What can art do for your BART stations?

fantasy swedish subway station

For the first time in 40 years, BART is planning an overhaul of its stations, which includes funding for art and design (you might recall those glass canopies we showed you a few weeks go). To make sure that 2 percent of the funding is dedicated to art in your BART station, SubArt, an organization that promotes large-scale art projects in Bay Area transit stations, is asking people to sign a petition to show their support.

We’ve found that lots of artists around the world love to re-imagine their transit stations in whimsical, inspiring ways, like this Swedish artist’s rendering of a fantastical subway station above. The Swedes also win in our minds with this hair-blowing subway ad. Less realistic but so much more fun, here’s how one designer in Holland imagines being able to slide down into the station.

The BART board votes on the budget on June 25. You can find SubArt’s petition here.

Photo by Alexander Dragunov

What to Do This Weekend: Day Tripping on BART to Fremont’s Niles District

niles district from ileana

We’re blessed with awesome local weekend spots close by, like Dolores Park and Lake Merritt, but sometimes you just want to get out of town for a minute. Instead of shelling out money to rent a car, what if you could get BART to take you to one of those darling little towns and play tourist for a day? Taking any transit route to the end of the line can feel like an adventure, and it’s surprising how easily you can turn a commuter train ride into an actual getaway. It’s the ultimate Clipper Card hack, and a great example of a hidden weekend trip is the Historic Niles District in Fremont.

The Niles District is loaded with antique shops and cute restaurants. Here’s your weekend itinerary:


BART plans to halt SF-East Bay service for track work


Addressing the problem of SOMETHING IS THE MATTER WITH BART OMG, the system plans to cease transbay service later this summer for some long-overdue track work. SFGate has the story:

BART is preparing to halt all train service between San Francisco and the East Bay over the upcoming three-day Labor Day weekend — and the first weekend of August as well — for what is being billed as “critical track maintenance” near the entrance to the system’s Transbay Tube.

“We plan to have a substantial ‘bus bridge’ available for BART passengers traveling between Oakland and San Francisco” during the anticipated five days of service disruptions, BART Assistant General Manager Kerry Hamill said in a memo sent to Bay Area transportation agencies.

Well then. It’s not like we really wanted to go to Oakland or anything*.

Read the full story at SFGate.

JK. Oakland is rad. Hella, even.

Photo by Michael Dunn

Look out for a new glass canopy at Powell and Civic Center BART stations

bart station canopy

Powell and Civic Center BART stations are getting a new do’, in the form of new glass canopy entrances along Market Street.

The designers’ rendering of the glass canopy is above, which you might have seen if you were being an A+ San Franciscan and attended the community event back in April. According to BART, Market Street will eventually (as in the next 10 years) have 30 new canopy entrances to product stations and escalators from weather damage and “improve station security and escalator durability.”

Don’t hold you breath yet, though. Construction for the new entrances is slated to begin toward the end of next year.

In other BART news, the San Francisco Chronicle is taking down circulation kiosks at BART stations, according to Mission Local. Oh, it’s the end of an era.

h/t: SFist, San Francisco Chronicle.

Transit News: BART 2016 fare hike, Muni service increases, new Muni art, Muni double-berthing gets green light

Here’s the transit news we’ve collected since our last news roundup. If you have news tips, email them our way, por favor.

  • BART announces 3.4 percent planned 2016 fare increase (SFGate)
  • Will Muni’s Largest Service Increase in Decades Have Staying Power? (Streetsblog SF)
  • New Art on Muni poster series to begin May 1 (Curbed SF)
  • Overnight Fire Damages Muni Shelter At Haight and Fillmore (Hoodline)
  • News crew catches teen girls’ attack on Muni rider who had shushed them (SFGate)
  • Muni given go-ahead for double berthing at downtown stations (SF Examiner)