9 puppies who were the highlight of your Muni ride

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Here at Muni Diaries, we’re not too proud to admit our frequent weakness for dogs. Put your “muzzle your pet” trigger finger away, because here are nine pups who are way better than humans, ready to make your day, all from the Muni Diaries Instagram submission inbox.

Rock out with your tongue out.

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Transit news: Ch-ch-changes for Mission Street ‘red carpet’, Muni shelter beating, public meeting on city subway

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What do you need to know about transit this week? Well:

The fantastic inside-the-beast photo is by @telliprego on Instagram. Follow @munidiaries on Instagram to see more.

A night in the life of BART’s cleaning crew

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You probably have an idea or two about what kind of grossness is on every BART train. It could be as innocuous as ice cream drippings from this over-the-top stoner, or toe jam (sorry!) from this shoeless rider. Or you could be cleaning up after this NSFW hot mess. last week BART interviewed some of the utility workers in a story on what it’s like to clean the trains every night.

BART interviewed Tony Gletty, who trains the utility workers to clean the trains, and Jennie Meixel, utility foreworker:

“When BART had the old carpet flooring, I used to have to get on my hands and knees to scrub spots, and bend in awkward positions.” Gletty reflected. “It’s a lot better now.” Meixel mixes it up to keep workers from strain: “I try to rotate tasks as much as possible,” she said.

Black splotches of gum, flattened into the floor by being stepped on hundreds of times, were like sticky polka dots on the floors of train cars. (Even though the new composite flooring is easier to clean than the old carpeted floors, the last of which were removed in August 2015.) Someone had left a half-drunk Big Gulp beverage on the seats as well, but the workers said that was one of the cleaner cars they typically encounter.

Hats off to these hard-working people. Read more about it here.

Photo credit: BART.gov

BART puts on a surprising light show

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Maybe you’ve been on BART a thousand times, but did you ever notice this sneaky little light show on the platform? Filmed by @amandamiyoshi, the reflection on the metal walls as the train rolls into the station is surprising and delightful.

Got your own Muni or BART moment (like doge riding the train in little tiny boots or a random life-size ice cream sandwich waiting on the platform)? Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to submit your own diary!

Punctuation mishap on Muni warning sign

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This sign on Muni is pretty much the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard for the punctuation-inclined (otherwise known as civilized people). Via @julesforrest on Twitter, who said: “Type crimes of Muni, quotation marks edition.”

It’s hard to know where to start with this “warning” sign: the existence of quotation marks, the not-so-smart quote, or the underline? Well, don’t worry, it’s just a “warning.”

The right quotation marks (or comma, in this case) make the world go ’round. Got your own Muni pet peeve? Send it our way @munidiaries on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Hat tip: @mwichary

Fast Pass prices go up September 1, in case you forgot

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In what’s become rather regular news every other year or so, you’re gonna have to shell out $3 more for your monthly A or M Fast Passes starting next month. So why must we squirrel away more change for the bus?

Since 2009, Muni fares have been set by Muni’s Automatic Fare Indexing Policy, which means that prices are determined by a formula based on monetary inflation and operations costs. The nitty gritty formula is in the fare indexing policy page here.

Here’s a handy chart for the different types of passes:
muni fast passes price increase 2016 muni diaries
Source: SFMTA

If you have automatic upload, you’ll see the prices reflected automagically on your statement in mid August for next month’s Fast Pass.

In the meantime, let’s take a little walk down Muni memory lane. When Fast Passes, at relatively bargain-basement prices, showed up more reliably than our buses in fabulous color combinations. Thankfully, many of them live on as art and keepsakes of the hella SF variety.

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