Squeals of Delight (Finally) on the 19-Polk


An arguably more-welcome sight on the 19-Polk than the usual, wouldn’t you say?

From Muni rider D:

While on the 19-Polk today I saw a young girl squeal with delight at this little face. Definitely NOT a reindeer chihuahua! Such a sweetie that licked my hand as I petted her.

Well add my squeals of delight to the fracas (do you hear them?), because we haven’t had one of these on Muni Diaries since the holiday chihuahua of 2010.

Shots Fired on Muni, 19-Polk Rerouted (updates)

Update (3:50 p.m.): Via SFMTA, the 19-Polk has resumed its regular operation in the area of the Potrero Hill shooting.

Update (3:42 p.m.): Via KTVU, victim’s injuries are not life-threatening.

Update (3:34 p.m.): ABC 7 and CBS are both reporting that the victim was a male, not a female.

Original post: The San Francisco Police Department reported that three men boarded the 19-Polk this afternoon and allegedly fired multiple shots into the bus. The Muni driver took the victim to the hospital. From the SFPD:

On 06-06-13 at 2:14 pm a shooting occurred in the Bayview District. Three black males, unknown ages, all approximately 6 feet tall, boarded a Muni bus (19 Line, Inbound) in the area of 25th St/Wisconsin St. The males exited the bus and multiple shots where fired into the bus. A female passenger was struck and driven to SFGH by the Muni driver. The victims age, race, and injury condition is unknown at this time. No further suspect description is available at this time. There are no suspects in custody.

Road Closure: Wisconsin St from 25th St to Carolina St.

We were also notified via Twitter:

From @NikkiMedoro:
Shooting reported on a Muni bus near 25th and Wisconsin in Potrero Hill area. Bus 19 re-routed.

And from @KTVU:
#UPDATE: Female passenger shot on #Muni bus at 25th and Wisconsin. #Muni driver drives victim to #SFGeneral. Condition unknown.

We’ll update you as we receive more information. Stay safe out there, everyone.

“Vigilante” Muni Rider Speaks

Image by @rotron

Ed. note: Sorry for all the confusion with this story. There were confusing things happening. Read on.

Remember vigilante Muni justice from a couple days ago? @rotron described how a Muni rider took matters into his own hands, telling a Facebook shuttle to back up off our Muni stop. Turns out that @larrybobsf was that Muni rider, and he explained himself his confrontation last August in a comment on Muni Diaries:

…I’m the guy who yelled at the driver. This happened at the stop at the corner of Market and 8th. NextMuni was reporting both an 83x and a 19 within two minutes. Right next to the Muni stop are two parking meters which are covered over in the mornings with signs designating the space as a shuttle stop. But the shuttle drivers apparently prefer to pull up at the Muni stop instead. I did not move to block the shuttle entrance, but was standing at the Muni stop and the shuttle driver pulled up right in front of me.

Read more

Ode to (Not Muni) Transit

Photo: Staś Małolepszy

Muni rider Jessica has had it with Muni. She writes:

I had been a long time Muni commuter until a job took me to Oakland and forced me to start commuting via bicycle/BART. Now I’m back in the city and at the mercy of Muni when it rains. Last week was particularly bad, and inspired me to start rhyming.

This commuter’s frustration culminated in a very Seuss-ian poem, “An Ode to Independent Transportation.”

I do not miss you Muni bus, who squished and threw and jostled us
I do not miss you 45, recycling and chickens (live!)
I do not miss you 41, iPhone in hands of everyone
I do not miss you 19, too, you smell of B.O. and of poo
I do not miss your route through town, drivers wearing tan and brown
I do not miss your speed, a crawl; I do not miss you, not at all!

Send us your Muni musings, rhyming or otherwise, today.

Muni’s Got Your Ticket to the Gun Show

Octoferret dropped this one in our Muni Photos Flickr pool. Someone tell the NRA, because this Muni’s next stop is the goddamn rifle range.

Octoferret says:

On the 76 line in the Marin Headlands.

My second favorite is ‘General Manager’ on the northbound 19-Polk.

“General Manager” is a great WTF-inducer. I have two others tied for first, though: the running ticker of gibberish and Sassy Muni Bus. Please Ho, indeed.

To answer your burning question, though, there is apparently a place called Rifle Range in the Marin Headlands. The National Park Service says you can find those purty Mission Blue butterflies there. Nowadays, it appears to function more as a venue/public space than a shooting range. Please give us a break for giggling, though, as we don’t see “rifle range” on many things around here.

Go ahead, make my day: drop some photo goodies in our award-winning (finalist-making) Muni Photos Flickr pool.

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