Muni: Source of a thousand laughs on a weekly basis

Photo by Michael Dunn

For something that often really, really sucks, Muni is such a great source of comedy. Tragic comedy, to be sure.

  • Lady across from me apparently never taught to sit properly in a skirt. Every time I look up I get panty flashed. #munidiaries
  • Did I just watch this fool toot some blow on the bus?!! #SFMuni #smh #ppltoday
  • OMG #sfmuni smells like someone took toejam, shoved it in their ass, scraped it out, vomited on it, spread it on the bus [ed note: oddly and amazingly specific!]
  • dude just popped open a huge bottle of wine and took the longest drink from it!! That’s one way to take the J! #HumpDayFun
  • “He only has two teeth left. It’s not really fair to knock out his only remaining teeth” – on #sfmuni just now

This week’s hilarity sprung forth from the great minds of @goldfine, @RGB_SINCE1981, @ProgressingSF, @SuperDee75, and @Brocheh. Don’t be stingy: Share your Muni giggles over at @munidiaries.

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It’s 2014, and we’re riding Muni, y’all

Photo by elaine a

Here are some examples of the whacky shit we all face day in, day out on Muni.

  • A couple took from Forest Hill to Van Ness to pick an Instagram filter. #sfmuni
  • Only on #sfmuni would you hear someone trying to buy drugs by offering to trade-in for some grapes.
  • Is being told I look like your “beautiful” prostitute ex girlfriend really supposed to be a compliment?
  • Just watched an empty Corona bottle get off this bus by itself.
  • The theme of today’s #sfmuni ride is ” every one smells like they have a poopy diaper! EVERYONE!” #washyourass
  • There’s nothing more humiliating than running after a #sfmuni as your pants fall down only for the doors to close on you.
  • #sfmuni drunk man asks tourist if daughter is wife. Drunk man forgets, repeats question. And forgets, again.

Careful out there, you guys. And have a great weekend!

These seven juicy Muni nuggets are brought to you by @amandamlim, @Kohanji831, @SMASHin2pieces, @beth_winegarner, @yayneabeba, @cdeakers, and @sami_crocker.

This week in ‘Smells on Muni’

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Last week, we learned that “#sfmuni” and “#muni” were the two most popular hashtags around here. I recently went through the @munidiaries archives, and discovered that you guys’ favorite Muni topic was—surprise!—what it smells like.

To honor you, Muni’s smell-reporting set, we bring you the week in Muni smells.

  • This guy next to me smells like hella fresh laundry.
  • On the #njudah playing “guess the source of the smell”
  • SOS I’m drowning in Axe Body Spray fumes. 🙁 #SFMuni
  • There is so much cologne on this train I may throw up. #sfmuni

#munismells, anyone?

This week’s roundup brought to you @faithy, @privildeged, @ImekaSF, and @hollyleach. Contribute your Muni stories, smells or other, to @munidiaries. You won’t be sorry.

We ride Muni, and we are silly, silly people

Photo by phil dokas

Even those who take themselves seriously, amirite?

  • Just tried to tag my credit card instead of my Clipper card on #muni So yeah it’s Monday.
  • Definition Irony: Button on lapel of 20-ish rider “Open Books, Open Minds”…she’s reading on an eReader. #themoreyouknow
  • Man next to me on the 28 is singing a song that sounds like a hymn and includes the lyrics “goddamn the #muni”
  • I’m basically knee-to-knee with this guy. So, we are pretty much dating. #sfmuni
  • Should’ve thought twice about bringing a platter of cookies on the 43. #munidiaries

This week’s Things on Muni is brought to you by fellow Muni riders @VA_Holliday, @pinkopaque22, @chrizanchez, @skimtheocean, and @jessicalegault. Share your slice of life on Muni at @munidiaries.

Seven remarkable things seen and heard on Muni

Photo by torbakhopper

And now, in no specific order, we bring you the seven most interesting things to happen on Muni this past week …

  1. teen on bus blasting music w/out earphones, smoking an e-cigarette was the ONLY person offer my pregnant wife a seat.
  2. Is it fleet week or is dude just wearing a hipster navy uniform? #sfmuni
  3. Hey lady rolling a joint on the NJudah, your weed is oregano. #rippedoff
  4. On the 29 with a girl holding a bag of live crickets. #nope #munidiaries
  5. Crazy yelling #sfmuni guy “My enemy is my enema! Guys, guys, I need all your blood! To inject it in my eyes!”
  6. This kid on the 14 is a true San Franciscan, complaining abt nice weather in Jan. “It could at least be cloudy” #sfmuni
  7. To the man thrusting his crotch into me, it’s too early for that kind of action. #munidiaries

This week’s Things on Muni was brought to you by the lovely @theEddieH, @thisbeazy, @pinkopaque22, @e_gadd, @heidi, @tarintowers, and @ShireeScarlet. What Muni story do you have to share? Do it @munidiaries.

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