BART, union reach deal; strike averted (updates)

Update 3: SF Appeal is on it.

Update 2: SFGate gets the story first, as far as we can tell:

BART asked its five labor unions to agree to $100 million in concessions over the next four years. The transit district targeted the costs of employee benefits along with work rules that it says contribute to excessive overtime.

Update 1: ABC 7 has the story headline, but no story.

Original: KCBS reports that BART negotiators and union reps have reached a tentative four-year labor contract agreement. Check back here or here for details on the agreement.

Weekend Photo Diary: Purple BART Man

Photo by Flickr user natecardozo from the Muni Photos Flickr group

Something about the purpleness of this guy screams out “this weekend.” Maybe it’s also the fact that no one else seems to be on the platform with dude.

It’s gonna be one of those weekends where San Francisco weather doesn’t really totally suck (morning fog, 60-ish afternoon highs), but where, beginning Monday, the weather suddenly is all “Oh, haha, now I’m awesome. Now that the weekend is over and you suckers are back in the cube.”

Stay warm, have fun, and send us your Muni stories!


Muni Diaries

Bloody Footprints on the 19th St BART

Um, yeah. Wow. This email arrived in our inbox last night. Anyone know anything more about this? Were you there? With a possible BART union strike looming, this doesn’t provide much comfort. And plus, bodily fluids are Muni’s realm, right?

100% saw fresh bloody footprints going down into the 19th St Bart in Oakland around 6:30pm Sunday. Told the lady at the window, she nodded like it wasn’t a big deal. Everyone around me saw them too, absolutely not fake! I was too scared to go down, ended up taking a cab back to the city!

Are the Red House Painters on the loose again?

No photos were attached, sadly.

Seen potential police situations on Bay Area transit? Let us (and the authorities) know …

Hot Operator Voice

bart train
Photo by Flickr user drain

This charming story is by Suzanne

I always cringe if I end up on the N-Judah headed toward Caltrain with the conductor who likes to announce the 2nd and King stop as: “home to the house that Barry built.” I curse him for making me think about Barry Bonds, drugs, and the corporate sports machine so early in the morning.

There are many Muni voices we love and hate to recognize. Who hasn’t heard the announcer who draws out the broken elevator messages into three-minute pronouncements more fitting for a get-you-in-the-mood Motown record? Then there’s that BART conductor who takes on the role of airport commissary when en route to SFO, and city ambassador when at Powell. He has a zingy, upbeat, professional voice that is not wholly unpleasant.

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