Muni Rider Stabbed With a Fork

A Muni rider was stabbed with a fork on the 22-Fillmore after an argument, the San Francisco Examiner reports:

The 23-year-old victim was sitting on the bus near 16th Street and Potrero Avenue just before 5 p.m. when a 51-year-old man sat down next to her and spread his legs wide, police Sgt. Daryl Fong said.

This made the woman uncomfortable, so she got up and stood next to the back door to get off at the next stop, Fong said.

The suspect got up and began yelling at her. The two engaged in an argument before the bus stopped in the 2100 block of 16th Street, Fong said. The suspect pushed past her to get off the bus. She pushed back, and he allegedly turned around and stabbed her in the hand with a fork before fleeing the scene.

Wait, so the seat hog (otherwise known as a mansitter) happened to have a dinner fork with him? Is a dinner fork the new self defense weapon?

This is not the first cutlery-related incident on Muni, mind you. Last year two drunk man got into it on Muni and one of them stabbed the other with a dinner fork. That particular trip ended in the hospital.

Look out for forks, folks.

In Which the Music of the Fillmore Pervades Muni

Rider Michael C. shared this gem. “Here’s something I had not yet glimpsed in my 15 years in San Francisco: A dreadlocked Mark Twain playing a FLUTE CANE…”

San Francisco and Muni: The gifts that keep giving …

Michael is also the author of the “People You Might Know on Facebook,” Muni Edition.

What did you see on Muni today?

This gentleman is Hapi Light, who also has a TV show, according to commenters Jai and RLM. Thanks for the tip!

‘You’re Already Dead!’

Photo by MetaGrrrl

Pull your chairs closer to the campfire, kids. Ariel‘s got a doozy for us.

I’d been on the bus for one stop and already had a lady with face tattoos spit in my face.

The young lady who spat in my face was saying really hateful stuff in another lady’s face, almost making her cry, but nobody was doing anything about it. I had just gotten on and took my ear buds out to hear what she was saying. Just as I did that she spat in the other lady’s face. I put my hand on the tattooed-face lady and said, “Hey!” She spun around and gave me an evil look and said, “You’re already dead!”

I told her to get off the bus and she spat in my face. I tried to keep cool and told her again. She got off and made a big fuss about her bags, then the lady she first spat on had the operator call the cops. Then I saw the spitting lady handcuffed with a mask over her mouth, led into the cop car. We all had to get off the bus, probably so the operator could file a report.

As I told Ariel, the whole “You’re already dead” bit is already giving me nightmares. And I haven’t even gone to sleep. Got a fireside chat to share with your Muni-riding brothers and sisters? Do it here.

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