Good morning, here’s my crotch


As Muni Diaries has documented before, sometimes people pull out their penises and stick them in your face on the bus. OK, that just happened once (as far as we know), in one of our most popular penis-in-public posts yet.

Perhaps more often, there are more tame crotchal offenses, including crotch-on-the-shoulder guy.

As the Muni Ladies have noted before, you (well, all of us, really) must use proper crotch etiquette when you’re standing on the bus. So I don’t know who told this guy he could do the  “Sugalumps” song from Flight of the Conchords during my morning commute, but it’s just across-the-board unacceptable.

It’s pretty self-explanatory. I was sitting on an aisle seat for about 40 minutes, and was occasionally treated to a shoulder bump with this guy’s crotch. It just happened a few times, and ultimately wasn’t a huge deal, but it’s a pretty huge offense of the aforementioned etiquette rule. I don’t care how tired you are (which he demonstrated by leaning both elbows and head on the top horizontal rail, letting the rest of his body flap around like a marionette); keep track of your body or you might get woken up very, very quickly with my elbow next time.

Photo by WHAT I’M SEEING from the Muni Photos Flickr pool


  • That rarely happens when I’m on Muni.

  • Thanks for the shout out to Muni Manners! We Muni Ladies included a link to Muni Diaries in our latest as well. xo!

  • I’ve never had the displeasure of the shoulder crotch experience but I find it extremely awkward when I’m standing on the bus in front of the row of people sitting on the handicap/elderly seats because I feel like I”m shoving my business right in front of them too! But I have to say, there’s never been any contact like your crotchal guy. I’m so easily embarrassed by such public mishaps that I’m always standing stiffly, holding on to the rail with my life.

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