New Shirt Combines Muni with My Neighbor Totoro

woot bear meowni diaries

Over at the Muni Diaries Facebook page, rider Debi shared this totally awesome shirt she saw at Woot Bear on Clement street. I stopped by the store last weekend and the shirt seems to be the biggest draw in the window! Though a plush pillow of a fallen tooth was pretty damn cute, too.

We first saw this Muni “catbus” in 2012, and now it’s a shirt you can proudly wear. This quirky take on Hayao Miyazaki’s cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro comes from artist Ben Seto. You can see more of his work at Black Sheep Comics (hint: lots of bunnies doing super hero stuff!)

Here’s the design close up:
mewni muni shirt close up

If you’ve never seen My Neighbor Totoro, you need to watch this video of the original cat bus arriving with freakish excitement.

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Here’s the Most Compact DIY Muni Shelter Ever

diy muni seat

No bus shelter at your stop? No problem, say the good people of the Inner Richmond. Spotted at the corner of Clement and Second Avenue, someone made quick seating for those waiting for the inbound 2-Clement. The unfinished wood adds some hip ambience to this lonely Muni stop.

This unofficial Muni shelter seating joins the ranks of other seating improvements like this posh recliner, a random leather ottoman, and this wicker situation. But we gotta give major DIY handiness points to the creator of this mini Muni stop.

Bring your own chair on Muni, by the way, is a real meme around here.

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Well-behaved cat in a stroller on Muni is living our dreams


Here’s the most well-mannered Muni passenger and its owner living the ultimate cat-lady dream of owning a cat stroller. Muni riders Mike and Katie sent in this photo of an amazingly calm cat riding Muni while its human looked on dotingly. I’ve seen this man before at my local Starbucks in the mornings, enjoying his coffee while the cat watches the parade of Basics ordering venti skinny soy lattes.

We have more adorable (mostly) non-human creatures seen on Muni! And here are some urban cats who are working hard at making the internet a better place: pirate cat, punk rock catmusical cat, and leopard print car seat cat.

Friends surprise new Muni operator with super-custom cake


Philip just passed his class B license test for Muni, and his wife and friends surprised him with this custom Muni cake. The 14-Mission looks pretty good in fondant, and who knows what stories lie beneath those tinted frosting windows!

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Photo from @ats_philthy

Video: How engineers turned a Muni bus into a mobile shower

Did you enjoy your shower this morning? Many in San Francisco don’t have that luxury. There are seven locations in our city where homeless people can take a shower, but there are more than 3,000 people who live on the street. When Doniece Sandoval heard that Muni was decommissioning diesel buses, she had the idea of turning those buses into mobile showers. She founded Lava Mae, and got Muni to donate a vehicle to her.

As it turns out, transforming our familiar old Muni buses into mobile showers is no easy engineering feat. In this video, engineers show how they rip apart the passenger bus, install showers along with water heaters and gray- and black-water disposal plans. The buses hook up to a fire hydrant to provide water for the shower service. The two stalls in the bus have sky lights, a digital shower, and a changing area to provide the homeless with a bit of privacy and respite from the street.

We first heard about Sandoval’s idea in 2013, and in 2014 we eagerly awaited Lava Mae’s rollout. This spring, Lava Mae launched its first service and is partnering with various organizations around the city to provide showers to the homeless.

Lava Mae is working on a second bus with Airco Mechanical, architect Brett Terpeluk, and engineer Chris Doherty. They plan to launch the second mobile shower this fall.

The day my Muni driver stopped the bus

muni stop by oopu

Jay is an Australian living in San Francisco. After hearing Jay’s Muni story, his friends and family in Australia might think that San Francisco is an even more awesome place than they previously realized.

Last Sunday afternoon I was on an almost full to capacity #1 California bus on its route to Van Ness and beyond. The bus stopped, which was not unusual, but then the bus driver got out and went around to the front. I thought that he might be checking the bicycle rack or that there was some mechanical fault he was investigating.

Eventually a lady standing near the front of the bus took a few steps forward to peer out the front window and announced, “Ahhh…there’s a baby bird that has fallen out of its nest and he’s scooting it off the road from in front of the bus and onto the grass!”

That was amazing enough but what really told me I was in San Francisco was when the bus driver hurriedly scampered through the door and back onto his seat. The entire bus, me included, spontaneously started applauding and cheering! You would have had to have been there to really appreciate the genuine warmth of the moment but I assure you it was an authentic instance of two random acts of kindness that I will never forget.

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Photo by @oopu22