Halloween, or just another day of colorful characters on Muni?

Photo by real_guerrero_sf

You guys have to get to your masquerades somehow. For a lot of San Franciscans every year, Muni is your limo to Halloween parties. This year wasn’t any different, of course.

We heard from Muni rider Tim, who warned the world, “Riding the #SFmuni with all my classmates in our Halloween costumes …” He sent over photographic evidence, seen above and below.

And of course, your chauffeurs for the evening …

Photo by reedtarded

Got photos of great Halloween costumes? Share them here on Muni Diaries.

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Halloween or Muni or Williamsburg?

Photo by @hotchallah

We’re finally getting all the Halloween transit photos in our inbox and some of them look suspiciously just like another day on Muni…or Williamsburg, for that matter. Can you tell the difference? Is “sexy George Washington” (via @hotchallah) going to a Halloween party or just another day on Muni?

Found on the 27: Jack Sparrow
Photo by Brian

Jack Sparrow riding the bus? Why not. Is this Halloween or just Johnny Depp on his way to work?

Photo by @metsfaninCA

Whoa, how can you breathe under there? Is this a Halloween Thing or just regular Muni Thing?

Photo by @simplepunkk

Halloween or Muni’s revenge on organized religion? (via @simplepunkk)

Photo by @cleverdirt

What do you think, Halloween or traveling back in time on Muni?

Ok here’s an easy one from @JamesTamplin.

Photo by @JamesTamplin

His tiny size and candy pail are dead giveaways.

One more: this is not Muni. But is it Halloween? From the awesome Halloween or Williamsburg.

“And just like that, the American Apparel mannequin got up, stole a bag, and exited the store.”

Halloween Or Just Another Day on Muni?

Is this Halloween or just another night on Muni? From rider Joey:

Halloween bus ride on Saturday night on the #2 Clement headed downtown. Unfortunately, I was trapped in a seat and unable to get in the shot. That girl in the foreground in the Ewok/Eskimo costume was from Minnesota and told us she had never ridden a bus before.

How much do we love a whole weekend of taking your costumes out for a ride? Be sure to send us your best Halloween photos on Muni!

Halloween 2011: Mario Sans Luigi

Photo by davitydave, via@JimmyWhitesoxs

Was this the longest Halloween ever, or what? Not that we’re complaining. Bay Areans were afforded the opportunity don a different costume each day since Friday, if they really wanted to.

Here are some costumes we found on public transit today.

Photo by @jayfry3

Photo by @PlatinumTalon

Others were simply talking about what they saw this morning:

“Living in San Francisco means forgetting it’s Halloween, even when someone on your Muni train is dressed as Chewbacca.” via @VerbalCupcake

“creepy grown man wearing Boy Scout uniform on muni = scariest costume I have seen all weekend BY FAR” via @draut

Snow White just got on #muni. Should I offer her my seat? She is a princess after all.” via @DAVID_GALEA

If you see more interesting characters, especially if you’re not quite sure whether it’s a costume, send your photos our way. Show and tell!

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