Hump-and-Run on the N-Judah (updates, w/NBC news video)

N-Judah Approaching
Photo by Flickr user Anna Conti

(see updates below the fold)

Original post: So I’m submitting this on behalf of a friend who is mortified by this and doesn’t want to relive the experience. Three times now she’s encountered this guy on the N Judah who likes to grind on women on crowded N-Judah trains. She calls him, “the Muni humper.”

Twice now he’s humped on her and once she witnessed him humping the shoulder of a woman who was sitting down. Once this guy notices his hump victim is on to him, he quickly gets off the train.

She describes him as young, short, “kind of squatty,” and said that each time she saw him he was wearing a baseball hat and a T-shirt with anime or some sort of T.V. characters on it. Oh, and he seems to like to strike during the evening rush hour. All you shoulders out there, beware!

Photo by Flickr user omar nyc

(SFist picked this story up [thanks, guys!], so check there for extra, oh-so-enlightening comments. More comments at NBC Bay Area‘s site and N Judah Chronicles.)

Update 3: NBC Bay Area ran the story, including an interview with commenter Amanda.


Update 2: It’s Friday now, nearly two full days since we first posted, and man does this story have legs. NBC reports that not only has SFMTA opened an investigation (see comments, below), but that the SFPD issued a statement on this perp:


The San Francisco Police Department is seeking the public’s help in attempting to locate Municipal Transit riders who have been victims of a sexual battery. On the morning of May 8, a witness reported seeing the suspect rubbing his pelvis against a woman on the inbound N-Judah line. The victim in the incident has not been identified. The witness also saw the suspect on the outbound N-Judah the same evening. The suspect got off the train at the Powell Street Station. The witness reported the incident to police.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, early 20s, 6’, 250 lbs, mustache and goatee with long cornrows on the side of his head down to the collar. He was last seen wearing a black jacket, jeans, and had earrings in both ears.

It is believed that the same suspect has been committing similar sexual batteries that have not been reported. Anyone who has been the victim of this or other incidents should contact the police as soon as possible. Most Muni vehicles are equipped with surveillance video.

For more information please contact:

Public Affairs Office

Hear that? The police want you to come forward if you’ve witnessed or been a victim of this lunatic. No need to even go anonymous here. Just please step forward with the authorities, and perhaps we can bring this person to justice and all feel a little better about riding Muni again.

Update 1:

This picture just arrived in our inbox from Amanda, along with the following note:

Hi there,
For the “Hump-and-Run on the N-Judah” article I have a picture of this guy.  He did this to me one day and then I actually saw him on the N the very next day.  What are the odds?  He was wearing the same shirt and still blasting his music from his speakerphone.  I took a picture with my phone – not the best quality but at least you can see what he looks like.  I couldn’t find a place to post the picture with my comment but my friend Kenneth gave me this email address and told me to send it over to you.

[photo removed due to pending court matters]

So, Mr. Shoulder-Lover: Is this you? We’d love to hear from you, assuming you’re literate. (-Jeff)


  • in case anyone’s wondering: this phenomenon is not the exclusive domain of the hetero-perverted. it happened to me tuesday aboard a crowded-ish 47. there was plenty of room for the invasive package trying to rest on my shoulder. and i happen to know how easy it is to know exactly where your junk is at all times. guys: stop this shit, right now!

  • Amanda

    I take the N home from work and this happened to me one night a couple of weeks ago!!! It sounds like the same guy – he was wearing a t-shirt with mickey mouse on it that actually said, “Keep Steppin” on it. And he was blaring super annoying music from his cell phone for everyone to hear. He literally stood next to me and started humping vigorously. I kept getting closer to the poor guy next to me and shot the humper a disgusted look. Then finally he got off the train. The guy next to me said, “Wow, you were really getting some love there huh?!”

    • Oh hells no, did you say, vigorously? I’m grossed out on your behalf. The other day this guy’s “down-there-region” was dangerously close to me as he was standing next to me on the 49. I shot him a look and moved away a little, but he didn’t move at all!

    • Please contact me concerning your ordeal on the “N” line.

      Tim Gibson
      Muni Investigation Unit

  • eltejano

    Question for the Admins- if one of the commenters had a pic of said tea-bagger/junk-rester-on-shoulders, should they email it in to the MuniDiaries for posting?

  • Someone

    First of all, I frakin’ kid you not, the CAPTCHA for me to post this was “humps 78.40”. Can you believe that, what are the odds? LOL…

    Now more seriously, c’mon let’s nail this m0therfvcker. Sounds like he’s been doing this to a lot of people, I mean just hear alone we’ve heard about multiple instances. And now we have a picture. My wife rides the N and this makes me mad has he11.

    Has anyone pieced together any commonalities? Like time of day? Day of week? Where he got on/off? Doesn’t seem given the info here it’d be that hard to catch him. Maybe someone should actually file a report with the cops? I mean who know what the fvck this jerk is really capable of if he’s willing to do this over and over again in public?

    • i agree, let’s all band together and put an end to these shenanigans. and for the record: cursing is encouraged on Muni Diaries 😉

  • Mortified Friend

    I’m the person mentioned in the first post who was, uh, humped twice and then witnessed another hump. I’m so glad someone posted a photo. I can’t be 100 percent sure because he was wearing a hat the three times I saw him, but that certainly looks like him!

  • james

    is he mexican or filipino? i can’t tell from that shot. does he have a stache? give us more deets people. we will find him. he looks 20ish and overweight too.

  • Madeline

    Hi Everyone,

    I reported this about a month and a half ago to the SF Police as I witnessed him do this three times on two different days. Can someone who has been a victim please come forward? You have many witnesses to back you up, but the police can’t do anything until a victim makes a report. We have to get this guy off our buses!

  • Mortified Friend

    I agree. I met with the police recently regarding my three experiences with the Muni Humper and they said I was one of the only victims to actually speak to them and file an official report. While people appear to be fine discussing their experiences anonymously on blogs, but nothing effective can actually be done about this guy until we take that next step and talk to the police.

    The investigators I’ve spoken to are very nice and want to help and I really encourage anyone else who’s had the same experiences as I’ve had to give them a call. Tim Gibson can be reached at (415) 554-7156.

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