A thrilling (but totally un-recommended) way to ride Muni

j riders by ikleytman

Yes, the Muni fare has hiked up to $2.25, but is it really worth it to hitch a ride this way, or am I just engaging in old-person-talk? Wait, don’t answer that. Below are two more thrillseekers we’ve posted in the past, but totally worth revisiting.

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This is a scene right out of Collateral, minus creepy bleached-blonde Tom Cruise:

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Starfleet Rules Don’t Work on Muni

Update: Leonard Nimoy passed away at 83 yesterday. We wish him a peaceful journey, wherever the great bus in the sky takes him.

Original post, Sept. 18, 2012: These Muni newbies from the future just don’t understand.

See what happens when Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock stumble upon the loud headphone guys over at A Streetcar Called Taraval.

The happiest tweet about Muni pretty much ever


As much as people might like to vent about it, we managed to find what might be the happiest tweet that’s happened on Muni ever.

Muni rider Emily sent this very sweet moment our way: “A woman just proposed to her girlfriend on a crowded 24 bus. Couldn’t get a picture but it was really sweet.”

A proposal between two women on a crowded 24! Who says public transit is all kvetch?

Oh, and if you’re the lucky couple, please do send us your proposal story. The Muni Diaries inbox is hungry for some story nuggets!

Photo by @shannoninstagraham

Muni rider has the most appropriate response to Cheetos parody ad

cheetos ad

Never shying away from calling-it-like-it-is, a Muni rider got something off his chest about the Cheetos ad found on a Mission bus stop. CBSLocal says that the ad is causing “raised eyebrows” and Cheetos told CBSLocal they did not create this ad. Methinks that perhaps this spoof ad refers to a long-forgotten meme: anyone remember Cheesus, the Jesus-shaped Cheeto found by a New York couple a few years ago?

For your reference, I’m talking about this guy:
Photo via

For more spoof ad fun, we’ve got a special variety of Tums, the unfortunate nickname for Tartine, and an inexplicable spoof of Du Beers.

Top photo via Sasha Marie

New Dating App Keeps Track of Hotties On Your Commute

happn screen shot 224

It’s hard to strike up a conversation when you notice someone attractive on Muni, so what’s a single guy or gal to do? A new dating app called Happn is launching in San Francisco, and it promises to help you find the cuties you’ve crossed paths with as you go about your day. The app uses geolocation on your phone to connect Happn users who were in the same vicinities. It’s a pretty smart way to extend the way you meet people in San Francisco. You can check out the app and download Happn here.

Unlike other dating apps that use geolocation to find people near you now, Happn’s stream consists of people you’ve encountered throughout the day. So if you locked eyes with your potential soul mate on the 38 this morning, or if you were too shy to smile at the cute cyclist at the stop light on your lunch break, they may very well turn up in your Happn feed. The app uses approximate location and doesn’t tell you exactly where you’ve encountered each other, and you can only talk to each other if you are both interested. We already see plenty of local users on the app when we downloaded the app too.

Muni encounters can lead to some happy love stories. Who knows, you might be the next one-woman-band on stage regaling us with your tale of How We Met on Muni.

Download Happn here and let us know what you think!

Featured photo by torbahopper. This post is in partnership with Happn. All opinions are our own.

Rent this Muni shelter as your new SF pad for $4,000

muni shelter by david lytle

Getting creative with San Francisco’s skyrocketing rental prices, someone posted a Muni shelter in the Castro as your very own fancy open-air studio. According to this Craigslist ad that Hoodline found, the 15-square-foot studio is a steal for four grand:

This cozy Castro studio boasts ultra-modern design, chic red skylight, and cool fixtures – including built-in love seat. Easy access to the street, steps from bustling, trendy Castro eateries and bars. Very close to public transportation and Google bus-adjacent. Snap up this Castro gem before it’s gone!

Bonus: It comes powered with electrical outlets for your Apple devices, optional signage mod, and the occasional popup peep show. Just don’t try to live there when it rains.

Photo by David Lytle