John Waters: ‘You Meet All the Interesting People’ on Muni

Photo: John Waters and Peaches Christ in San Francisco, by butterforfilm.

John Waters is occasionally (and awesomely) spotted on Muni. One time, in fact, he told us he’d love to be John Waters, Muni spokesman. That very story was one of our 100 Days, 100 Muni Stories centennial favorites. Lo and behold, commenter Turner ran into him in May on the 49-Van Ness after we reposted that story. He says:

I ran into Mr. Waters on the 49 last week — he was very polite and seemed kind of tickled that he got recognized by someone who was polite enough not to hassle him. I actually expressed surprise that I ran into him on the bus and his response was (roughly — I’m afraid I didn’t take notes) ‘I LOVE the bus! You meet all the interesting people on the bus.‘ I’d love to see him as the spokesman of Muni — or as the voice of Muni.

There’s some more incentive in case you need it, Mr. Waters. We’re behind you 100-percent.

Newest Muni Ad Spoof: Men’s Whorehouse

We’ve just received a photo of the latest Muni spoof ad spree from reader “Black Elvis.” He found it Friday on the 49 around 3 p.m. The ad reads: Men’s Whorehouse “You’re gonna like the whore you bang, we guarantee it.”


Earlier, a MissionMission contributor said he saw two guys putting up these ads on the 49 (“one of them had a pretty sweet mustache”).

So far in the series of Muni adbusters, we’ve got a special variety Tumsthe other name for Tartine, and a dig on Du Beers.

I can’t quite tell why Men’s Warehouse was picked as a target for the spoof. Personally I think this spoof of a men’s fragrance is pretty on point.

Woman Slashed in Face on Muni

Photo by Jay Wilson

A woman was slashed in the face while riding the 49-Van Ness Monday night, reports MissionLocal. Three suspects, two men and a woman in their 20s, approached the 18-year-old victim on the bus and asked her a question. “The victim answered them and one of the men took out a knife and slashed her across the face. The three suspects then got off the bus near Mission and Valencia streets and fled on foot, according to police,” according to the MissionLocal report.

The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital to treat lacerations on her face.

Distressing news on my regular line. Careful out there, everybody.

Mission Buses Rerouted for Upcoming Street Renovation

The 14, 14L, and 49 buses will be moved from Mission Street to South Van Ness for six months beginning early next month. MissionLocal reports that the reroute will span 14th to 26th streets to make way for roadwork in that area on Mission Street. Above, you’ll find a handy map of the affected area, via Mission Local.

So far, reaction ranges from “Oh, is this what that flier was about?” to “Really? We have to walk to Van Ness, practically the East Bay, to get on and off a bus?”

Thanks, MissionMission!

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