Transit News: More bikes on Caltrain, more Muni LRVs, a second Transbay Tube

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  • Coming to Caltrain: Longer Trains With More Room for Bikes (Streetsblog SF)
  • Mayor Lee Announces Expansion Of New Muni Light-Rail Fleet (SF Appeal)
  • Man stabbed on Muni bus near West Portal Station (ABC 7)
  • State urged to decriminalize youth fare evaders (SF Bay)
  • Muni considers free rides for seniors, disabled (SF Bay)
  • Mayor Lee gets on board with proposal for 2nd BART tube (SFGate)

BART Stations Reopen After Protest Closure

bart protest

BART stations have reopened after intermittently closing this morning as protesters swarmed Montgomery, Embarcadero, and Powell stations. According to the BART’s official Twitter feed, all trains are operating with five to 15-minute delays as of 9:59 a.m. today. SFGate reports that protests started around 7 a.m. at Montgomery Station. Protesters banged spoons against stopped BART trains, and moved from station to station. More from SFGate:

BART police officers made at least two arrests. A woman was arrested for standing in a train doorway at Montgomery, and a man was arrested there after striking a train with a metal spoon to make noise.
Activists said they wanted to shut down the stations to call attention to what they believe is the unfair prosecution of 14 protesters who have been charged by Alameda County prosecutors for allegedly halting BART service by chaining themselves to trains and each other at the West Oakland station.

Were you on the scene and what did you think of the protest (and the spoons)? Tweet us @bartdiaries.

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Transit News: Muni attack plea, BART/Amtrak transfer, BART escalators, Muni-nymphomaniac musical (yes, really)


  • Man charged in attack on transgendered woman on Muni pleads not guilty (SF Examiner)
  • Former BART director sees Oakland BART/Amtrak transfer opportunity (CoCo Times)
  • Out of Order: BART Admits its Escalators Are Crappy — But Not Full of Crap (SF Weekly)
  • Richmond BART station to get $2.7 million in safety and other improvements (
  • Story Of Woman Who Developed Nymphomania After Muni Accident Becomes Local Musical (KRON)
  • How the lack of late-night BART service affects Bay Area real estate (SF Business Times)

Photo by Shawn Clover

BART Casino Car


Eyes up, phones down is a Muni thing, yeah. But wouldn’t it be easier if the stuff we were doing on our phones were available IRL?

BART rider jxh came across these sporty fellas the other day, just goin’ where they were goin’ and enjoying a game of cards along the way. No bigs.

The BART train appears to be a little packed, yeah. But at least these guys weren’t having sex on BART (NSFW) or anything …

Transit News: BART crime, BART extension, BART Wi-Fi, BART escalators

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  • BART stations at both extremes of crime rates (SFGate)
  • Why Did The Wording Change On The New Muni Lane? (Hoodline)
  • What We Need to Get Right on VTA’s BART Extension to Silicon Valley (SPUR)
  • SFMTA Board Member Jerry Lee Passes Away (SF Appeal)
  • BART cuts Wi-Fi service, prompting threats of legal action (SFGate)
  • BART to shield filthy escalators with $12 million investment (SF Examiner)

New documentary offers an insider’s look at turf dancing on BART

This documentary will make you smile, guaranteed. In this film produced by Youth Radio, young dancers take over BART in a dance style known as “turfing” and tell us all about why they do it. For the last few years, BART riders have been sending us videos of these amazing contortionists, and now you can see things from the dancers’ own perspective.