Muni Diaries Live this Friday

Muni Diaries Live! Oct 29, 2010

Hey, what are you doing this Friday? I’ll tell you: You’re coming to Muni Diaries Live at the Make-Out Room. We have an excellent lineup of storytellers and a surprise guest. A hint: he’s a Muni insider. You’ll have to come and find out who he is.

If you bring a story to tell on stage, you might win a prize from one of our awesome sponsors, including Anthony’s Cookies, Chronicle Books, The SummitMetronome Dance Collective, and Market Street Railway.

And you can rock some SF love and shop with our sponsor Secession Art and Design — the lovely Eden will be on hand to sell transit-themed baby onesies and t-shirts.

So pen us in, write us on a Post-It, tap us into your iPhone, enter us into your Google Calendar, do whatever you gotta do to join the fun and share a drink with your fellow riders. We can’t wait!

Recaps of Muni Diaries Live! one, two, and three.

And they say people aren’t happy on Muni …


Trolling Twitter last night, I came across this somewhat-unfamiliar Muni complaint from dianeosaurus:

No one riding Muni ever looks happy. Public transit clearly suuuucks.

While I disagree with the sentiment, I had nothing to back me up. No proof. Until …

The photo above, by jennifer7people, showed up on our Muni Photos Flickr group pool a few minutes later.

When I got married a few months ago, hella people asked me if we would take photos on Muni. I was all, “No way! We don’t wanna get that dirty!” This brave couple couldn’t care less, obviously. Bravo! And congrats to you two.

This is neither here nor there, but that guy on the far left looks like Steve Carell, eh?

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