BART map from ye not-too-distant dayes


Funny how the recent past can look so dang old. Full-size image here.

BART rider Charles sent this relic. Here’s what he had to say:

This is a severely beaten BART map found at Powell, circa late ’90s-early 2000s, as it still shows extensions to Baypoint and Dublin still under construction. I spotted this not too long ago, though I think the only reason that it was around was that they seemed to be changing all the advertisements in the station that night. I’m not entirely sure on that though, so it may still be up there. I wonder whether any French tourists got confused.

Easy answer: Yes, tourists are confused. Hella.

This reminds me of how, every time we’re at Powell, Tara looks for the super-secret door that used to lead up to Woolworth’s.

Beer via BART

Image: SF Chronicle

Thirsty, anyone?

Tim O’Rourke at the SF Chronicle posted this nifty map of several Bay Area brew pubs easily accessible by BART, based in part on a list of places to drink beer near BART an its 44 Bay Area stations. The idea is (duh) to let BART be your DD as you sample sudsy deliciousness all over the Bay Area. Sounds like a nifty idea to me.

Click here for a larger version of the map above.

Check out BeerbyBART for an exhaustive list.

mmm, beer.

USA! USA! flag stuck in BART door


Oh, the dangers of celebrating your team advancing in the World Cup. Like, you know, getting your American flag stuck in the BART door. Also, note the blue and red Tom’s.

Don’t think you’re better than us, Germany, and I’m not just talking about the win. Like you’ve never gotten a GER flag trapped in the U-Bahn doors! USA! USA!

Via Amy

Now BART has wrap ads?


The image above marks the first time I or Amy, who sent this to me, have seen BART trains covered in an advertisement.

The ad above, says Amy, is for Monterey Bay Aquarium. It “covered a couple of cars,” according to her.

Have you seen BART train-wrap ads before?

Transit News: Muni-related accidents, Muni funding, Google buses, BART news

Photo by torbakhopper

Man, there sure have been a lot of Muni-related accidents lately, right? That guy who hit-run pedestrians and a Muni bus was charged with hella crimes. Not to be outdone, a Muni train struck a pedestrian near SF State on Monday night. Yikes!

In Muni funding news, we learned that SF supervisors decided not to put a vehicle-licensing fee that would bring in money for Muni on the November ballot. And KQED reported that, according to union leaders, the odds are stacked against transit operators in talks. CBS Bay Area notes that the clock is ticking on those same talks. The Examiner weighed in on Why Muni can’t find good drivers.

We learned that SFMTA launched “Google Bus” pilot program map, and promised increased enforcement. And Streetsblog SF asked whether SFMTA’s proposed shuttle stops are enough to end Muni conflicts.

In BART news, we breathed a sigh of relief to learn that the huge, dirty rope sculpture at the Embarcadero BART station is going to be removed. The Giants and Warriors are contributing to a capacity study at BART’s Embarcadero and Montgomery stations. And finally, SFGate reports that rides on BART’s Oakland Airport Connector will set you back $6.

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