or intentional) hipster is someone else’s fashion-forward hero.


Thanks for sharing, Muni riders Msmugler (top) and teekuleet.

Halloween 2014, as seen on (and as) Muni

Photo by luisamiller

San Franciscans elevate their festive game during key points in the year, be it our biennial World Series wins (Go, Giants), Bay to Breakers, Pride, and, of course, All Hallows’ Eve. Here’s to one of the best excuses for people-watching (and people-appreciating) in the city by the bay (whoa, ohhh, oh-oh-oh).

Photo by sfhealsme

Photo by Muni rider Raylene