Did your defining San Francisco experience happen on Muni?

If you’re a transplant, do you remember what defined your San Francisco experience? Muni rider Jesse James moved to San Francisco from smalltown Thousand Oaks to attend SF State, sight unseen. And the Powell Street Muni Station and the M-Ocean View line were the settings of his defining urban moment.

“I had a family connection to a little Italian restaurant downtown called Buca di Beppo. I quickly obtained a host job and my life consisted of me going to school during the day, boarding the M train, taking the M to the Powell Street station. There was nothing more beautiful to me at that point than coming up the escalator at the Powell Street Station, and the Virgin Records megastore was glimmering in the summer sun. It was just such a symbol of darling urban life in the most suburban lens of urban life. (more…)

Indoor Tennis at the Powell Street Station

I think of Muni as our public living room, but public gym? This dude is taking the concept to the next level in a little indoor tennis action here. We found this video via Nick Josefowitz, who happens to also be on the BART board of directors. He says, “I thought I’d seen all there was to see at a @SFBART station. Then I saw this guy play tennis at Powell.”

Meet Sneakers, the Muni-riding corgi with the owl backpack

sneakers the corgi muni

As if your sunny Sunday can’t get any better, here’s a little more happiness for you. Meet Sneakers, the Muni-riding corgi! He can typically be found wearing an owl backpack or pink Godzilla suit, doing very San Francisco things like partying at City Hall, frolicking in the fog, or, of course, waiting for the bus. Sneakers is in good company with the rest of the cute animals riding Muni.

Sneakers’ social media handler informs me that he is on Instagram @sneakersthecorgi. I think I might have even ran into Sneakers at the City Hall party, but I think he was a bit busy saying hi to fans. Next time, my little friend.

Supervisors are just like us (Muni Edition)!

supervisors just like us

Noticed more government types on your daily commute lately? For the last 19 days, some of our city supervisors (and maybe the mayor) have been riding Muni nearly every day as a part of San Francisco Transit Riders Union’s “22 Day Muni Challenge.” Supervisor Scott Weiner is in the lead so far, according to SFTRU’s leaderboard, which is tracking rides of participants who use the official hashtag #onboardsf. The challenge ends Monday, which means the other supes have a few days to really understand what it’s like to be a daily rider. (more…)