Kid draws his dream of an expanded BART


Hey, we’re only 36 years late on this, what?

30-plus-year BART enthusiast Brian shared his drawing, from around 1980, of what BART would look like if he were god.

Highlights include:

  • Geary Boulevard (!!!)
  • Fairgrounds
  • Santa Clara (for Great America DUH)
  • Port Chicago

Far as I’m concerned, the only thing missing here is a Vallejo stop for Discovery Kingdom (née Marine World).

Bravo, exalted one, bravo!

Can we please have 1970s BART uniforms back right now?

1970s bart uniform muni diaries

Things that were better in the ’70s: Star Wars, hair, and … BART uniforms. Check out this amazing photo from BART’s Twitter account (@SFBART). These BART uniforms from the 1970s might be even better than flight attendant uniforms. The bows, the super fly collar, and that fabulous tie. Can we please bring them back?

Want more groovy blast from the past? Check out this 1980s Muni metro birthday party (we even have a video!)

BART cops arrest, punch young black man

Update (10:10 a.m.): A BART spokesperson said in a series of tweets that there had been a report of a possible armed robbery and that a 22-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest and battery on a peace officer. The case has been referred to internal affairs for investigation and apparently there is footage of the incident. At least one of the officers involved was wearing a body camera.

Original post: In the video above and other videos found on the Hunger For Justice SF Facebook page, BART police are seen last night subduing a young black man in handcuffs at the Embarcadero BART station. The officers then punched the young man while he was on the ground in handcuffs.

In response to Friday’s incident, Hunger For Justice SF has planned a protest today at 2 p.m. at Embarcadero Station to demand that SFPD release the young men.

h/t William Fitzgerald

How to survive a crowded BART train

BART’s ridership is at an all-time high, and the agency reminds us in this commonsense video on how to survive a crowded BART train. I hope at least a few more people will now actually put their backpacks between their feet on a crowded train!

Other tips include riding the first or last train, offering your seat to riders in need, and for god’s sake, don’t try to force the door open. Even if it doesn’t hold up the train, you’ll die a thousand deaths from the shade that your fellow riders will be throwing at you.

Thanks to your contribution, we have a few more tips to add:

  1. Don’t, whatever you do, ride shoeless on BART. Gross.
  2. Transport your refrigeration appliances (large or large-ish) during non-commute hours.
  3. Quit that manspreading (or woman-spreading)—it’s just not necessary.
  4. Wait until you get home to do your nails (Princess Dog’s pet-icure can wait, too).

Got any other tips for surviving BART? Our inbox ( is wide open!

Supervisor candidate wants to add new Mission BART station

duboce park bart main

How would you like a new BART station? District 9 supervisor candidate Joshua Arce is announcing his new plan this morning for the south of Cesar Chavez area of the Mission, and it involves a new BART station. No, not the movie set BART station in the photo above; Arce wants to add a new BART station on Mission and 30th streets.

Arce is set to announce his “Mission South of Cesar Chavez Sustainable Neighborhood Plan” with California Assemblyman David Chiu and BART Board Director Nicholas Josefowitz. His press release says that the plan will “build thousands of units of housing affordable for all San Franciscans, provide long term support for small businesses.”

The event will be held at the Safeway Parking Lot (3350 Mission St.) at 10 a.m. today.

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