A Spiritual Experience on the 24-Divisadero

Photo by Steve Rhodes

Muni rider Sarabeth has a story for us all.

“Yesterday, I was riding the 24 outbound. There was a guy acting a bit strangely and kind of hum-singing. I didn’t think anything of it. There are always strange people on Muni. (ed. note: sing it, sister!)

“Later, he pulled out 5 or 6 wedges of cheese from the store, still wrapped. He then pulled out a small bottle of what I determined to be holy water and put some on one of the wedges. He then crossed and blessed them, mumbling something about the son and the father and God bless the cheese. He continued to do this to the other wedges and put them and then put them and the water back into his bag.”

Funny: I thought cheese comes pre-blessed. In any case, you go, cheese-blessing dude.

One Tech Worker’s Open Letter to a Muni Driver

Photo by Jyri

“Tech shuttle” is such a loaded term in San Francisco these days. There are strong feelings all around, and at times, things have gotten out of control.

But one tech shuttle rider sent us a thank-you letter after a surprising encounter with a Muni driver.

I’m one of those evil people driving up rents by living in SF and working at a tech company in the South Bay. I take the company coach to work every morning.

One morning, as I was walking down the street to the coach stop, I saw it blow past me. I started running after it but, alas, it pulled away just as I crossed the street to the stop. About 30 seconds later a 24-Divisadero bus pulls up. The driver looks at me and says,

“Excuse me, were you trying to catch that bus ahead of me?”

“Yes, I was.”

“Hop on, I’ll catch up to it. That bus always thinks it can overtake me.”

Sure enough at the next stop we caught up to the coach and I got on. The Muni driver then got out of her bus and gave some good natured ribbing to the coach driver for missing a passenger and trying to beat her down her own route. They both had a good laugh then went on her way.

Thanks again to the wonderful Muni driver for the assist on my morning commute!

Say what you will about the tech shuttles in the city, I think random kindness always rocks.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Muni


Amid complaints about literally freezing temps here in the city, Christmas trees are showing up on Muni to complete our certifiable “real winter.” Pics above and below by Keri on the 12-Folsom (AKA the TWAAAAAALVE).

I’ve heard tell of real snow falling to the ground and staying there, or resting festively on the actual Christmas tree as you bring it home. Perhaps we San Franciscans will experience such phenomena this holiday season.
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