Linda calls for ‘organisation’ on the 22-Fillmore

Photo by Lynn Friedman

100 Muni StoriesThe “If I were God” game is a fun one. Linda played it recently on the 22-Fillmore, much to Timmie’s delight:

A reasonable request, however totally impossible. Esp. when it comes to Muni, amirite?

Reminder: You have until next Tuesday to submit your best Muni tales for the 100 Days, 100 Muni Stories feature. After that, we’ll consult with our pal Isaac Fitzgerald to determine who’s ball of yarn is the best — that one’ll be excerpted for bus ads on every Muni bus in town. Rad, we know.

Muni’s Long Shutdown Is Actually Kinda Beautiful

Photo by Patrick T. Power

Muni is busy building a better Muni, though we’re sure some of you see the long shutdown mostly as a big stinkin’ pain in the ass.

Still, there’s a sort of beauty in the work going on at Church and Duboce, evidenced here by Patrick’s photo above. Click here for a larger version.

Aside from looking kinda purty if you’re in the right mood, we wanna know how your N-Judah, J-Church, and 22-Fillmore experiences have been like since Friday evening. Better, worse, same? Sound off in comments here.

Here’s another shot of the action, this one from Jim. Thanks for sending, Jim!

‘Long shutdown’ of N-Judah, J-Church, other lines starts next weekend

Photo by davitydave

Today, SFMTA reminds us of some upcoming service disruptions on several lines.

Construction for the Church and Duboce Track and Street Improvement Project and the Carl Street Rail Replacement Project will require bus shuttle substitution on the N-Judah Line, disruption to the J-Church Line, reroutes of several bus routes and traffic detours over multiple days…

… the multi-day shutdown is slated to begin at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 25, and end at 5 a.m. on Monday, June 4. It will require a shutdown of the N-Judah Line, a partial shutdown of the J-Church and reroutes on the 22-Fillmore, 37-Corbett, 43-Masonic and N-Owl routes…

Summary of transit and traffic impacts:
· The N Judah will be shutdown with substitute bus service provided from Ocean Beach to Van Ness Avenue.
· The bus service will vary between weekdays and weekends
· NX service unchanged
· J Church Line to operate between Balboa Park and Market/Church streets
· Major reroute of the 22 Fillmore
· Other minor reroutes of 37 Corbett, 43 Masonic and N Owl service
· Residents, merchants and Muni customers can also expect street and bike lane closures and detours during the construction.
· Bike detours will be in place for the Wiggle, the Steiner/Sanchez route and the connector route between the Wiggle and Market Street.
· Parking restrictions will be in effect.
· Traffic control officers and police officers will direct traffic at critical intersections.
· Noise and dust will be controlled in adherence with city codes.
· Electronic messaging boards will be used in affected areas to alert motorists and cyclists of detours.

More details of this “long shutdown” can be found on SFMTA’s website. Plan accordingly!

Cat Wants To Get From Point A to B

When you are a woman who owns a cat or two, you don’t want to go too crazy with cat stuff because people will assume you have zero social/sex life (is there a difference?). You want to keep it low-key, like, “Oh are those all photos of my cat on my Facebook page? Oh yeah I own a cat, no biggie.”

Except…unless…you are this awesome lady who has an awesome bag with an awesome cat in it on Muni, then you should rock out like it’s nobody’s business!
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