Caption This Muni Cartoon

What’s happening in this Muni cartoon?

Michael Capozzola, who draws “Surveillance Caricatures” in the San Francisco Chronicle’s 96 Hours section, contributed two cartoons for gallery-goers to caption at the I Live Here: SF exhibit at SOMArts last month. Lots of you joined in on the fun and posted your own caption. Like this one, from someone who called himself “BOSS”:

“WAIT!!! My wife will kill me if I forget the baby on the bus again!!!”

Or, from an anonymous gallery goer:

“Hey wait! The next bus isn’t coming for 78 minutes!”

If you missed the chance to caption this carton in person last month, here’s your chance. Caption this Muni cartoon in the comments section: what’s happening on the 24-Divisadero here?

Photo diary: SF Pride 2010

Photo by angryf

Now that life is returning to “normal” (whatever that is), we have some great photos from SF Pride weekend 2010 to share. The first, above, was taken by angryf:

Castro near Divisadero. I’m taking the pic thru the glass on the back of the Muni stop. It was taken Saturday night after Pride and the police where clearing out Market because of the shooting.

Here are a few more cool photos we scrounged up:

heading underground • sf
Photo by

Creative Holly says: “saw this and said nevermind…i’ll walk.”
saw this and said nevermind…
Photo by

A SF Bus Terminal Pride
Photo by LiveSoMa

If you have more Muni photos from Pride weekend, email them to us or submit them to our Flickr Muni Photos group.

Muni Shell Game in the News, Again

A gang of thieves has been running a three-cup shuffle game to strong-arm Muni passengers of their money. Sound familiar? The reports just keep coming in. Back in March, rider Adam sent us an account of the shell game con he saw the 24. A few weeks later we got a video of the con. Last night, ABC7 aired another video of the shell game in action.

The scam itself isn’t new, but the intimidation factor and targeting non-touristy bus lines make this seem more menacing than before.

A rider wrote us after seeing the segment and told us she’s seen this game before. You won’t believe when she first witnessed this, though.
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Muni Rider Roasting on the 24

Photo by Rick Audet

As I was riding the 24 home from work last week, two young men boarded the bus and immediately started sizing up the other riders in the back of the bus for potential roastability. Not finding enough meat for their roast they declared the bus “dry” as opposed to this morning’s selection which had been “wet.” This was a fairly incredible assessment, seeing as how the 24 is (always) stuffed to the gills with riders.

The roasters, doing their best with the available material, declared that “that dude there has a potato-head” (he didn’t). They then moved on to a young man who was listening to his ipod and had the luxury of pretending not to hear “look at this dude, he look like something out of mario brothers” (he didn’t). They then went on to mock his plain white t-shirt, cap and less than manicured fingers.

Meanwhile I’m feeling less and less comfortable, for the obvious reason that if unkempt nails were grounds for harassment, I could well be next. But mostly because I felt this was completely inappropriate. I mean, who does that? And why?

My stop was still three blocks away when I felt I could not handle it anymore. They had moved on to fresh meat, an older gentleman whose ear hair was somehow offending them (it wasn’t), when I vacated my seat. Clumsily and apologetically, I made my way to the front of the bus through the sea of fellow-riders. When I reached the front I reported to the driver that there were two young men harassing people in the back of the bus. The driver stood up and called to the back of the bus that they needed to “show some respect.” Feeling useless and edgy I then exited the 24, two stops early.

On my long walk home I thought of all the other ways the situation could have been handled. I had fantasies of rallying the other riders and declaring that we’re not going to take it! We’re all on the same bus here! We all have the right to a peaceful ride! Some of my less mature fantasies included roasting the aggressors: “your hair looks like bubble wrap!” and “if you’re lucky you might grow into those pants someday, son!” I digress.

Has anyone else witnessed a rider roasting? There must be a more effective way to handle it than to hassle the bus driver who is 20 ft and 30 people away….

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