Art Diary: Memories of the 15

Octoferret posted this to our Flickr group and also to a group called “Guess Where SF.” Gohead: Guess.

Of the image, he says, “Except I don’t remember the destination sign ever saying “FiSHERMAN WARF.” Neither do we, Octoferret.

Also, “Fisherman Warf” LOL.

A few more examples of Muni in public art: the 52-Excelsior; a Muni bus in Clarion Alley; and a Sirron Norris gray Muni bus

Got more examples? Let us know!

Photo Gallery: Inaccurate or Outdated Muni Signage

Found this amazingly neato photo set on Flickr the other day. It was shot and assembled by Octoferret, to whom we owe a humble thank you. In light of upcoming Muni lines slated for extinction, we feel this is a moving tribute to the routes that time has forgotten.

North Beach Examiner on Proposed Muni Changes Afoot in North Beach

The Examiner takes a close look at the proposed cuts on a couple of linnes with paltry ridership.

A little teaser from the story:

These cuts are two of many proposals being studied by Muni as part of its Transit Effectiveness Project, which, if implemented, would result in the most comprehensive bus rerouting done in my memory. And I’ve been here a long time. There isn’t a single line passing through or near North Beach (save the cable cars) that wouldn’t be affected in some way.

Take it away, Mr. Long.