Powell Station Windows computer needs restarting


Redditer @neptuneful saw this throwback cry for help at Powell Station the other day. “Windows has computer.” Hmm. But can the computer has Windows?

Another Redditer swears to have heard the Windows boot-up sound play over the speakers at Montgomery BART once upon a time.

Other commuters found a bone to pick: the kind of ’80s font on the new signage. At least that’s easier to read (and decipher) than “Windows has computer”?

BART wants cyclists to strap it on


Anyone who has taken a bike on BART knows it means hovering over your bike while trying not to crash into anyone else while the train is moving. BART has a new idea for you: straps that hold your bike in place. SFGate reports that a new test program has installed two types of fabric straps (either velcro or a buckle) in 60 BART cars.

Cyclists: Have you tried these new straps and how are they working out for you?

Photo courtesy of BART

A night in the life of BART’s cleaning crew

bart cleaner eric

You probably have an idea or two about what kind of grossness is on every BART train. It could be as innocuous as ice cream drippings from this over-the-top stoner, or toe jam (sorry!) from this shoeless rider. Or you could be cleaning up after this NSFW hot mess. last week BART interviewed some of the utility workers in a story on what it’s like to clean the trains every night.

BART interviewed Tony Gletty, who trains the utility workers to clean the trains, and Jennie Meixel, utility foreworker:

“When BART had the old carpet flooring, I used to have to get on my hands and knees to scrub spots, and bend in awkward positions.” Gletty reflected. “It’s a lot better now.” Meixel mixes it up to keep workers from strain: “I try to rotate tasks as much as possible,” she said.

Black splotches of gum, flattened into the floor by being stepped on hundreds of times, were like sticky polka dots on the floors of train cars. (Even though the new composite flooring is easier to clean than the old carpeted floors, the last of which were removed in August 2015.) Someone had left a half-drunk Big Gulp beverage on the seats as well, but the workers said that was one of the cleaner cars they typically encounter.

Hats off to these hard-working people. Read more about it here.

Photo credit: BART.gov

BART puts on a surprising light show

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Maybe you’ve been on BART a thousand times, but did you ever notice this sneaky little light show on the platform? Filmed by @amandamiyoshi, the reflection on the metal walls as the train rolls into the station is surprising and delightful.

Got your own Muni or BART moment (like doge riding the train in little tiny boots or a random life-size ice cream sandwich waiting on the platform)? Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to submit your own diary!

BART’s Bart Simpson moment

bart riding bart 1

Local artist Elissa Patel had the brilliant idea to dress up 15 people as Bart Simpson and unleash them all on BART on Tuesday, to the delight of lots of riders. In the photo above by @MonkonJay, the riders looked like it was just another day on BART, but soon enough, everyone was taking photos and videos of the fun, which you can see on SFGate and UpOut.

Here are the Bart Simpsons waiting for their train to arrive. (Photo by @elissapatel).

bart waiting for bart

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