Powell Station Windows computer needs restarting


Redditer @neptuneful saw this throwback cry for help at Powell Station the other day. “Windows has computer.” Hmm. But can the computer has Windows?

Another Redditer swears to have heard the Windows boot-up sound play over the speakers at Montgomery BART once upon a time.

Other commuters found a bone to pick: the kind of ’80s font on the new signage. At least that’s easier to read (and decipher) than “Windows has computer”?

Transit News: Crumbling, costly Sunset tunnel, keeping cable cars in top form


Fresh batch of Muni news for you. And in case you missed it, cell service is coming to Muni Metro, making it so much easier to, say, submit your latest Muni moment on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

– Sunset tunnel’s crumbing interior may end $19 Mil renovation (Biz Journal)
– Keeping the cable cars in top form (SFBay.ca)
– Unpopular Taraval plan approved in the name of safety (SFGate)
– In case you missed it: Cell service approved for Muni metro subway (SFBay.ca)

Photo by @jachristian

Cat photos take over entire subway station


Making dreams come true for cat ladies everywhere, a group has taken over a subway station in London and covered it entirely with adorable cat pictures. Riders in South London’s Clapham Common tube station were greeted yesterday with photos of adorable (and adoptable) felines rather than obnoxious advertising. How did this magic happen? Atlas Obscura has the details:

The group responsible—the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS)—has been scheming about this since at least April, when their Kickstarter page first popped up. In less than a month, they raised £23,131—enough to turn Clapham Common into Cat-fan Paw-mon. (Sorry.)


Why can’t we have nice things like they do in London? For now we’ll have to make do with these furry Muni cats: in a stroller, on a shoulder, or looking cool in sunglasses!

Photos via CatsNotAds.

BART wants cyclists to strap it on


Anyone who has taken a bike on BART knows it means hovering over your bike while trying not to crash into anyone else while the train is moving. BART has a new idea for you: straps that hold your bike in place. SFGate reports that a new test program has installed two types of fabric straps (either velcro or a buckle) in 60 BART cars.

Cyclists: Have you tried these new straps and how are they working out for you?

Photo courtesy of BART

Where can transit get you in 30 minutes in San Francisco?


How far can public transit take you? A new app maps out just how far you can go within a specific time frame—just move the starting point pin, tell the app how much time you have, and the maps lights up with how far you can go using public transit.

The Commutometer app calculates travel time using Bay Area public transit, including Muni, BART, ferries, Caltrain, and a whole host of other options. Lesson learned? It’s gonna take you more than 30 minutes to get from the north end of the city to have drinks with your Mission friends. And it looks like you can travel to a lot more areas in the city if you’re starting out near the Van Ness Station than, say, Chinatown or other points north. The folks on this Reddit thread have lots more observations (like how quickly you’d have to get away from Colma).

Click around the map and let us know if this is an accurate depiction of your commute.

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