Muni Gladiators: Throwdown 2013

Photo by eviloars

There’s an important score to settle here, folks, and we need your help.

Last week on the Muni Diaries Facebook page, we asked you:

Which line would win in a fight? (click links for diaries about that line)

49-Van Ness

No official tally has been taken yet, although we saw some creative and entertaining responses. Karen says, “The things I’ve seen in 14 cannot be unseen.” It’s fair to say that the 14-Mission leads the pack, with the 19-Polk perhaps a bus-length behind.

We cannot complete this survey without putting it to a vote here. So, tell us who you’re putting your money on. And if your answer is “other,” let us know which route you’d choose.


What Google bus? Android commutes on Muni


Remember when people were all BOO GOOGLE BUS, go, Muni of the proletariat! Well, Google bus, shmoogle bus, says…Android?

Via @kacie69mustang:

The google android robot is riding the #muni 49. I wonder if that is the only green he owns.

Yep, Android. The beloved symbol of Google smartphonery, my Gmail theme, and my hallway (srsly, an Android Squishable is in my hallway) rides Muni like the rest of us. He/she/it even one-ups half of all Muni riders by standing in the elderly/disabled section, though I accept that it is probably impossible to sit in that outfit.

Google, you better hope it’s not checking an iPhone right now.

No, really, send Android-on-Muni sightings to @munidiaries on Twitter.

Five Muni Moments This Week

muni moments
Photo by Roshan Vyas

Five noteworthy things that happened on the bus this week:

Sometimes the jokes write themselves, especially if you’re on Muni. “Crack head, a hooker and a magenta-stained poodle get on the bus…” No really: just saw this on the 44-O’Shaughnessy. Meanwhile, a guy wearing those Google Glasses got on Muni this week. Wonder if he saw the old guy softly playing harmonica on the bus, or the beautiful baritone singer singing in Italian on the 49-Van Ness. This week a rider put a new spin on the grooming practices on the bus: a woman was applying foot lotion on Muni. Nail clipping on the bus is so…2010.

This week’s Muni moments were brought to you by:
Michael Capozzola

Not-Banksy on Muni


Ed note: I know, it’s not exactly weirdness on Muni, especially on a 49-Van Ness/Mission. But it’s pretty squarely WTF with a side of, “Really? Really.” Muni rider Chaz draws a distinction between beloved street art and your everyday tagger drawing on the bus:

I watched this shitstain and his crew get on the 49 northbound at Turk or so and proceed to very obviously and obnoxiously scrawl his handle on the ceiling of the bus. I was a few seconds too late to capture him in the act, but you can see the purple marker in his hand and the matching color of illegible text above his head. If the bus had played the “if you see graffiti in progress…” announcement or I just remembered the number I would have notified the authorities; instead in my powerlessness I turn to the internet hive.

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Buses Return to Mission Street Saturday

Photo by Torbakhopper

The 14, 14L, and 49 are heading back on their normal Mission Street routes starting this Saturday. These lines were rerouted in early March to make way for road work. The Department of Public Works told MissionLocal that some of the improvements include new bus bulbs at the 24th Street BART plaza, curb ramps along Mission Street, as well as underground repairs of gas lines, earthquake-resistant pipes, and water mains. The DPW also repaved Mission street between 16th Street and Cesar Chavez.

MissionLocal also reports that the SFMTA used the rerouting to see if the temporary route was actually better than the original route.

For now, it’s back to our old familiar bus stops along Mission Street again.


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