Stand Up For Your Muni Line

Muni lover
Photo by Flickr user ekai

Don’t let the picture fool you — we love the N-Judah plenty. In fact, we’ve got a whopping 51 stories about the N-Judah here on Muni Diaries. How do I know? We just added a drop-down box on the sidebar to the right over there so you can select stories by bus route. This was one of the most often-heard requests during our redesign, so here it is.

But don’t let the N, the 22, or the 49 steal the thunder from other lines. Can it really be that there are only 8 stories for the 19-Polk? What about poor 3-Jackson?

We know stories happens on Muni all the time, so if you’ve got a story, photo, or art for your line, send it over so you can show some love for your route!


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