BART worker writes a kind letter to return lost driver’s license

bart worker driver license

You know that sinking feeling when you discover that your driver’s license is not in your wallet, your purse, or all the pockets in the coats you could have possibly worn in the last six months? Kristen P. was in that boat a few weeks ago, but a surprise letter in the mail from a BART worker saved her day.

From Kristen:

To the “friendly BART worker” who mailed my CA driver’s license to me: THANK YOU!! You saved me about three hours of waiting in line at the DMV because I couldn’t get an appointment before we fly to Florida. You also restored my faith in humanity.

The BART worker’s letter said, “Kristen, I found your CDL in the BART trackway – thought you may need it back. Happy holidays, from your friendly BART worker.”

Strangers on BART pull through for fellow passenger in need


Our hearts were warmed to receive the following story from BART rider Lee Anne:

To the gentleman in the blue shirt and the lady in the white hat at the Bayfair Station, 12/17 –

It was an already stressful evening commute with BART delays and trains abruptly going out of service. Thank you for noticing I was in trouble, keeping me from tumbling down the stairs (or worse, onto the tracks), and making sure I was okay. I did make it home safely, and I promise to check in with my doctor. I tried to catch your names (Jay?), but I wasn’t in a good enough state to remember.

Again, my thanks, and have a wonderful holiday season.

– The lady with the purple scarf who collapsed on the platform

Great stuff right there.

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Wanna take that Segway or hoverboard on BART? Get a permit!


The kids, they are brazen. Good thing BART knows this. The transit agency has instituted a new permit program for passengers who intend to bring their moving toys on the train. Per

BART has a policy governing the use of Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices (EPAMDs) within the system.  The policy covers all battery-powered, self-balancing, two-wheeled transporters, including the Segway Personal Transporter.

You must apply for and receive a permit in order to bring an EPAMD on BART. To apply for a permit, read the policy governing EPAMDs (.pdf), download the application for a general permit (.pdf) or a permit for persons with disabilities (.pdf) and follow the application instructions.

So, now you know what to do.

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