Those red bus-only lanes on Mission: hot or not?

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Mission hangers-about are familiar with those hard-to-miss red bus lanes on Mission Street. Some of those people, including local business owners and Supervisor David Campos, say they’re annoying and are looking to walk back their implementation.

The lanes were part of the Mission Street Improvement Project, which established bus-only lanes on Mission Street from 14th Street to 30th Street.

Small business owners and Supervisor Campos claim that the bus-only lanes are hurting the bottom line, but can anyone really accurately estimate how much businesses were hurt by transit options? As Streetsblog points out:

Studies show that businesses tend to get it wrong about how many customers arrive by car. Regardless, figuring how it impacts bottom lines on Mission would be difficult. A sampling of businesses would have to offer their books for an audit. And then if sales receipts really went down from this time last year, it would have to be compared to businesses a few blocks away, to make sure it’s not a reflection of the regional economy.

Business owners interviewed by Streetsblog, however, point to the bus lanes as the reason for decline. In terms of estimating how much business comes from car-drivers versus Muni riders, SFMTA says that Mission street carries  over 65,000 Muni riders each day, and about 8,000 cars travel along Mission street. In addition to looking like our very own Muni red carpet — “14! 14, what are you wearing!?” — an SFMTA press release says the bus-only lanes have, thus far, improved travel-time reliability and reduced collisions.

But as Campos said in the release, “I want to make sure that the project works for everyone and takes into account the unique aspects of the Mission.”

To be fair, governing by 100-percent consensus is San Francisco’s favorite tune, and you will not take that away from those elected to govern, by god!

Bus-only lanes: Hot or not?

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‘Keep your eyes up…’ and open on Muni

#sfmuni had a message for me tonight. #inspiration

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SFMTA likes to remind us, via that robotic voice of God, to keep eyes up and phones down while riding Muni. But because Facebook, we don’t so much.

Still, “through the Muni window” is one of the nicest recurring themes here on Muni Diaries, ’cause you can tell these impromptu street photogs heeded the the voice of God and took a beat. It is literally a window into life in San Francisco — which we’re very much partial to — and it’s def more interesting than what’s trending on Twitter.

Sure, you’ve got your Sharpie dickpic originals (Banksy would be so proud), and other days you’re full-on minus Muni window. But there’s lots to see (and read) through the Muni looking glass, wouldn’t you say?

A ‘rat-ical’ Muni experience

It is important to me that everyone sees this

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This isn’t exactly like the last time we documented a mouse on Muni. Just ask an unnamed Muni Diaries editor, who refused to put this post together due to acute heebie-jeebies.

Rats on Muni are like hair. In the right context, hair is lovely, worthy of a positive anecdote with a smile. Personally/as coping mechanism, I like to envision this fella more like Remy in Ratatouille, attempting to make his mark in an intensely culinary part of the world. And look at that face. lookatthatface.

In the wrong context — like, I dunno, when a rat gets loose in a New York City subway train — it is the absolute worst thing ever.

Where do you fall? While you noodle on that, consume some heebie-jeebies antibiotics, including: a cat on a leash at a Muni stop, stone-cold iguanas giving zero fucks on the bus, and the living, breathing representation of a Google search for “happiest dog in the whole wide world.”

Get a grip, ladies: Say hello to the third-ever female cable car operator


Walking up Nob or Russian Hill is a serious booty burner. But operating (or gripping) the historic cable cars dutifully traveling to their summits ain’t exactly a lazy Sunday, either.

Take it from SFMTA: “Demanding and unforgiving, gripping a cable car requires extraordinary skills: arm, hand and upper body strength, mental and physical coordination, confidence and determination.”

As such, therefore, and obviously: A woman, the third ever in cable car history, has stepped into the role.


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Barf … no, literally


Cue the pie-eating scene from Stand by Me.

This is an excellent tactic for keeping those seats free and clear, though.

In our years of experience looking for this kind of stuff — you’re welcome — vomit doesn’t show up that often on Muni. But when it does, does it ever. One guy unloaded his stomach on the 43-Masonic. Another time, bless his heart, a little one couldn’t keep it together on the J-Church. His dad was really, really sorry.

There are plenty of substances to be viewed, enjoyed, or dismayed by on Muni. What’s on your bus?

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