The Onion, Muni Edition


Oh, The Onion is drawing inspiration from life in San Francisco again with, “Man with Serious Mental Illness Committed to Bus.” Sure, this could prompt a revisit to the piss-pillow incident of 2014 or rightful hand-wringing over the state of mental-health services. But let’s focus on these things instead:

  • Every now and then, a driver will totally look out for all involved when a visibly “disturbed” man is caressing his tool (not what you think) on the bus.
  • I don’t care who you are, an apparently harmless person yelling “My enemy is my enema!” is strangely poetic and kind of a thinker. And it makes for a pretty memorable bus ride, if you ask me.
  • Finally, a tweet from @sdquali that kind of sums it all up: “Bruised, in suits and hoodies, wasted, homeless, coding the side project, making out in the backseat. 38 is how S.F. goes home.”

Image above via The Onion

‘Showing your tits’ on Muni


I had never seen one of these bags in the wild (a.k.a. the Muni catwalk). I had only passed by them (and giggled like a little girl) at Gravel and Gold in the Mission. Now, lookee there. Boobs!

Whether it’s spirited debate over breastfeeding on the 71 or avoiding a grabby pervert on the 2-Clement, Muni is a pro-boobs kind of place. Here’s to hoping that all of our boobs (actual or printed) travel safely on the bus, and that will be the last time I write boobs in this post.

…boobs. (OK, I’ll stop.)

Via Muni rider Steven: “Woman on #muni has boob bag to get her there in style”

Amid his busiest month of the year, Santa snoozes on BART


I guess Santa is soaking up every minute of shut-eye before his biggest work night of the year.

My friend Beth (@bwinegarner on Instagram) spotted this snoozer on BART recently, and I’m pretty sure this bad Santa gets on the naughty list for such behavior. That goes for the rest of the sleepers on BART, too. Santa knows, children. Santa knows.

Left Behind on Muni: Feminine Hygiene Edition


For the uninitiated, including certain male editors who thought this was a tampon, allow me to clarify for you. Now that that’s out of the way, I think we can all agree this could have gone far, far worse for all involved.

I maintain that it’s not as weird as the discarded tampon applicator found on Muni a couple years ago, about which I went into completely necessary analysis of the why and the how.

It’s just also somehow worse in the rain. A little parting thought for y’all.

h/t Muni rider Karen: “Ma’am, you dropped something…”

Exploratorium asks: Why do people act the way they do on transit?


Oh, Muni, you are one big sociological experiment gone very right or gone very wrong, depending on the day—or hour. Or minute. OK, I just changed my mind again. I’ll calculate an average at the end of the day, how’s that?

The Exploratorium’s new exhibit, The Science of Sharing, encourages us to explore something we think about every day: Why and how do people act the way they do on public transit?