Kegels and Hair-Sniffing: Top Five TMI Muni Moments This Week

Photo by amyf

Sometimes I think Muni is our collective living room. But other times, people just get way too comfortable, as these five Muni moments of the week demonstrate. Important life question: How do you even measure the speed of kegels by bpm?

  1. Overheard on Muni this week: “My special talent is doing kegels at 180bpm. My record so far …11 minutes.”
  2. Another important question: Would it be inappropriate to wipe the lil smudge of shaving cream off this older Zach Efron lookalike’s face?
  3. A poor Muni rider had to changed seats on the 43 because the chick in the next seat kept smelling her hair like a Fabreeze commercial. (What shampoo do you use?)
  4. Girl at Muni stop smoking e-cigarette and blowing wisps of pomegranate or apple fumes billowing in this direction. Kind of nice.
  5. A man just cleaned his pitbulls earwax out on the K-outbound. You know. Whatevs. No big deal.

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Muni Sign Speaks: Equality For All

Photo by Larry Peiperl/Bright Fog Photography

Muni marquees often have many interesting things to say. On Twitter, @bbance noted the “Equality” signage. @beth_winegarner also spotted the new sign, and rider Katie G thought it was better than some of the others she’s seen…

From my window at work on Parnassus Ave, I noticed a 6 bus showing the words “GO BULLS” (yesterday) and a 43 showing “EQUALITY!” today (for the vote on pay equality). I didn’t realize drivers had that much power. Go drivers! Better than GO GIANTS (from an As fan).

Sports allegiance aside, this is pretty cool, almost as cool as “Nowhere in Particular.”

Spotted other Muni signage of interest? Tell all!

‘Long shutdown’ of N-Judah, J-Church, other lines starts next weekend

Photo by davitydave

Today, SFMTA reminds us of some upcoming service disruptions on several lines.

Construction for the Church and Duboce Track and Street Improvement Project and the Carl Street Rail Replacement Project will require bus shuttle substitution on the N-Judah Line, disruption to the J-Church Line, reroutes of several bus routes and traffic detours over multiple days…

… the multi-day shutdown is slated to begin at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 25, and end at 5 a.m. on Monday, June 4. It will require a shutdown of the N-Judah Line, a partial shutdown of the J-Church and reroutes on the 22-Fillmore, 37-Corbett, 43-Masonic and N-Owl routes…

Summary of transit and traffic impacts:
· The N Judah will be shutdown with substitute bus service provided from Ocean Beach to Van Ness Avenue.
· The bus service will vary between weekdays and weekends
· NX service unchanged
· J Church Line to operate between Balboa Park and Market/Church streets
· Major reroute of the 22 Fillmore
· Other minor reroutes of 37 Corbett, 43 Masonic and N Owl service
· Residents, merchants and Muni customers can also expect street and bike lane closures and detours during the construction.
· Bike detours will be in place for the Wiggle, the Steiner/Sanchez route and the connector route between the Wiggle and Market Street.
· Parking restrictions will be in effect.
· Traffic control officers and police officers will direct traffic at critical intersections.
· Noise and dust will be controlled in adherence with city codes.
· Electronic messaging boards will be used in affected areas to alert motorists and cyclists of detours.

More details of this “long shutdown” can be found on SFMTA’s website. Plan accordingly!

Photo Diary: Early Morning Brewski (w/update)


From Muni rider Blake:

So I’ve seen cans, tall boys, 40’s, and even handles of booze on the bus before… but you hafta hand it to this guy for really steppin’ up the game.  Yes, that’s two kegs, and yes, this was at 7 a.m. this morning.  God bless San Francisco.

UPDATE: This came in from Blake later in the day Thursday:

I would have followed him off had his terrible stench not deterred me! This occurred on the 43 — outbound this morning. He was just hanging casually in the back when I got on at California and Presidio. I snapped the pic, sat down and was promptly drawn into my book. A few stops down the line a nasty funk crept up my nostrils and almost pushed my Clif bar back out the wrong way. I looked up and watched him lumber towards me, and then out the door at Haight and Masonic. Looks like the bum/punks had a great day!

What did you see on Muni today? Send us your pics at

Driver of 8366 on 43-Masonic, You’re Pretty Cool

off your trolley

Rarely do you have that driver who, after shutting his doors and cranking his diesel-hybrid engine, stops for you. Rarely do you have that driver who answers whether or not his bus passes Lincoln and 14th – and goes a step further with suggestions on how to get there. Rarely do you have the driver who waits for the 80-year-old lady with a cane to take her seat before pulling the clutch. And rarely do you have the driver who smiles at you – during rush hour. Thanks, man. What can I do for you? Does screaming “thank you!” upon exiting really help in showing my appreciation?


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